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Buyers Remorse Hurting Amazon Sellers

Some Amazon sellers are up in arms about a recent post on Amazon’s Seller Support blog where the writer urged sellers to charge restocking fees on certain item returns. The blog post specifically mentioned buyer remorse and instances where the customer damages the item and then wants to return it. Some sellers aren’t so happy with this ruling, and rightly so. To make matters worse, the restocking fees can only be applied in certain cases, which we’ve outlined below.


Etsy Launches Shopping App

December 6, 2012—Since last year, Etsy’s iPhone app has been downloaded over 3.5 million times. Now, Etsy has launched their Etsy for iPad mobile app. The online marketplace targeted to third-party sellers who make their own products is releasing the new app because of the growing popularity in mobile-commerce. With 1 in 3 visitors shopping on Etsy via their mobile device, it was only a matter of time until Etsy unveiled this new feature.  

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Etsy Sellers can now List Items with iPad

December 21, 2012—With more and more online shopping occurring through mobile phones and devices, it only makes sense for sellers to be able to list products using their phones and now iPads. Etsy sellers can now manage their entire Etsy shop through their iPad including the ability to create new listings, access Shop Stats and seller tools, which are currently available for iPhones. The new app iPad app even includes a “cha-ching” sound, similar to a cash register noise, when a sale is made.

Although the new app was launched a few weeks ago, the new version includes more h oliday shopping options and the highly requested “cha-ching” alert when a sale is made. The Etsy for iPad update is available through iTunes App Store and users can now access translated versions for Dutch, French, German, and British English. Etsy spokesperson Adam Brown said, “Mobile shoppers looking for last-minute holiday gifts can now order and send Etsy Gift Cards (US only), and recipients can redeem and apply gift card balance to purchases.”

When asked how many times Etsy mobile apps have been downloaded, Brown said there were no update at present about total downloads.

Are you selling on Etsy?

Meet Tom of

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m co-founder of When I first started selling a few items on Ebay back in the early 2000s, I never thought I’d eventually be managing and building 40,000 parent SKUs with endless variations. Of course, that didn’t happen overnight. It grew over many years and went through many phases. When I first started, it was easy to just manually make each product page and maintain the few I had. Then a few years later Amazon rolled out an awful desktop application through which you could manage your listings. After getting fed up with that solution I moved to Excel. This was a fairly decent solution until we grew to over 2000 listings, at which point it became cumbersome and sluggish. I then moved to a very large and well known marketplace inventory management system. I was stunned to find out the cost was $10,000 a year, and I still had to maintain 2 sets of inventory, one for my website, and one for all my third party marketplace listings. I refused to accept that this was the best solution, but I couldn’t find the solution I was looking for, so for my own sanity, Marketplace Partner was built.

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Growing trend: Online Merchants dealing with Major Losses from Fraud

In today’s age of technology, avoiding fraud and scam artists is easier said than done. With online shopping growing at historic rates, retail merchants who sell on various marketplaces are becoming enormously popular targets for scammers. According to a new study, fraudulent activity is on the rise for online retailers, especially mobile and multi-channel sellers, and the results are exorbitant.

The study, performed by Javelin Strategy & Research and LexisNexis, surveyed more than 1,000 merchants to discover what the actual cost of fraud was for each business. Their study included charge backs, merchandise replacements, and even fees paid to payment processors and financial institutions. All in all, LexisNexis’s Fraud Multiplier matrix concluded that for every dollar in fraud charges a retailer incurs, the real expense accumulated to $2.70. And that’s not all fraud is costing retailers. The report also revealed that 60% of consumers victimized by fraud said they avoid specific merchants as a result of fraudulent activity.

“We’re all paying for this. We all pay more for goods because of the fraud problem,” Javelin President James Van Dyke said while discussing the new report. “We have a dramatic disconnect between what merchants think consumers do in response to fraud and how consumers really do respond in case of fraud.”

For online sellers who use multiple platforms, the study indicated fraud is closely associated with the amount of avenues sellers use to complete transaction like browsers, texting, apps and other communication technologies. Hit especially hard in this report were sellers using mobile commerce. For every dollar of fraud activity, merchants experienced a total cost of $2.83, which is up 40% compared to last year.

Even large ecommerce merchants ($50 million + in annual sales) and international sellers experienced a rise in fraud activity. The study found international sellers underwent more than five times the rate of attempted fraud than merchants with U.S operations only. Larger ecommerce businesses suffered an average price of $219 on fraudulent transactions compared to $120 from smaller merchants, mainly because they routinely process above-average transaction volume.

While it is almost impossible to avoid fraud and scams entirely, online merchants and businesses are learning more and more about device recognition and browser protection technologies.

“Merchants can make an impact. This is all about taking the right steps,” Van Dyke said.

Same-Day Delivery–How to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

As a small business owner, you may pride yourself on being able to undercut the big dogs in price, such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. Well, now the competition just got a little more cut-throat. Amazon and Wal-Mart are now offering same day delivery for a limited time. Will this threaten the e-commerce efforts of small to medium sized businesses everywhere? Is this yet another instance of the big guys cutting out the little guys in the battle for e-commerce domination? With buyers able to get discounted prices and same day delivery, it doesn’t look good for mom and pop.

As of right now, the same day delivery option is just a test and both Amazon and Wal-Mart are attempting the service in select metropolitan cities. Amazon Local Express Delivery, for instance, offers same day delivery in ten metro areas. Also, it should be noted that members of Amazon Prime get discounted rates on the same day delivery option.


Appeagle Making Good on Penny-Listing Debacle

San Diego, California-July 19, 2012-The Amazon world was shaken Tuesday for about 15 minutes when a glitch resulted in thousands of products from sellers being listed and sold for $0.01. News of the fiasco circulated quickly on forums and blogs but Appeagle remains confident and committed to doing right by their customers.

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