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When Goodwill Isn’t So Good

When you hear that someone committed an act of goodwill, you would often consider that a positive gesture – and in most cases it is. But what if someone was expressing goodwill on your behalf, without asking your permission first? Better yet – what if, as a gesture of goodwill, they gave away your hard-earned money without your permission? That doesn’t sound quite as positive now, does it?

In essence, that is how Amazon Goodwill refunds function. The buyer of your product is dissatisfied. Amazon presents a gesture of Goodwill in the form of a refund. This refund doesn’t come from Amazon’s account though – It comes from yours! Amazon is acting on your behalf under the guise of keeping your customers happy, something they never asked your permission to do.

Here is the best part. If you aren’t really paying attention, this is all done in the background. Now, Amazon is often willing to reimburse you for their “goodwill.” The important thing to remember, however, is that they aren’t going to act without you asking them to in the form of a claim. Also, you only have 18 months to make this claim or you are really out of luck!

Once you make the request formally, you very well may see a reimbursement. Unfortunately, most sellers don’t realize that they need to file or don’t understand that there is a deadline. Amazon isn’t exactly eager to remind sellers to make those claims either. That’s what we are here for.

We hope you have found this information useful and are able to benefit from a better understanding of how Amazon works.

Finally, special thanks to for their assistance with these helpful tips to get the most out of your Amazon Seller Experience.  Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon! Simplify your Business with All-in-One Finances

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Feedvisor exposes why Sellers need Amazon Repricing Algorithms

Feedvisor–Winning the Buy Box is the primary objective of Amazon sellers. So what should one do to continuously win the Buy Box?

Some sellers believe that the only way to win Buy Box is to lower the price. In reality the Amazon algorithm is way more complex. It gives a score to every seller competing for the Buy Box. This score is calculated by examining various aspects of seller’s offer and performance metrics, such as rating, reviews, fulfillment channel, returns, refunds, sales volume, etc..

Given this rather complex formula, a seller with a higher price can still keep the Buy Box. This is very good news for all those who have taken time and hard work to build their reputation on Amazon. Instead of continuously underpricing competition and engaging in price wars they need to find the optimal price to win the Buy Box at the highest possible profit margin.


Pioneering Profitable Software  Services for Amazon Sellers

For over 10 years SellerEngine has been making it ridiculously easy for sellers to profit through They first introduced automated pricing and inventory management tools in the early 2000’s and have since revolutionized how people sell on Amazon. Besides offering innovative software services, thrives on educating and supporting thousands of sellers who want to run a successful business through Amazon. Supported in 8 global Amazon Marketplaces, is your answer for reliable, customizable, and powerful software.

“We want to make you feel like selling on Amazon could be just as easy as buying on Amazon.”

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Appeagle Making it Easier to Win Amazon’s Buy Box–The Holiday Shopping Season kicked off with a major bang this year. As predicted, Cyber Monday brought in a record $1.5 billion dollars in sales, a 30% increase from last year. This stellar performance quieted the rumors that Cyber Monday would be impacted by extended store hours on Black Friday. Jay Henderson, the Strategy Director for IBM’s Smarter Commerce, released analytic data on the Cyber Monday sales, saying “Certainly, we saw shopping start earlier this year, but it hasn’t diminished the growth in sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” For online merchants this is just the tip of the iceberg, as this holiday season is projected to generate $79 billion dollars in online sales. That is a 17% increase from last year’s sales of $67 billion.

It goes without saying that the businesses using eCommerce tools will be the ones that come out on top this holiday season. Repricers, inventory management, and shipping management tools are going to be the difference makers for businesses looking to really cash in on this increase in online sales. But with so much potential revenue in the balance, marketplace visibility is the most vital issue for any business looking to capture a significant number of sales and there is no better way to be visible than getting the Buy Box.


Business Solutions for Amazon Sellers



Whether you’re selling on Amazon or running an online business, the importance of reliable invoice and inventory software is extremely clear. Organizing inventory and getting paid faster has never been easier. provides quality software solutions ranging from web applications to software products exclusively for Amazon sellers. Continue Reading →

Amazon quietly launching Lending Program

Even after their much anticipated press conference in Santa Monica last week, has yet another ace up their sleeve. The ecommerce behemoth has been rumored to be quietly launching a lending program that will offer financing options for marketplace sellers similar to and PayPal’s Bill Me Later.

News of this story broke when sellers started receiving letters from offering loans through a service called “Amazon Lending By Amazon Capital Services, Inc.” According to the letter, the loan process works
by having sellers register using their “Selling On Amazon” user ID and password. When approved, Amazon deploys the funds into the seller’s Amazon account within five days. In correspondence with the Amazon letter, Amazon will only let sellers use the loan money to support their Amazon business, unlike Kabbage or Bill Me Later.

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Mobile-Commerce Helps Boost Black Friday Sales

November 27, 2012—The Armageddon of shopping days known as Black Friday came and went, generating over a billion dollars in sales for ecommerce sellers. However, a vast amount of shopping traffic didn’t come from the traditional PC computer—it came from mobile devices. While this may be new to some, mobile-commerce is a booming business with more buyers than ever hopping on their smart phones and tablets to buy something online.

According to IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, online sales for Black Friday increased by 20.7 percent compared to last year’s numbers with 16 percent of online sales coming from mobile devices. Apple’s iPad generated the most traffic for mobile shopping with nearly 10 percent of all online buyers using the iPad to make purchases online. IBM also found the peak shopping time happened at 11:45 a.m EST with an average ecommerce per-order amount of $181.22.

“This year’s holiday shopper was hungry for great deals and retailers didn’t disappoint, rolling out compelling offers which consumers gobbled up on Thanksgiving straight through Black Friday,” said Jay Henderson, Strategy Director, IBM Smarter Commerce.

Although mobile-commerce helped boost Black Friday sales, social-media however, did not. Sites like Facebook and Twitter only generated .34 percent of all Black Friday online sales, a 35 percent decline from the previous year.