Amazon Lockers—Bad Mail Service Made Right

October 19, 2012–Almost everyone has encountered an issue with their mail carrier. Whether it’s getting someone else’s mail or not receiving your packages, delivery services can be a pain—and for Amazon Sellers it can be a nightmarish experience. Although we won’t get into it as a seller, Amazon buyers now have a new option.

Although unveiled their Amazon lockers earlier this year, the program is slowly becoming more and more popular. Amazon Lockers is a new feature where Amazon buyers can have their packages sent directly to a locker in their area. Once the package is delivered, buyers will receive an automated email (text message on request) providing a secret code to open the locker and get your package.

To pick up your package at an Amazon Locker:

  1. Take the unique pick-up code that you received via email or a text message to your locker location.
  2. Enter your code into the touch screen display.
  3. The compartment with your package will open.



Whether you have a horrible mail carrier or don’t have an actual mailbox, this service is fantastic. If you’re interested in finding Amazon lockers in your area, visit this website.

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