Appeagle Making Good on Penny-Listing Debacle

San Diego, California-July 19, 2012-The Amazon world was shaken Tuesday for about 15 minutes when a glitch resulted in thousands of products from sellers being listed and sold for $0.01. News of the fiasco circulated quickly on forums and blogs but Appeagle remains confident and committed to doing right by their customers.

So what happened? Without warning, a bug in Appeagle’s re-pricing software started listing items sold by sellers on Amazon for a penny. Sellers using the third-party software who left the “minimum price” field blank were shocked when they found their items being listed and sold for a penny! While Appeagle caught the mistake within 15 minutes, it wasn’t soon enough as sly buyers caught wind of the mishap and started snatching up hundreds of penny-priced products.

“When we discovered the glitch we immediately shut the whole system down,” says Zee Mehler spokesperson of “We then contacted Amazon and started working to cancel all FBA orders relating to this glitch. Thankfully the majority of our users were unaffected by this past week’s bug. However, that does not mitigate the stress and frustration that we caused to the users who were impacted by this re-pricing error.”

Apparently the source of the glitch occurred while Appeagle was pushing a required update for Amazon’s new MWS compliance. MWS, or Marketplace Web Services, is made up of different API’s, helping MWS become the first consolidated marketplace tool released by Amazon. The whole purpose of the update is to combine the flow of data so it enables sellers and third-party software to operate more effectively.

Although merchants were understandably upset by Tuesday’s malfunction, Appeagle has personally contacted all Amazon users who were affected by the glitch and vowed that no seller’s reputation (performance metrics) will be affected.

“We are also working closely with a team at Amazon to make sure that the reputation of our users is unaffected by an error we caused. Most importantly we are working with the affected users to help manage their accounts to keep them from incurring any significant losses,” explains Zee. We have been entrusted with their listings and in this case we let them down. Our user’s faith in the power and effectiveness of the Appeagle
re-pricer is paramount to us and so we have taken steps to insure that this type of error can never happen again.”

Appeagle is also in the works to issue an undisclosed amount of credits toward future usage.
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