Amazon Analytics

The Newest Platform for Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller imagine being able to easily track the number of daily visitors, the most popular listings, and even track inventory from the touch of a button. The purpose of Amazon Analytics is to create a better marketplace for Amazon sellers by providing information never before accessible. Find out how Amazon Analytics can benefit you and why it’s quickly becoming the hottest platform for sellers on Amazon. Learn why some visitors buy from you and others don’t — Adjust your marketing programs to meet your business goals and start profiting from Amazon Analytics.

What is Amazon Analytics?

Amazon Analytics is quickly becoming the most powerful and easy-to-use reporting platform on the market today. This innovative service displays how people find your store, where they actually explore, and different ways to improve your ROI, increase conversions, and make MORE money selling products. Similar to Google’s version, Amazon Analytics helps your business run smoother by finding exact traffic sources, relevant keywords, pricing and conversions rates. Save time by creating custom reports that group important information together that can easily be shared with colleagues. Essentially, Amazon Analytics is an algorithmic engine that tracks all statistically significant action in your traffic patterns. This groundbreaking technology is extremely easy-to-use and ONLY for Amazon sellers! If you want to gain an edge on your competitions, Amazon Analytics is for you!

How does Amazon Analytics benefit me?

Amazon Analytics will  help you understand which parts of your storefront are performing well so you can create a better experience for your customers. You’ll find out how often people visit each page of your site, how long they stay, and how often they convert. Knowing this information is vital if you want to improve your Amazon storefront and benefit from bigger audiences of buyers. Amazon Analytics provides a range of tools and resources that online sellers can use to increase their online sales and traffic. Amazon Analytics takes the guesswork out of selling on Amazon and allows users to focus on planning, producing, promoting and selling products from their storefront. Amazon Analytics keeps you one step ahead of the competition while offering valuable insight and knowledge to improving your Amazon store. Stop guessing and learn the secrets today!

Extra Features of Amazon Analytics

  • Easy to Start- One of the easiest things about Amazon Analytics is getting started. If you’re currently selling products on Amazon and interested in this service please visit for more information.
  • Fine Details- Stop missing out on important information. Discover what you’re missing with Amazon Analytics and stop shifting through mindless data. Get daily, weekly, and monthly updates on every statistic possible.
  • Extensive Reporting– If you thought Google Analytics had extensive reporting just wait. Amazon Analytics is revolutionizing the way people sell products on Amazon as well as supplying much-needed information to better succeed. Get fresh insights on your Amazon storefront and start earning more money than you ever thought possible. Amazon Analytics- We’ll show you the way!


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