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Weighing In on Amazon Shipping Charges


When it comes to maximizing your profits as an Amazon Seller, it is vital that you pay close attention to Amazon’s policy regarding weights and dimensions.

Questions regarding these policies are among the most common we receive, especially from Sellers just starting to get their feet wet. We hope the following tips will help you minimize your costs and ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

  • Make sure you are using an accurate scale. Put the bathroom scale away and invest in a quality shipping scale. Some have a detachable readout, which can simplify the process. Knowing accurate weights can be key to keeping your costs down.
  • Remember, Amazon rounds up, so what you consider to be a package weighing 7.1 lbs. may be billed as 8 lbs. Is there any way for you to shave that tenth of a pound from your product packaging? Figure out a solution and you may put yourself in a lower shipping charge tier, thereby saving you considerable money.
  • Also remember, price is determined by weight AND dimensions. A box that is small but weighs a lot, or a box that is large but weighs very little can both add additional cost to the shipment. You can reduce your shipping costs by ensuring that you aren’t exceeding Amazon’s requirements. We’ve seen companies substantially reduce their costs simply by reducing their packaging by as little as a half-inch. Is there a lot of empty space in your box? Making an effort to reduce that space with a better fitting box can also lead to significant savings.
  • Need to know your “dimensional weight” for a product? Here is a simple formula to help you calculate: Add the three dimensions for your box together and divide the sum by 166. This will give you the billable weight.
  • Remember, “shipping weight” is not the weight of your shipment to Amazon. It is the weight of a single product in its packaging as it would sit on an Amazon shelf. Think of it as “gross weight.”
  • When you weigh one of your products, make a habit of taking a picture of it on the scale including the weight display and keep them on hand. Should you ever need to open a case with Amazon, the photo helps to provide evidence of the inaccuracy, allowing Amazon to correct the item’s weight on their end. Doing so may potentially lead to a reimbursement for any overcharges incurred.


Understanding Amazon’s shipping policies can be a challenge. We encourage every seller to educate themselves on these policies to help reduce costs and maximize profits. We hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful and we would like to thank our friends over at for assisting with this article.

When Goodwill Isn’t So Good

When you hear that someone committed an act of goodwill, you would often consider that a positive gesture – and in most cases it is. But what if someone was expressing goodwill on your behalf, without asking your permission first? Better yet – what if, as a gesture of goodwill, they gave away your hard-earned money without your permission? That doesn’t sound quite as positive now, does it?

In essence, that is how Amazon Goodwill refunds function. The buyer of your product is dissatisfied. Amazon presents a gesture of Goodwill in the form of a refund. This refund doesn’t come from Amazon’s account though – It comes from yours! Amazon is acting on your behalf under the guise of keeping your customers happy, something they never asked your permission to do.

Here is the best part. If you aren’t really paying attention, this is all done in the background. Now, Amazon is often willing to reimburse you for their “goodwill.” The important thing to remember, however, is that they aren’t going to act without you asking them to in the form of a claim. Also, you only have 18 months to make this claim or you are really out of luck!

Once you make the request formally, you very well may see a reimbursement. Unfortunately, most sellers don’t realize that they need to file or don’t understand that there is a deadline. Amazon isn’t exactly eager to remind sellers to make those claims either. That’s what we are here for.

We hope you have found this information useful and are able to benefit from a better understanding of how Amazon works.

Finally, special thanks to for their assistance with these helpful tips to get the most out of your Amazon Seller Experience.  Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!

eBay Acquires Svpply- A Shopping Discover Site–EBay has had its sights set on Pinterest for a long time, since the visually inspired social network has gained so much momentum in recent months. Since EBay can’t acquire Pinterest, like you know they want to do, the company has snagged the next best thing. The company recently announced that they have purchased shopping discover site Svpply for an undisclosed sum.

Svpply is very similar to Pinterest, but it’s been around for about three years, before Pinterest was even conceived of. Like Pinterest, Svpply users can bookmark and repin their favorite products that they glean from other users on the site and across the Internet. The site is monetized through a process whereby users are encouraged to discover new styles and click through their favorite items to make a purchase.

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Free Shipping Glitch causes eBay Sellers to Freak Out–If the message boards are any indication, eBay has a glitch that it needs to contend with. That is, if it hopes to satisfy the hoards of unhappy sellers who seem to be affected by said glitch. Says one eBay seller, posted on ECommerceBytes, reads, “This week I have had 2 customers angry and refusing to pay, claiming that my auction stated free shipping, but their invoices and PayPal statements add shipping charge.

“I have been selling for 10 years, 7 years professionally, and have NEVER offered free shipping on any item. And when I look at those same auctions I see a calculated shipping rate. If it was just one customer I would assume he was lying, but 2 in one week, sounds more like an eBay glitch.”

The same seller speculates that this problem may be why some sellers are getting bad stars on shipping. If the seller thinks they’re getting free shipping only to turn around and pay for shipping, they’re not going to be happy about it.


eBay Sellers Prepare for Service Changes in Canada

December 18, 2012—New changes coming to Canadian postage. Earlier this week, eBay alerted Canada users to upcoming changes to the national postal service. Changes include two lower-cost trackable services for U.S. and International shipments that will take effect in February of next year.

For Tracked Packet-USA and Tracked Packet-International, eBay sellers will be able to print shipping labels via Paypal at a special discounted rate available on Although Canada Post is retiring the Small Packet-USA Ground service, sellers can continue to use Small Packet-International (Air & Ground) and Small Packet-USA Air for printing labels. Small Packet-USA Ground service will be unavailable for customers using PayPal label printing starting January 14th, and completely unavailable to eBay sellers effective February 11th.

“Remember that listings get full exposure on only if the listing includes at least one flat rate or calculated rate specified shipping service for US buyers,” email reminded sellers. “If you have listings where Small Packets USA-Ground is the only service available to US buyers, you’ll need to add a different service prior to February to avoid losing listing exposure on”

The new Canada Post shipping methods should be very lucrative for eBay sellers with shipments under 1kg to the U.S., or under 2kg to other supported countries. If you currently have listings on that offer the shipping method Small Packets USA-Ground Service, eBay recommends you take action now.

Kabbage’s Take on the Affordable Care Act

At Kabbage, we get to talk to lots of small business owners. And, one of the issues commonly shared is concern over health care costs and insurance. From providing health insurance for employees to understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to health insurance coverage now and into the future. 

One thing is for certain, big changes are just around the corner for employers, employees, as well as for health care providers and insurers. Trying to make sense of the new healthcare act, commonly called Obamacare, is no easy endeavor. So, we thought we’d provide a brief synopsis of some of the more important aspects that affect small business owners.

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Amazon expected to Launch New Tablet Thursday

Septemeber 5th, 2012— Inc is expected to announce the newest version of their Kindle Fire at their press conference Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif.  News of the conference has circulated hundreds of rumors and it finally looks like Amazon will be introducing a larger tablet and updated version of their popular Kindle e-reader.

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