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eBay UK Launches Multi-Variation Tool for Fashion

November 1, 2012—Strike a pose! eBay UK recently launched a new Multi-Variation Merger tool that will make selling apparel on eBay much, much, easier! Although unveiled the feature early last year for practically all categories, they missed the most important one…fashion. Now UK sellers can list all the available choices for a product with one single insertion fee saving sellers time and money. This comes as great news for fashion sellers as they can now have one listing with variations of sizes and colors of that item.

To use the Multi-Variation Merger tool, UK sellers must select an individual listing to merge. The listing will ask you to review your item and make any necessary edits like colors or sizes. Once the review is finished, you can make your new multi-variation listing available to buyers instantly.  Rather than create new listings for each separate item, eBay UK sellers can use the Multi-Variation Merger tool to condense item details into one listing. Another added bonus of using this new feature is listings may actually appear higher in search results because of it!

Not only will this new feature be easier to use, but sellers using the Multi-Variation Merger tool can still keep their BestMatch scores associated with their most popular individual listings. This is great news for UK sellers whose items were not performing well as this new eBay tool increases visibility for their listings.

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Weather Conditions Impacting eBay UK Deliveries

eBay is giving UK sellers the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this week eBay issued a warning to users that harsh weather conditions in parts of the UK may affect postage delivery times. advised sellers to “manage buyer expectations” by updating them on possible weather-related delays. The Royal Mail website confirmed severe weather conditions could affect services in some parts of Wales and England.

eBay said it had been in contact with delivery providers and “they have informed us that they are doing all they can to ensure that deliveries are getting through.” Although eBay UK said it is not automatically removing negative feedback scores for late delivery, they did state if the seller has evidence to support the bad ratings were due to weather, they would immediately remove the feedback. eBay plans on monitoring detailed sellers ratings and taking corrective action if irregular increases in low dispatch time ratings across all sellers.

On Friday, the Royal Mail site stated, “Services are being disrupted today in many areas, especially the South West and in South and Mid Wales. Further details of areas affected throughout the day will be posted on our regional Service Update pages. We’ll be out delivering today but only in areas where this is possible and it’s safe for our people to do so.”


Global Shipping—eBay Announces New Program for U.S. Sellers

November 2, 2012—Prepare yourself sellers, shipping on eBay is going global. The e-commerce marketplace has finally announced the news many sellers have long anticipated for… and merchants couldn’t be happier. After a false start in September, eBay announced their new Global Shipping Program on Thursday that will allow U.S. sellers to sell and ship orders internationally.  What does this mean for eBay sellers? An untapped marketplace of buyers from around the world.

“By enrolling for FREE in this program, you’ll be able sell to buyers in multiple countries, but ship your packages to a shipping center located in the US – this means you’re only responsible for the domestic leg of shipping! Once your item arrives at the designated US shipping center, the Global Shipping Program then takes care of ALL facets of international parcel processing,” eBay explained in its announcement on Thursday.

Although the Global Shipping program is still being examined by a division of sellers, an undisclosed source said the program would allow sellers to ignore filling out customs forms or calculating tariffs and duties. The source also noted that U.S listings incorporated into the Global Shipping program would be visible to all of eBay’s international marketplaces around the world. However, it’s still unclear what type of fees would be associated with this program.

Does eBay’s new Global Shipping program appeal to you? For more details visit here.

eBay UK Moving Ticket Category to StubHub

eBay’s UK ticket category is no more. The online marketplace has officially closed its UK ticket category and will soon be redirecting shoppers to its subsidiary StubHub instead. eBay plans to transition buyers to StubHub by advertising the ticket site on and then redirecting ticket-shoppers in the spring.

According to the Financial Times, StubHub UK only sells a few thousands tickets a month compared to the juggernaut StubHub in the U.S. StubHub was acquired in 2007 by eBay and lets fans buy and sell tickets to millions of sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events. StubHub celelbrated its 10th year in 2010.

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Fulfillment By Amazon, eh? Canada Launches FBA

November 5, 2012—Canada is known for three things; Maple syrup, wacky lingo, and now FBA. Earlier today, officially announced it had launched the Fulfillment By Amazon program for Canadian sellers, finally helping third-party sellers have access to Amazon’s fulfillment and customer service resources. This is big news for Canadian sellers as Amazon’s FBA program tremendously helps third-party sellers by completing packaging and shipping duties typically held by merchant sellers. Plus, merchants using Fulfillment By Amazon can now offer customers shipping discounts like Super Saving Shipping and Amazon Prime, which allows customers to avoid paying shipping costs.

“Fulfillment by Amazon is a win-win for Canadian customers and businesses,” says Steve Oliver, director of “Customers will benefit from an even greater selection of items with free shipping and a trusted experience, while businesses can take advantage of our world-class fulfillment services and focus their efforts on growing their business.”

Fulfillment By Amazon works in 3 simple steps. First, sellers must ship products directly to FBA centers using special labeling for packages. Once the items are received, Amazon’s fulfillment centers will take care of all processing, packaging, and shipping duties once items are sold. The last step is to maintain all customer feedback and questions regarding products and purchase orders. Fulfillment By Amazon also provides metric tools for sellers to track inventory and sales. To begin using Amazon’s FBA program, seller must have a registered account with FBA or go here.

International Marketplaces–Global Selling with Amazon

November 8, 2012—Whether your niche market is too small or you just want more exposure, selling globally on Amazon can be your ticket to international success. Global Selling with Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to list and sell products in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan. To help sellers get started, Amazon has introduced a brand-new PDF or Kindle format Guide to Global Selling with Amazon. It might just be the reading material you need to increase sales and boost your storefront traffic.

Amazon’s free guide to selling globally summarizes every aspect sellers should take into account when choosing whether or not to expand into Amazon’s international marketplaces. The guide outlines various topics sellers can expect when selling globally like customs, taxation, intellectual property rights, parallel importation, export controls, markings, labels and more. The manual also covers issues like regulations on product compliances and safety for all types of goods like electronics, toys, pharmaceutical/cosmetics, medical devices and food.

Global Selling with Amazon offers merchants two methods to sell items internationally–Either by fulfilling customer orders themselves or by using Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon’s FBA program even has Global fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world that merchants can use to make selling in other countries more convenient. Here are a few tips from Amazon’s selling globally guide:

  • Global fulfillment centers: Amazon has fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world and offers various services to help you make the most of them.
  • Online order management: Amazon supports you by supplying reports to help you run your business and a Seller Central portal, which provides helpful tools and information, such as at-a-glance order status, messages from buyers, and seller-coaching tips.
  • Simple shipping: Amazon has established relationships with service providers such as freight forwarders and customs brokers, making it easier to ship your inventory.

If you’re interested in reading Amazon’s Global guide or finding more information how you can sell internationally with Amazon, you can go here for more information.

eBay UK Promotion for Business Sellers

November 12, 2012—Business sellers in the UK get ready–eBay has a promotion you can’t refuse! From November 12-16, 2012, eBay is waiving up to 50,000 listing fees for business sellers who have a Basic or Featured Store on eBay UK. Even if you currently don’t have an account, eBay UK is offering business sellers the opportunity to sign up and open a Basic or Featured store during the promotion period and become eligible for zero insertion fees from that point onwards.

To be eligible for this offer, UK business sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and be registered as a resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during the promotion. UK sellers must also list items in an eligible category using one of two formats—Fixed Price 30 Days or Good ‘til Cancelled on

eBay UK said sellers who’ve registered after March 15, 2011 or have not listed any items for a while may have selling restrictions (10 items per month or 650 pounds of items sold per month, whichever is reached first).

To view details, restrictions and eligibility, see eBay UK website.

Amazon UK—New Rating System for Amazon Sellers

November 12, 2012—Amazon UK has recently rolled out a new seller rating system for UK sellers. The new system will automatically calculate a set of ratings for sellers from “Fair” to “Excellent” judging from buyer’s feedback and experience. Although the new ratings will not be visible to buyers, wants sellers input before they consider implementing the new system and making it visible for buyers.

Amazon has a progressive formula for analyzing and calculating seller ratings and performances. Currently, Amazon uses percentage feedback scores over a 12 month basis, giving buyers access to each and every seller’s ratings. According to, the new rating system “is based on how quickly you respond to buyers, and whether you ship on time, cancel orders, have credit card chargebacks, A to Z guarantee claims, or negative feedback.” The purpose of the new seller rating system is to provide buyers an inside view of who you’re trusting with your purchase and money. Although this new rating system is great for buyers, it’s awful for third-party sellers as it  essentially leaves the seller’s rating score completely in the hands of the buyers.

What do you think of the new seller rating system? Are you currently happy with the way Amazon rates sellers or do you think this change will make a difference?



No Money for You! Amazon UK Fumbles Seller Disbursement

November 19, 2012—There is nothing worse than getting paid late—and Amazon UK sellers know this feeling all too well. Last week, countless UK sellers became alarmed when their weekly Amazon disbursements were not received in their bank accounts. The situation took a sizzling turn when sellers
reported receiving conflicting emails by Amazon on the funds availability, triggering wide-spread confusion and concern among UK sellers. Although not every seller was affected by Amazon’s fumble, many reported being unable to stock inventory due to the delay and some mentioned the possibility of bank charges  on the horizon.

Amazon Services Europe sent out an email last week on Friday stating, “We are aware that there has been a delay in the delivery of some sellers’ disbursements. If you have been affected by this, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We can confirm that these disbursements have been processed and should appear in your bank account within five business days.”

Several sellers complained Amazon was too slow in responding to seller questions regarding the matter, showcasing a horrible example of what third-party sellers should follow. One unhappy UK sellers said, “Amazon penalise sellers if we dispatch late, don’t reply to emails fast enough etc etc, but we sellers (we’re Amazon’s customers too!) have no redress when Amazon glitch and it can have a major impact on our businesses.”

Amazon typically grades third-party sellers on a variety of phases including delivery times, product quality, refunds, customer feedback and email response times. These scores are added up and each seller is given a score that is publically displayed for all buyers to see. In return, higher seller ratings mean better visibility to buyers and more opportunity to make a sale.

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