5 Things NOT to Sell on Amazon

One of the great things about selling on Amazon is you can sell almost anything. From miscellaneous items in your garage or home to store bought products you don’t use, Amazon has a place for you to sell them. With over two million people currently selling products on Amazon, the boundaries of what you can sell are limitless. However, there are certain topics and categories Amazon doesn’t want you to sell. Brace yourself as we divulge into the Top 5 Things NOT to Sell on Amazon.

#5- Fake/Counterfeit items

Now this might not come to a surprise to veteran sellers, but this is a big no-no. Although Amazon doesn’t allow for sellers to list these types of items, they sometimes pass through the cracks. Whether it’s a knock-off Gucci handbag or replica sports jersey, selling fake and counterfeit items on Amazon is bad business. Yeah your item might sell, but once the customer realizes it’s a fake, you’ll not only be asked for a refund and dinged on your seller rating, but you’ll likely run the risk of Amazon banning you from future sales.


#4- Low Quality Items  

It may seem like a great idea at first to sell a ton of low quality items
because….they’re cheap to buy, but more often then not, selling low quality items means one thing, refunds. When people mistakenly purchase low quality item they’re not only instantly disappointed, but 9 times out of 10 the customer will refund their order and ding your customer rating with a bad review. To avoid refunds and bad reviews we recommend either fixing your product description and adding the necessary info, or just not selling it. No one wants to get duped into buying something crappy.                


#3- Large, Bulky products

The old saying “bigger is better” might pertain to some topics, but when it comes to selling on Amazon we disagree. These larger items might seem like a great idea to make some easy cash, but when it comes to packaging it and shipping it, you’ll find out quickly you’re dipping too deep into your own pockets. Selling your expensive king-size mattress on Amazon might seem like a great idea at first, but once you’ve dished out the mula to not only ship it but wrap it, you’ll think twice about selling large, bulky products.


#2- Perishable foods/liquids

Believe it or not, many people attempt to sell perishable items like li
quids and food on Amazon. Even though this  isn’t forbidden, Amazon has extremely strict guidelines. Although it is pausable to sell perishiable items online, we don’t recommend doing so because you run the risk of not only being docked by Amazon, but you need special labeling for all perishable items.

  • Products that have passed their expiration or “use by” dates
  • Lot-controlled products with a shelf-life of less than 90 days from the time they are listed on Amazon.com, which must be removed within 50 days prior to their expiration date


#1- Fragile products

While many sellers may disagree with our #1 pick, selling fragile products on Amazon runs the risk of it breaking. Whether it happens during the shipment process or once the customer receives it, you, and only you, are held completely responsible. So, not only do you have to pay to replace the item, but more shipping costs are added to send the item back. If you do decide to sell fragile items, make sure you properly package all items and put fragile stickers on the box. You can never trust those delivery drivers!

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