Capital Access Network- Helping Small Businesses Grow

For the last 14 years Capital Access Network (CAN) has been pioneering the way small businesses grow and succeed with working capital. Their goal is to not only provide the necessary financial means to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground, but offer resources, innovation and information to assist them in making the right decisions. With over 100,000 loans and $2.5 billion in working capital, Capital Access Network is the #1 financial program for businesses looking to cultivate and expand.

Since 1998, CAN has helped over 40,000 businesses and 300 franchises obtain financial capital in all 50 states. Unlike many other funding services, Capital Access Network doesn’t necessarily approve businesses based on credit scores alone. They use a variety of metrics ranging from the potential and performance of your business, your location, the products you sell, 3 months of historic data, and your social security number. Their repayment schedule is setup to work conveniently with businesses so repayment is simple and affordable. Depending on the type of business you run, repayment schedules range between 2-24 months with a max of 36.  Since CAN partners with Financial entities like Wells Fargo, Citizen, and WorldPay, they are able to meet all of the demands for their customers with working capital while others have been adversely affected by the recession. Finding money for your business has never been so easy!

Because equity capital is vital for small businesses to operate, Capital Access Network offers two types of working capital: Merchant cash advances and business loans. Each one is easily accessible and available for a wide variety of businesses. CAN’s cash advance is a simple process that requires minimal paperwork, no collateral, and allows merchants to have cash in hand in as little as 72 hours! The best part?—Cash advances can be spent on any business needs with no restrictions. For business loans, Capital Access Network offers a fully automated process that, unlike other lending programs, doesn’t require a large one lump sum to be paid back right away. Enjoy the freedom to control your monthly cash flow and make small, weekday payments depending on your business structure.

Capital Access Network is continuously looking for opportunities to fund small businesses and for the last couple years have started helping e-commerce merchants and businesses grow. With the booming e-commerce market rapidly growing, Capital Access Network has been assisting online merchants capture the money they need to grow their business.

To find out more, contact Capital Access Network and their helpful staff will get you on your way to enjoying working capital for your small business.

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