Page 1–Funding for Online Businesses

For online merchants selling on Amazon and eBay, finding working capital isn’t always easy. No matter how many products you sell or how quickly, it seems finding extra money to expand your business is often difficult, if not impossible. In 2009, merchants sold more than $70 billion in merchandise through online marketplaces and investors predict that number to skyrocket by 2014. With online businesses growing faster than owners can keep up, Kabbage Inc. is giving merchants a helping hand and some much needed Kabbage.

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Amazon quietly launching Lending Program

Even after their much anticipated press conference in Santa Monica last week, has yet another ace up their sleeve. The ecommerce behemoth has been rumored to be quietly launching a lending program that will offer financing options for marketplace sellers similar to and PayPal’s Bill Me Later.

News of this story broke when sellers started receiving letters from offering loans through a service called “Amazon Lending By Amazon Capital Services, Inc.” According to the letter, the loan process works
by having sellers register using their “Selling On Amazon” user ID and password. When approved, Amazon deploys the funds into the seller’s Amazon account within five days. In correspondence with the Amazon letter, Amazon will only let sellers use the loan money to support their Amazon business, unlike Kabbage or Bill Me Later.

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Capital Access Network- Helping Small Businesses Grow

For the last 14 years Capital Access Network (CAN) has been pioneering the way small businesses grow and succeed with working capital. Their goal is to not only provide the necessary financial means to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground, but offer resources, innovation and information to assist them in making the right decisions. With over 100,000 loans and $2.5 billion in working capital, Capital Access Network is the #1 financial program for businesses looking to cultivate and expand.

Since 1998, CAN has helped over 40,000 businesses and 300 franchises obtain financial capital in all 50 states. Unlike many other funding services, Capital Access Network doesn’t necessarily approve businesses based on credit scores alone. They use a variety of metrics ranging from the potential and performance of your business, your location, the products you sell, 3 months of historic data, and your social security number. Their repayment schedule is setup to work conveniently with businesses so repayment is simple and affordable. Depending on the type of business you run, repayment schedules range between 2-24 months with a max of 36.  Since CAN partners with Financial entities like Wells Fargo, Citizen, and WorldPay, they are able to meet all of the demands for their customers with working capital while others have been adversely affected by the recession. Finding money for your business has never been so easy!

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Zazma–Your Online Funding Source

One of the major obstacles of buying products to sell is funding. Whether just starting out or looking to expand your business, owners need to have plenty of cash on hand. is a simple way for businesses to finance all the items they need including inventory, supplies, equipment and services in one! With mobile access, instantaneous approvals, and 100% payment guarantees, it’s no wonder Zazma is becoming the #1 source for funding among entrepreneurs.

How it works

One of the biggest benefits of Zazma is the elimination of traditional paperwork, endless forms, needless questions and painful waiting. Even when others won’t approve you, Zazma will give you credit based on what you want to buy, not on an out-dated, biased credit score. Just tell them what your business wants to buy, from whom, and when you want to repay them. Designed specifically for businesses’ day to day operations and expenses, Zazma is the most agile business funding provider on the  market today. 

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After months of debate about the looming fiscal cliff, Congress has finally struck a deal. But, what exactly does that mean for business owners? The deal does affect business owners in a variety of ways. Here are a few of the key tax implications worth considering as we move forward into 2013.

  • The first change that has received lots of media attention is the tax increase for those making over $400,000 ($450,000 for couples). For business owners who have a total income over this dollar amount, the tax rate will jump from 35 percent to 39.6 percent.


Kabbage gives Online Businesses a Break

January 16, 2013–For the past 11 years, Jenny McMillan of Newark, Del., has been running McMillan Books, an online bookstore that primarily stocks used books, CDs and DVDs. What began for McMillan as an eBay hobby in 2001 became a business by 2005, and she left a full-time marketing job to purvey goods with her husband on Amazon and, in addition to eBay.

It’s a healthy operation, but the nature of the business has often presented the McMillans with sudden chances to purchase rare items and antiquarian books — opportunities that, due to the outlay required, they typically couldn’t afford.

“Without the ready cash, we were not always able to take advantage of these opportunities,” McMillan said.

Last year, they decided it was time to find a way to solve that problem, and get access to the capital they needed to help McMillan Books grow. Enter Kabbage, an online financing company based in Atlanta that provides cash advances to help businesses expand. Focused on online vendors like the McMillans, Kabbage’s lending criteria judge businesses on based Web-oriented benchmarks.

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Kabbage’s Take on the Affordable Care Act

At Kabbage, we get to talk to lots of small business owners. And, one of the issues commonly shared is concern over health care costs and insurance. From providing health insurance for employees to understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to health insurance coverage now and into the future. 

One thing is for certain, big changes are just around the corner for employers, employees, as well as for health care providers and insurers. Trying to make sense of the new healthcare act, commonly called Obamacare, is no easy endeavor. So, we thought we’d provide a brief synopsis of some of the more important aspects that affect small business owners.

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