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Many experts are predicting another record breaking holiday season for ecommerce sales this year. The good news is a multi-channel sales approach that includes your website and ecommerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and, will probably result in the highest sales your online business has ever seen.

The only bad news is that all those orders need to be shipped out as quickly as possible. If you want to keep those customers happy, you need to know that your business will not reach the limits of your current shipping process in the middle of your busiest season.

At TrueShip, we are frequently asked about the best way to prepare for the busiest ecommerce season of the year and the best practices to provide scalability to the shipping department. has offered us an opportunity to share some insights into our ReadyShipper shipping software for ecommerce and its benefits for online retailers so that your shipping department does not hold your business back this holiday season.

1) Use a multi-carrier system if you ship with multiple carriers.

Now, we are certainly biased as one of the pioneers of multi-carrier shipping software, but the fact remains that a switch to a multi-carrier shipping system, like TrueShip’s ReadyShipper, can instantly save your business time and money if you still use a different system for each carrier. Importing all your orders from all your sales channels into one powerful system makes it simple to sort, edit and print all your shipping labels according to your workflow.

Once you’ve imported your orders, ReadyShipper makes it easy to compare the shipping rates between carriers and quickly choose the best one. Otherwise, ReadyShipper provides tools to automatically default all your imported shipments to your preferred carrier, shipping method and package type. TrueShip’s Recipe feature allows for further automation tailored to your business. Once set up, these automation tools can save hours a day over a process of manually selecting these options one by one for each new shipment. The automation tools in ReadyShipper also make batch shipping much easier and more accurate. Whether a busy day means that you will need to ship tens, hundreds or even thousands of orders, ReadyShipper can batch process and print all those labels as fast as any shipping system available today without being punished for increased holiday volume. In fact, we encourage you to ship as many orders as you can without having to worry about your monthly charge going up with your shipping volume.
ReadyShipper also saves your business time after printing all your shipping labels with the batch update feature. All your tracking and shipment information is sent back directly to virtually any of the ecommerce, accounting and order management systems it supports so that your customers know they have shipped and have all the tracking details. An informed customer is a happy one and that simple step can do wonders for your seller rating on all your sales channels. A multi-carrier shipping system, like ReadyShipper, instantly provides your business with the enterprise tools you need to make the most of this holiday season!

2) Consider a change in your pick and pack process to streamline fulfillment.

Many online businesses print an invoice or packing list out of their shopping cart or sales channel and match that up with a shipping label that is printed out of a different system. This process can be time-consuming and often requires an extra person devoted to the task during your busiest times.
TrueShip offers your business a simple way to implement the efficiency of an enterprise level all in one invoice and shipping label into your fulfillment process with ReadyLabels. An all in one invoice and shipping label instantly adds efficiency and scalability simply by removing the process of matching up
separate invoices and shipping labels. It also makes it much easier to confirm the correct items are being shipped to the correct person. Simply tear off the invoice section once you have verified that all the correct items have been packed in that box.
ReadyShipper even offers pre-shipping reports designed to list all your orders or products that need to be shipped that day on one list. This replaces the one by one packing process used when you only have the option to print off separate invoices or packing lists. After importing all your daily orders into ReadyShipper, you can quickly print off an order report or pick report that can be used to collect all the needed items for your daily shipments. Then, ReadyLabels make it easy to pack those items into the appropriate boxes and the packing list tears off to double as an invoice. Peel off the shipping label, stick it on the box and that shipment is ready to go! This season try an all in one form to add efficiency to your shipping department.

3) Use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes with special discounts.

Try the USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes this year to simplify your shipping process. If one or more of your items fit into one of the Priority mail flat rate boxes or envelopes, you can save lots of time and money on your order fulfillment. There is no need to weigh your items and packages one by one if they fit into one of the available flat rate options. They can also save your business lots of money this season as well. The boxes are free so you will see an immediate savings in your packaging costs. It is also free to get the special discounts on USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail, including the flat rate envelope and flat rate boxes, that ReadyShipper offers all users. The best part is there are no volume requirements. Simply sign up for an Express 1 account in ReadyShipper and start saving immediately! You can also see a substantial savings by packing multi-item orders into a flat rate box when compared to a shipping method that charges by the weight of the shipment. TrueShip’s ReadyShipper makes it quick and easy to change any shipment to a USPS Priority Mail shipment on the fly to compare the shipping cost or to set it up as your default option. Consider the USPS Priority Mail flat rate option to save your business time and money this holiday season.

4) Manage customer expectations with a detailed shipping schedule.

 This year you can improve the holiday rush experience for your customers and your team by taking the time to set detailed delivery estimates and shipping deadlines. A great permanent edition to your site can be a color-coded map of delivery time estimates by region, but this will be especially useful during the holidays. You can also contact each of your carriers to get their holiday deadlines. For example, UPS and FedEx will release a schedule for the last day to ship with each available method to guarantee arrival by Christmas. Get this schedule from your carrier and make it readily available on all your sales channels. It also provides a great opportunity to email your existing customers in hopes of getting their orders in early. This simple step will help your customers plan better and cut down on the number of last minute orders with requests for immediate expedited shipping.


TrueShip was founded in 2004 in Scottsdale, AZ with the mission to develop software that makes it easy and efficient to manage the shipping and returns for your ecommerce business. TrueShip’s ReadyShipper connects directly to the most popular ecommerce sales channels, like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and, along with many of the most popular shopping carts and order management systems to give your business one user-friendly and powerful system to print all your UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping labels. After printing all your shipping labels, ReadyShipper updates your sales channels
with the tracking and shipping information.
TrueShip’s ReadyShipper also integrates directly with your QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting software to automatically write your shipments into QuickBooks as complete invoices. The integration will instantly save you all the hassle of having to retype your orders into QuickBooks by hand at the end of every day.
TrueShip’s ReadyShipper, along with the Amazon integration and all ReadyModules, is available for 14 day free trial today at
Contact TrueShip directly at 877-818-7447 for more information.

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