Get ahead of your Competition with Intelligent Re-Pricing Software

Tired of manually supervising your storefront? has completely eliminated the need for manual pricing and given sellers a new outlook on pricing items correctly, and profitably. Founded in 2009, Appeagle has been providing the most profitable inventory and repricing tools compatible for online marketplaces like Amazon, FBA, eBay and

This isn’t just your ordinary selling tool for online merchants, but rather multi-integrated software designed to help sellers reach full potential profit margins and keep them competitive enough to capture as many sales as possible. This  automated software is also recognized as having one of the best inventory management systems obtainable! Start maximizing profits with today!

Successfully selling online requires a seller to commit a huge amount of time researching product pricing. Having the right price typically determines who captures the sale, and regularly updating product pricing is necessary to stay competitive. re-prices your listings every hour, giving you a giant advantage over your competition. For even faster updates, their unique Continuous Repricing can be added on to any plan. gives users the freedom to break away from manual re-pricing and free up valuable hours in the day. Switch between manual and automatic re-pricing for any listing and keep track of their performance using Appeagle’s powerful reporting tools. Extremely dependable and easy-to-use, gives sellers more time for themselves and their business. Stop losing out on potential sales and profits by either selling too low or too high. Set your minimum price and let do the rest!

Another feature is notably known for is their Inventory Sync. While most sellers know the hassle of keeping track of inventory, especially large amounts, Appeagle has created the perfect solution to this increasing popular problem. As soon as a product is sold Appeagle immediately updates the listing in all marketplaces using the item’s SKU. You can even choose specific marketplaces for your inventory to be distributed to. When inventory is empty the listing will instantly end, and if stock levels change, Appeagle will automatically relist the item. Stop worrying about tracking specific sales and updating stock values, and let Appeagle start working for you today! Choose from manually uploading files or having them automatically uploaded. Although the choice is yours, is making it ridiculously easy to update inventory and make necessary changes to your storefront so you can start increasing your sales and profit now!

Need help with Amazon’s Buy Box?

One of the biggest reason people choose over other re-pricing software is the advantage of winning the Buy Box. When customers search for items on  eBay and Amazon they are present with a “add to cart” button that is otherwise known as the Buy Box. Appeagle helps sellers win the Buy Box for their listings by automatically adjusting all prices to stay competitive at all times. Proven results by users have shown a drastic increase in winning the Buy Box within 30 days of using this software. Now those are numbers we like to hear!


Available Plans

Reprice up to 2,500 listings every hour


Reprice up to 5,000 listings every hour


Reprice 10,000 or more listings every hour

Starts at $100/month

Also included in every plan: SSL data encryption (the same as online banks), and daily backups of your data to prevent permanent data loss.
*Add Continuous Repricing to any plan starting at just $100/month. Always have the better price.



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