Amazon Launches New Category- What Does this Mean to Sellers?

Selling on Marketplaces like has always had their pros and cons depending on what you sell. In this case, if you’re currently selling or thinking of selling electronic accessories, think again.

Amazon has recently announced the introduction of a new category on their marketplace titled “Electronics Accessories” that will begin January 15th of next year. So why should sellers beware? Amazon will be charging sellers a higher fee percentage than normal (which comes to no surprise) of 15% for sales of Consumer Electronics items. In an email sent on Wednesday to sellers, Amazon is improving customer experience by not only providing one central location for Electronics Accessories, but also making it easier to discover related products.

The Electronics Accessories category will have the following referral fees: for product sales up to $100, the greater of 15% or $1.00, and 8% for any portion of a product’s sales proceeds over $100.

Electronic Accessories that will be included in the new category are batteries; headphones; film; MP3 docking stations; ink and toner; as well as gaming accessories and more.

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