Amazon to Remove Negative Feedback from FBA Orders

January 15, 2013–It’s an Amazon world and we’re just living in it. Over a rather short period of time, has grown to become the largest online retailer in the world. And now, Amazon has the power to remove negative feedback for third-party sellers. Oh, the perks of using Amazon to sell products just keeps getting better. has reserved the right to remove negative feedback about a shipping-related issue, such as delivery delays or corrupt packaging, if the sellers is using their Fulfillment By Amazon service.  Sellers using FBA can request that a customer service representative cross out fulfillment-related negative reviews and Amazon will oblige. 

When a negative review or feedback occurs, Amazon will leave behind a comment claiming to “take responsibility” for the inadequate fulfillment experience.

Although some competing third-party shippers have called the move unfair and an anti-competitive practice, according to its terms of services, Amazon has every right to remove the feedback. Joe Brieger, director of small business at FulfillRite said, “It’s common knowledge that if you use Amazon’s fulfillment service, you’ll  get pushed up in the search rankings.” But with the option to strike out negative reviews, “sellers feel they’re getting better rankings and doing better sales with FBA,” he said.

What do you think of Amazon removing negative feedback from Fulfillment By Amazon orders?



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