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Kindle Exclusive Books have been Downloaded over 100 Million Times

Amazon recently announced their catalog of exclusive kindle books has been purchased, downloaded, or borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library more than 100 million times. These exclusive e-books aimed at the Kindle line of devices are made available to owners of a Kindle e-reader or tablet or those with a Prime membership to borrow for free once a month, with no due dates. With over 180,000 titles in their library, Amazon is leading the way for online books.

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Amazon making Refunds easier for Third-Party Sellers

October 5th, 2012—Every third-party seller on Amazon has had to deal with refunds in one way or another. Whether it’s a customer unhappy about the product they purchased from you or some cheapskate trying to gouge you on every cent, all sellers have had to deal with the refund issue one time or another. Many times sellers have been known to make mistakes during these refund transactions by either refunding the wrong amount of money or refunding it to the wrong buyer. While it doesn’t happen often, when it does, it’s a nightmare trying to contact Amazon’s Seller Support to fix these mistakes.

Recently announced, is now implementing a holding period of 2 hours so sellers can make adjustments before the refund is processed. “We notify the buyer only when the refund is actually released, so if you make a mistake and correct while it’s in Pending Status, the buyer will never know,” said in a statement released to third-party sellers. Once the 2 hour buffer has passed and the funds are released, the seller will no longer be able to cancel the refund.

While this new feature helps assist sellers with refund mistakes, it also minimizes Amazon’s customer support from dealing with these issues, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Hurricane Sandy Affecting Third-Party Marketplace Sellers

October 31, 2012—Hurricane Sandy and Frankenstorm has impacted numerous Americans along the eastern seaboard the last couple days leaving many homeless and without power. But east coasters aren’t the only ones affected by the recent natural disasters as third-party Amazon sellers scramble
to contact customers and coordinate purchase orders and shipping.

On Monday, emailed sellers recommending they contact any buyers affected by the recent events and update them on the status of their orders. Amazon also advised third-party sellers to temporarily deactivate their listings if they unable to meet their shipping levels. Amazon even went as far to say they might inactivate seller-fulfilled listings if they determine that they are unable to be fulfilled as a result of “no apparent seller activity.”

Amazon isn’t the only marketplace being affected by Hurricane Sandy. eBay and emailed buyers asking for “patience” from merchants who may have been impacted by the recent storm. Chief Marketing Officer of Bernard Luthi noted that the East Coast makes up a major portion of the buying population. eBay asked third-party sellers to put their storefront in “vacation mode” to indicate their operations are currently closed. Even fulfillment by Amazon was shaken by the recent events as amazon announced they will “handle all communication for FBA orders impacted by Hurricane Sandy.” Typically, third-party sellers deal with any and all communication between buyers and FBA is no different.

With 170 million people expected to celebrate Halloween today and even more shopping online, Hurricane Sandy is impacting not only third-party marketplace sellers but e-commerce retailers as well.

Alistair Barr of reported a story today outlining how the Internet is being hit especially hard by Hurricane SandyThe article expounds on how e-commerce businesses like New York-based start-up are being affected by Hurricane Sandra because of power outages and workers not able to access facilities and therefore, orders cannot be processed and shipped.

“The biggest impact to us right now is that our warehouses have no power,” said Jason Goldberg, founder and chief executive of “We’re doing everything humanly possible to send packages as quickly as possible.”

Although Hurricane Sandra is affecting many third-party sellers and e-commerce retailers, there is one thing it hasn’t disturbed–Amazon Web Services. Thankfully, all 100,000 computer servers are safe and sound as Amazon’s Virginia facilities are located out of the storm’s path.

If you or someone you know is a marketplace seller and affected by Hurricane Sandy we want to hear your story. Email us at


eBay Finally Announces New Features for Sellers

November 20, 2012—Although these features have been available to eBay sellers for some time now, the online marketplace officially announced their availability on Monday. The two new features include a revised condition note field to highlight the condition of a product and a new multi-variation merger tool to combine listing variations like color and sizes. On Monday, eBay advised sellers the FREE features were created to help broaden seller listings and boost sales during the holiday season.

The first of the new eBay features is a modified Item Condition section that allows sellers to highlight the condition of used items. This note field allows sellers to include important details about a product’s condition and stature. Because buyers don’t always read product descriptions carefully, this new feature will help prevent buyer returns and claims that the item is not as described.

“Boost sales with multi-variation listings. A new, FREE tool lets you easily combine individual listings of different variations of an item – such as color and size – into one Fixed Price listing. This saves you money on fees, makes listing faster and easier, and encourages buyers to buy more.”

The second feature is eBay’s new Multi-variation Merger tool that allows sellers to add sizes and colors to each listing. Rather than listing an item seven different times for each color and size available, sellers can now combine items into one listing saving them time and money.

Latest Holiday Scams–FBI Warns Shoppers of Online Scams–The holiday season is almost upon us and that means family, food, fun, shopping and of course scams. Scams are an unfortunate part of any holiday season, but they are a fact that everyone who shops online or off should contend with. To help online holiday shoppers stay safe this season, the FBI tweeted a friendly reminder that read, “FBI Cyber Scammers Target Holiday Shoppers.” The link provided by the tweet leads to a press release where the law enforcement agency provides holiday e-commerce advice and a list of tips to help keep online shoppers safe.

Holiday Shopping Tips

“In advance of the holiday season, the FBI reminds shoppers to beware of cyber criminals and their aggressive and creative ways to steal money and personal information,” the site reads. There is also a list of common scams that shoppers should watch out for. The short list includes such scams as:


GoodBye, Hello Shopping

January 11, 2013— is changing their name. The online marketplace is changing their name to Shopping and starting January 31, the URL will be redirected to The biggest difference sellers can expect is a switch in their storefront hosting which will now be hosted by shopping. Even with the name change, the global marketplace will continue to support U.S. merchants and goods, and still offer over 3.2 million products with the brand.
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Appeagle Making Good on Penny-Listing Debacle

San Diego, California-July 19, 2012-The Amazon world was shaken Tuesday for about 15 minutes when a glitch resulted in thousands of products from sellers being listed and sold for $0.01. News of the fiasco circulated quickly on forums and blogs but Appeagle remains confident and committed to doing right by their customers.

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4 Apps that Can Help Amazon Sellers


October 8th, 2012— Being a marketplace seller is a full-time, CEO, boss man job. You have to constantly be on your toes, ready at
the tip of a hat for emails, orders, refunds, and anything that comes your way. Many serious marketplace sellers have hundreds of thousands of items listed and sold each and every day requiring a lot of time, energy, and oversight. Although sellers have many useful and profitable tools at their disposable like automated inventory synchronization and intelligent repricing software, more and more marketplace sellers are turning to their smartphones? Believe it or not, the trend of people using their phones to make online purchases is quickly rising. So much in fact, 86 million people used their smartphone to shop on just during the month of July. While more people turn to their phones to browse and make purchases, many sellers are using it to benefit from–Just last week eBay hit a mobile commerce milestone with 100 million items listed via smartphones. With the increase in mobile commerce, more and more apps are becoming readily available to help users list and sell products on amazon with ease. Here are 4 Apps that can help sellers today.

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eBay UK Launches Multi-Variation Tool for Fashion

November 1, 2012—Strike a pose! eBay UK recently launched a new Multi-Variation Merger tool that will make selling apparel on eBay much, much, easier! Although unveiled the feature early last year for practically all categories, they missed the most important one…fashion. Now UK sellers can list all the available choices for a product with one single insertion fee saving sellers time and money. This comes as great news for fashion sellers as they can now have one listing with variations of sizes and colors of that item.

To use the Multi-Variation Merger tool, UK sellers must select an individual listing to merge. The listing will ask you to review your item and make any necessary edits like colors or sizes. Once the review is finished, you can make your new multi-variation listing available to buyers instantly.  Rather than create new listings for each separate item, eBay UK sellers can use the Multi-Variation Merger tool to condense item details into one listing. Another added bonus of using this new feature is listings may actually appear higher in search results because of it!

Not only will this new feature be easier to use, but sellers using the Multi-Variation Merger tool can still keep their BestMatch scores associated with their most popular individual listings. This is great news for UK sellers whose items were not performing well as this new eBay tool increases visibility for their listings.

If you’re a UK seller and need help accessing this tool, please email us at