Cassini–What to Expect from eBay’s New Search Engine–eBay is set to unveil its new search engine Cassini early next year and sellers need to know what to expect so that they experience very little to zero disruption to their operations. Buyers also need to know what to expect, as the new search engine is said to be vastly different than the eBay we all know and love today. Let’s look at some of the changes eBay has in store for us.

Fewer Search Results

Instead of producing tens of thousands of search results with each query, the new search engine will produce a fraction of that. Hundreds of items are much easier to search through than the current tidal wave of results that are produced today.

Text Mining

The new search engine will mine the text that you write in your product descriptions to glean additional attributes that it can use to enrich its catalog and search results. The focus is on more relevant results, and eBay wants all the information it can get in order to deliver the goods to eBay buyers when they expect it.


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