Amazon Extends Long-Term Storage Fees

Dear FBA Seller,

We would like to inform you that because of the holiday period, we are extending the cut off for the Long Term Storage Fee to the 29th of August. On
that day, Units that have been in an Amazon fulfilment centre for 365 days or longer will be assessed a Long-Term Storage fee. To avoid this fee, please create a removal/ disposal order for the affected Units by 29th of August.

Units that have not been actioned by this date will be charged the Long-Term Storage fee.

The Recommended Removal Report will enable you to see the units that will exceed the 365 day limit and to create a removal/disposal order for those units should you wish to avoid the Long-Term Storage Fee. To access this report sign into your seller account and go to Reports>Fulfilment>Recommended Removal Report

For more information, go to FBA Long-Term Storage or if you need any help with removal or disposal of your inventory, please contact our Seller Support team using the Contact us in your Seller Account.

The FBA Team

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