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eBay UK Promotion for Business Sellers

November 12, 2012—Business sellers in the UK get ready–eBay has a promotion you can’t refuse! From November 12-16, 2012, eBay is waiving up to 50,000 listing fees for business sellers who have a Basic or Featured Store on eBay UK. Even if you currently don’t have an account, eBay UK is offering business sellers the opportunity to sign up and open a Basic or Featured store during the promotion period and become eligible for zero insertion fees from that point onwards.

To be eligible for this offer, UK business sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and be registered as a resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during the promotion. UK sellers must also list items in an eligible category using one of two formats—Fixed Price 30 Days or Good ‘til Cancelled on

eBay UK said sellers who’ve registered after March 15, 2011 or have not listed any items for a while may have selling restrictions (10 items per month or 650 pounds of items sold per month, whichever is reached first).

To view details, restrictions and eligibility, see eBay UK website.

Amazon UK—New Rating System for Amazon Sellers

November 12, 2012—Amazon UK has recently rolled out a new seller rating system for UK sellers. The new system will automatically calculate a set of ratings for sellers from “Fair” to “Excellent” judging from buyer’s feedback and experience. Although the new ratings will not be visible to buyers, wants sellers input before they consider implementing the new system and making it visible for buyers.

Amazon has a progressive formula for analyzing and calculating seller ratings and performances. Currently, Amazon uses percentage feedback scores over a 12 month basis, giving buyers access to each and every seller’s ratings. According to, the new rating system “is based on how quickly you respond to buyers, and whether you ship on time, cancel orders, have credit card chargebacks, A to Z guarantee claims, or negative feedback.” The purpose of the new seller rating system is to provide buyers an inside view of who you’re trusting with your purchase and money. Although this new rating system is great for buyers, it’s awful for third-party sellers as it  essentially leaves the seller’s rating score completely in the hands of the buyers.

What do you think of the new seller rating system? Are you currently happy with the way Amazon rates sellers or do you think this change will make a difference?



No Money for You! Amazon UK Fumbles Seller Disbursement

November 19, 2012—There is nothing worse than getting paid late—and Amazon UK sellers know this feeling all too well. Last week, countless UK sellers became alarmed when their weekly Amazon disbursements were not received in their bank accounts. The situation took a sizzling turn when sellers
reported receiving conflicting emails by Amazon on the funds availability, triggering wide-spread confusion and concern among UK sellers. Although not every seller was affected by Amazon’s fumble, many reported being unable to stock inventory due to the delay and some mentioned the possibility of bank charges  on the horizon.

Amazon Services Europe sent out an email last week on Friday stating, “We are aware that there has been a delay in the delivery of some sellers’ disbursements. If you have been affected by this, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We can confirm that these disbursements have been processed and should appear in your bank account within five business days.”

Several sellers complained Amazon was too slow in responding to seller questions regarding the matter, showcasing a horrible example of what third-party sellers should follow. One unhappy UK sellers said, “Amazon penalise sellers if we dispatch late, don’t reply to emails fast enough etc etc, but we sellers (we’re Amazon’s customers too!) have no redress when Amazon glitch and it can have a major impact on our businesses.”

Amazon typically grades third-party sellers on a variety of phases including delivery times, product quality, refunds, customer feedback and email response times. These scores are added up and each seller is given a score that is publically displayed for all buyers to see. In return, higher seller ratings mean better visibility to buyers and more opportunity to make a sale.

Were you one of the sellers affected by disbursements? We want to hear your story! Email us at

International Marketplace News–Amazon Webstore Launches in Germany

December 10, 2012— Amazon Webstore is making the international move to Germany. Amazon Services Europe recently announced Amazon Webstore, an all-in-one ecommerce-hosting solution, in now available in Germany on, where merchants can set up their own stores using Amazon technology. Amazon Germany said many international businesses like Samsonite, Karen Millen and Marks and Spencer are currently using Amazon Webstore to market their ecommerce store.

Amazon Germany made the announcement by saying, “Amazon Webstore also allows for seamless integration of other Amazon services such as “Selling on Amazon” on all five European marketplaces Amazon – , , , and – and “shipping from Amazon” in 26 countries. This allows sellers to present their products to millions of Amazon customers and also the full range of logistics services to use in the Amazon picked the goods for sellers, packaged and shipped, and the customer service in the local language provides. The approved payment method “pay via Amazon” is already integrated on Webstore.”

Currently, Amazon Germany is offering a free trial for residents and charges start at 24.99 euros/month plus transaction fees.

Inside Look at eBay’s New Global Shipping Program

December 11, 2012—Earlier this month, eBay announced a new Global Shipping Program for third-party sellers and now, eBay is seeing the results. This week eBay said they were seeing positive results and feedback from the new program from both buyers and sellers who have sent and received international orders through the program. This is great news for interested sellers looking to join the Global Shipping Program.

Senior Manager of eBay’s Global Shipping Program, Manish Joneja, said eBay’s new program is seeing early positive results and the GSP makes international transactions as easy as domestic transactions.  Sellers participating in the program are seeing an increase in sales along with a new customer base from countries they hadn’t had access to before. So far, third-party sellers have been happy with service levels for tracking and delivery time. As for buyers, Joneja mentioned, “we’re also hearing from buyers that it’s a great experience too.”

eBay’s Global Shipping Program removes the complexity and risk of international shipping for buyers and sellers and many sellers have announced their interest in the international exposure eBay’s new program offers. However, the only drawback sellers have is the potential for listings to appear much more expensive than domestic listings on eBay’s other country websites.

To make the new service similar to that of a freight forwarder, eBay has partnered with Pitney Bowes so sellers can send international orders to a U.S. hub where Pitney Bowes will process and send items out to international buyers. The program includes buyers in UK, Canada, Australia and 15 other European countries.  

Are you interested in using eBay’s new Global Shipping Program?

Staples and eBay team up in Canada

January 2, 2012—Staples and eBay have teamed up to help consumers in Canada cash in on their old smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles. Staples Canada is helping bring their electronics trade-in program to the offline world by partnering together and offering a brand new way to get cash for your old electronic gadgets.

eBay Canada’s Instant Sale trade-in program is being powered by Staples Canada because not only is Staples a Top-Rated eBay Seller with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, but they are also a major retailer in Canada. The goal of the partnership is to help Canadians get rid of their older devices they no longer need. Powered by CExchange, eBay’s Instant Sale program was launched in 2010 and beginning January 3, 2013, consumers can bring their old device to any participating Staples location in Canada. A sales associate will appraise the item and issue a merchandize credit on the spot.

eBay Canada recently conducted a survey and found that 68% of Canadians received either a new smartphone or tablet and were unsure what to do with their old devices. 18 percent of people said they keep their dated devices while seven percent said they typically resell them and 5 percent said they throw them out.

Andrea Stairs, Country Manager for eBay Canada, said, “While we are great at buying up new technology, we sometimes don’t know what to do with our unwanted electronics. eBay empowers Canadians to sell their excess tech gear – quickly and simply – and pocket the proceeds. In as little as 60 seconds, we can all make some money, de-clutter, and give our old devices a second life.” Stairs also encouraged Canadians to resell their old devices using the eBay Mobile app.

eBay Canada said consumers could receive up to $583 for an iPad (3rd Generation) and $337 for an iPhone 4S through the trade-in program.

eBay UK Launches Promotion for Business Owners

January 3, 2012—Being a business owner on eBay UK just became more lucrative. Although eBay typically runs weekly promotions for casual sellers, this time they’re targeting business sellers. From January 7-11, 2013 (local UK time), business sellers with Basic or Featured Stores can list up to 50,000 fixed-price listings for free (no Insertion fees) in eligible categories. The promotion can also be applied to Fixed Price 30 day or Good ‘til Cncelled (GTC) format on

To qualify for this promotion, eBay sellers must be registered as resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during the promotional period. Sellers who registered on eBay after March 15, 20122 or have not listed any items for a while may have a selling allowance. Business sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are not eligible to participate.

If eligible, business sellers would automatically receive zero Insertion Fees when they list, relist or renew items in Fixed Price 30 day or GTC formats through the Sell Your Item Form, eBay Seller Tools, eBay Mobile apps and most third-party tools.

All other fees apply, see eBay UK website for details and restrictions.

Business Outsourcing– The Efficiency and Costs of Outsourcing

January 4, 2013–There is a heated argument between outsourcing and in-house business processing. Many are debating whether employees working hundreds of miles away deliver the same performance as those who are just in the other room. Or if the benefits of setting up shop abroad really outweigh the drawbacks. Looking at the current trends it is obvious what the answers to these questions are and more importantly, which side of the debating table is winning.

So, how do you properly gauge efficiency? Anyone who does his job within the required parameters is considered efficient. To be more specific, an individual who completes his tasks or hits his targets within a specified timeframe is an efficient employee. This same principle is what motivates companies to bring their processes elsewhere. Having effective and efficient employees is what companies strive for. But having more than twice the number of employees for the same cost is even better.

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eBay.Co.Uk to Make Shipping easier for UK Sellers

January 7, 2013—UK Sellers can finally rejoice. eBay announced this week new they are improving the shipping experience for sellers in the UK that will offer a “more straightforward and efficient shipping experience for all sellers.” Although short on details, said they are negotiating with third-party providers of shipping services to offer group discounts to eBay UK sellers for international shipping.

To make it easier for third-party sellers to calculate costs of selling overseas, eBay is taking two initiatives which include simple international shipping and a flat-rate shipping cost for UK sellers. eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which is currently available in beta to U.S. sellers shipping internationally, could possibly make a move to the UK marketplace as well. A spokesperson for eBay said, “These discounts are open to everyone, meaning if you’re a smaller businesses, without the bandwidth to negotiate competitive rates yourself, you can still get value when shipping internationally.”

eBay also said they would begin negotiating with third parties this year for fixed-rate pricing options for eBay UK sellers, a move James Miles, manager of strategic shipping partnerships for eBay UK, calls a triple-win situation: “more opportunity for the shipping industry, more options for our sellers, and most importantly of all, a better deal for our end-customers.”