Business Outsourcing– The Efficiency and Costs of Outsourcing

January 4, 2013–There is a heated argument between outsourcing and in-house business processing. Many are debating whether employees working hundreds of miles away deliver the same performance as those who are just in the other room. Or if the benefits of setting up shop abroad really outweigh the drawbacks. Looking at the current trends it is obvious what the answers to these questions are and more importantly, which side of the debating table is winning.

So, how do you properly gauge efficiency? Anyone who does his job within the required parameters is considered efficient. To be more specific, an individual who completes his tasks or hits his targets within a specified timeframe is an efficient employee. This same principle is what motivates companies to bring their processes elsewhere. Having effective and efficient employees is what companies strive for. But having more than twice the number of employees for the same cost is even better.

Traditional employers believe in the importance of having face-time with employees. While it is an important factor in building a good office environment, most businesses realize that it is a small price to pay considering the advantages that outsourcing provides. Moreover, with today’s technology, people can get as much “face-time” as they need without physically being in the same place. It is possible to keep tabs (perhaps a little too much in some cases) on people regardless of location.


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