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eBay Offers Special 4-Day Promotion for Select Sellers

November 8, 2012—Feeling lucky? Well, if eBay selected you to join their 4-day promotion this week, count your lucky stars. Sellers selected for eBay’s week-long promotion received an email earlier this week inviting them up to 5,000 fixed-price listings with no listing fees. The promotion, which lasts from November 8-11, 2012 is by invitation only and excludes Auction-style listings. Selected sellers can even use eBay’s Mobile app to list products and redeem this special offer.

Invited sellers should have received an invitation in their email and/or My eBay messages with the titles:

  • “Everybody Wins – List Fixed Price Free!”
  • “Starts tomorrow! Free to list Fixed Price”

Just like most of eBay’s promotions, this special offer is activated using the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID and is not transferable. eBay’s invitation states only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are eligible. For restrictions and details, see eBay website.

Gray Market–eBay Looks to Shut Down Seller Email–Back in November of this year, a few sellers discussed an interesting situation where eBay was blocking their emails due to fee avoidance concerns. These sellers claimed they were merely sending their buyers emails to assist with a buying decision or as a follow up and were outraged at eBay’s actions. Now, the issue seems to be happening again, according to the eCommerceBytes blog.

According to the post, eBay is blocking seller’s emails because the auction site is worried that sellers are trying to lure buyers over to the ‘gray market’. In other words, eBay fears that sellers are trying to take buyers off of eBay, and thus are avoiding paying the auction site’s fees.

The post reads, “A reader by the name Jim said six times in the past 10 days eBay has blocked him from sending an eBay message to the winner of one of his auctions. Each time, eBay presents him with a message that starts off, ‘Your message wasn’t sent because we’ve noticed it might suggest a purchase outside of eBay.” The message then directs the seller to its user policy stating that this action is a no-no.


eBay Utilizing Amazon-Like Search Feature

Last Monday eBay notified sellers who use the product catalog to list in categories that it was removing product cards from search results.  This email from Vice President of Merchant Development Michael Jones stated:

“We have made significant improvements in our item-based search experience in recent years, and have learned that eBay can generate more sales for sellers like you by launching the item-based search experience everywhere. For that reason, we are removing the consolidated view experience (often referred to as ‘product cards’) at this time.”

eBay launched its Product Pages in 2009 along with other attempts to become more like Amazon.  When shoppers searched eBay for products they would see product cards representing generic Product Pages instead of individual listings.  eBay said that this new merged view was a “”new way of displaying results on eBay that will help shoppers find the exact product they are looking for much quicker as it minimizes the need for filtering a list of items.”

Now however, it seems to have changes its tune.  Search results now come back with individual seller listings.  eBay explained this in its letter from October 1st, “Note that the product details page – including the value box featuring great values from Top Rated sellers – will continue to be available to buyers, but only from a link on the view item page, onsite search widgets, or from off-eBay search results like Google and Yahoo.”

What the heck does this all mean?  Well, the Product Pages are staying, the catalog is expanding and the search within those categories is reverting back to the old eBay style. This is great news for merchants using Appeagle’s repricer since it means they can now reprice more of their listings.

eBay hopes that these changes will sever to shorten the shopper’s path to purchase for your items. eBay concluded this letter with:

 “We are always testing and evolving the site to ensure that eBay is a top shopping destination for buyers, and a powerful, profitable platform for valued sellers like you.”

eBay UK Promotion for Business Sellers

November 12, 2012—Business sellers in the UK get ready–eBay has a promotion you can’t refuse! From November 12-16, 2012, eBay is waiving up to 50,000 listing fees for business sellers who have a Basic or Featured Store on eBay UK. Even if you currently don’t have an account, eBay UK is offering business sellers the opportunity to sign up and open a Basic or Featured store during the promotion period and become eligible for zero insertion fees from that point onwards.

To be eligible for this offer, UK business sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and be registered as a resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during the promotion. UK sellers must also list items in an eligible category using one of two formats—Fixed Price 30 Days or Good ‘til Cancelled on

eBay UK said sellers who’ve registered after March 15, 2011 or have not listed any items for a while may have selling restrictions (10 items per month or 650 pounds of items sold per month, whichever is reached first).

To view details, restrictions and eligibility, see eBay UK website.

eBay Sellers Prepare for Service Changes in Canada

December 18, 2012—New changes coming to Canadian postage. Earlier this week, eBay alerted Canada users to upcoming changes to the national postal service. Changes include two lower-cost trackable services for U.S. and International shipments that will take effect in February of next year.

For Tracked Packet-USA and Tracked Packet-International, eBay sellers will be able to print shipping labels via Paypal at a special discounted rate available on Although Canada Post is retiring the Small Packet-USA Ground service, sellers can continue to use Small Packet-International (Air & Ground) and Small Packet-USA Air for printing labels. Small Packet-USA Ground service will be unavailable for customers using PayPal label printing starting January 14th, and completely unavailable to eBay sellers effective February 11th.

“Remember that listings get full exposure on only if the listing includes at least one flat rate or calculated rate specified shipping service for US buyers,” email reminded sellers. “If you have listings where Small Packets USA-Ground is the only service available to US buyers, you’ll need to add a different service prior to February to avoid losing listing exposure on”

The new Canada Post shipping methods should be very lucrative for eBay sellers with shipments under 1kg to the U.S., or under 2kg to other supported countries. If you currently have listings on that offer the shipping method Small Packets USA-Ground Service, eBay recommends you take action now.

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Seller Rating–Will good Customer Service will Improve your eBay Rating?–If you are hoping to make money selling goods on eBay, then you should be aware off the eBay quality of service ranking system and how it can help to significantly increase you sales. On eBay sellers are rated through feedback from customers who have purchased items from them. With thousands of sellers competing for potential customers, there is no better way to stand out than by having a positive feedback rating. Developing a great customer service standard and going above and beyond for your customers is vital to your online selling success.

Be sure that you read and thoroughly understand the rules, regulations and policies that govern eBay transactions. There are a lot of rules and it is extremely important to become acquainted with them before developing your customer service policy.

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eBay offers Black Friday Promotion for Sellers

November 14, 2012—Black Friday is coming early this year for eBay sellers. The online marketplace giant is inviting a number of sellers to join their auction-style free-listing promotion starting November 14-18. eBay wants to help sellers market and increase product awareness as Black Friday, the megatron of shopping days, is the following week.

The 5-day promotion allows eBay sellers to list up to 50,000 auction listings with no insertions fees and even upgrade listing options to 10-Day Duration and Buy It Now for free. Because the promotion is invite only, sellers who qualify should have received an email and/or message in their My eBay inviting them to activate the offer. Sellers have reported promotional emails with the headline, “Seller special! List for 10 days free!”

eBay has been sending out quite a few promotional emails to selected sellers this past month as they try and ramp up their product listings in time for the holidays. eBay has also sent email reminders to sellers about its current free listing promotion in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop and Outdoor Sports categories through the end of the year.

For fees, details and restrictions, visit eBay’s website here.

Post-Christmas Promotion for eBay Sellers

December 28, 2012—Although Christmas is officially over, the holiday promotions from eBay just keep coming. has invited eligible third-party sellers to participate in their latest promotion which runs from December 27, 2012 through January 2, 2013. Invited sellers can list up to 5,000 Fixed Price items with no Insertion Fees including 3, 5, 7, 10, and 30-day listing durations. This is great news for eBay sellers looking to cash in before the end of 2012.

The new promotion is only for eligible sellers who received an email, and/or a message in their My eBay account. The promotion is then activated with the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID. Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are invited and this promotion is not transferable. All existing selling limits as well as category and item limits apply and may prevent sellers from creating the maximum number of listings.

All other fees apply, see website for details and restrictions.

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