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Business Outsourcing– The Efficiency and Costs of Outsourcing

January 4, 2013–There is a heated argument between outsourcing and in-house business processing. Many are debating whether employees working hundreds of miles away deliver the same performance as those who are just in the other room. Or if the benefits of setting up shop abroad really outweigh the drawbacks. Looking at the current trends it is obvious what the answers to these questions are and more importantly, which side of the debating table is winning.

So, how do you properly gauge efficiency? Anyone who does his job within the required parameters is considered efficient. To be more specific, an individual who completes his tasks or hits his targets within a specified timeframe is an efficient employee. This same principle is what motivates companies to bring their processes elsewhere. Having effective and efficient employees is what companies strive for. But having more than twice the number of employees for the same cost is even better.

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eBay.Co.Uk to Make Shipping easier for UK Sellers

January 7, 2013—UK Sellers can finally rejoice. eBay announced this week new they are improving the shipping experience for sellers in the UK that will offer a “more straightforward and efficient shipping experience for all sellers.” Although short on details, said they are negotiating with third-party providers of shipping services to offer group discounts to eBay UK sellers for international shipping.

To make it easier for third-party sellers to calculate costs of selling overseas, eBay is taking two initiatives which include simple international shipping and a flat-rate shipping cost for UK sellers. eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which is currently available in beta to U.S. sellers shipping internationally, could possibly make a move to the UK marketplace as well. A spokesperson for eBay said, “These discounts are open to everyone, meaning if you’re a smaller businesses, without the bandwidth to negotiate competitive rates yourself, you can still get value when shipping internationally.”

eBay also said they would begin negotiating with third parties this year for fixed-rate pricing options for eBay UK sellers, a move James Miles, manager of strategic shipping partnerships for eBay UK, calls a triple-win situation: “more opportunity for the shipping industry, more options for our sellers, and most importantly of all, a better deal for our end-customers.” 

Amazon Prime Launches in Canada

January 8, 2013—Today is a good day to be a Canadian. today announced the launch of Amazon Prime, a membership program that provides free two-day shipping on eligible orders for $79 a year. Canadians can now register for Amazon Prime which allows shoppers to receive unlimited Free Two-Day shipping, One-Day shipping for as low as $3.99 per item, and Free Standard shipping to rural areas on almost all orders. Prime is available on items in categories like electronics, baby, kitchen, books, movies, music, watches, sporting goods, tools and more.

“We are proud to bring Amazon Prime to Canada,” said Steve Oliver, country manager for “Amazon Prime offers its members the convenience of fast, free shipping on millions of eligible items, whether the order is for a single DVD or a kitchen mixer. There is no minimum purchase amount and no need to consolidate orders, so Canadians from coast-to-coast can enjoy a simpler, faster shopping experience.”

Although Amazon customers in Canada can now enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime, one thing they won’t be able to enjoy is Instant Video. Similar to Netflix, Amazon’s Instant Video service allows Prime users to enjoy video streaming straight from their television for free. Currently Amazon has no plans for the video service to join Prime in Canada any time soon.

Customers in Canada can try Amazon Prime for one month free, by visiting

eBay UK Launches Fixed-Pricing Promotion for Stores

October 19, 2012—eBay is known for offering a variety of promotions for new and old sellers alike. This time however, eBay UK is offering something different. From October 22-26, all UK Store owners can list up to 50,000 fixed-price listings with eBay UK. Although eBay typically extends free-listing promotions to casual sellers, this recent campaign is for UK store owners only.

The new promotion applies to all business sellers who are registered as resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during October 22-26. UK business sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and list items in eligible categories only. Any sellers registered after March 15, 2011 may be limited to selling a maximum of 10 items or 650 pounds per month. Auction listings are excluded, as are duration listings of 3, 5, 7, and 10 day.

UK business sellers listing fixed-price 30 day or GTC formats through eBay Seller Tools, Sell Your Item Form, Mobile apps, and many third-party tools will automatically receive zero Insertion fees.

eBay UK listing conditions are as follows:

  • Listings made between 22 and 26 October 2012;
  • New 30-day, or Good ’til cancelled listings only;
  • Business sellers with Basic or Featured Shop subscriptions only.


For more information see website for restrictions

Business Outsourcing–Philippines Beats Out India and China as Global Shoring Location

January 8, 2013–Recently, the Philippines was ranked as the top global shoring locations for Business Process Outsourcing beating India and China.  This is according to a report by multinational real estate advisor Jones Lang LaSalle based on the number of jobs made by investing corporations in shared contact centers, service centers and technical support centers from 2008 up to 2011.  It is an amazing feat considering that the Philippines only has a fraction of the population.

According to the report, The Philippines drew in 115 projects that equaled to 72,000 jobs within the said timeframe against India’s 105 projects – 64,000 jobs and China’s 56 projects – 25,000 jobs.  It obviously shows how more and more companies choose to bring their businesses to the small archipelago.  Why not? The Philippines is probably the most westernized country in the east.  Colonized by the Spaniards for centuries and then by the Americans in the early half of the 19th century, the country is quite literally a perfect example of “east meets west”.



eBay UK Launches Multi-Variation Tool for Fashion

November 1, 2012—Strike a pose! eBay UK recently launched a new Multi-Variation Merger tool that will make selling apparel on eBay much, much, easier! Although unveiled the feature early last year for practically all categories, they missed the most important one…fashion. Now UK sellers can list all the available choices for a product with one single insertion fee saving sellers time and money. This comes as great news for fashion sellers as they can now have one listing with variations of sizes and colors of that item.

To use the Multi-Variation Merger tool, UK sellers must select an individual listing to merge. The listing will ask you to review your item and make any necessary edits like colors or sizes. Once the review is finished, you can make your new multi-variation listing available to buyers instantly.  Rather than create new listings for each separate item, eBay UK sellers can use the Multi-Variation Merger tool to condense item details into one listing. Another added bonus of using this new feature is listings may actually appear higher in search results because of it!

Not only will this new feature be easier to use, but sellers using the Multi-Variation Merger tool can still keep their BestMatch scores associated with their most popular individual listings. This is great news for UK sellers whose items were not performing well as this new eBay tool increases visibility for their listings.

If you’re a UK seller and need help accessing this tool, please email us at

Weather Conditions Impacting eBay UK Deliveries

eBay is giving UK sellers the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this week eBay issued a warning to users that harsh weather conditions in parts of the UK may affect postage delivery times. advised sellers to “manage buyer expectations” by updating them on possible weather-related delays. The Royal Mail website confirmed severe weather conditions could affect services in some parts of Wales and England.

eBay said it had been in contact with delivery providers and “they have informed us that they are doing all they can to ensure that deliveries are getting through.” Although eBay UK said it is not automatically removing negative feedback scores for late delivery, they did state if the seller has evidence to support the bad ratings were due to weather, they would immediately remove the feedback. eBay plans on monitoring detailed sellers ratings and taking corrective action if irregular increases in low dispatch time ratings across all sellers.

On Friday, the Royal Mail site stated, “Services are being disrupted today in many areas, especially the South West and in South and Mid Wales. Further details of areas affected throughout the day will be posted on our regional Service Update pages. We’ll be out delivering today but only in areas where this is possible and it’s safe for our people to do so.”


Global Shipping—eBay Announces New Program for U.S. Sellers

November 2, 2012—Prepare yourself sellers, shipping on eBay is going global. The e-commerce marketplace has finally announced the news many sellers have long anticipated for… and merchants couldn’t be happier. After a false start in September, eBay announced their new Global Shipping Program on Thursday that will allow U.S. sellers to sell and ship orders internationally.  What does this mean for eBay sellers? An untapped marketplace of buyers from around the world.

“By enrolling for FREE in this program, you’ll be able sell to buyers in multiple countries, but ship your packages to a shipping center located in the US – this means you’re only responsible for the domestic leg of shipping! Once your item arrives at the designated US shipping center, the Global Shipping Program then takes care of ALL facets of international parcel processing,” eBay explained in its announcement on Thursday.

Although the Global Shipping program is still being examined by a division of sellers, an undisclosed source said the program would allow sellers to ignore filling out customs forms or calculating tariffs and duties. The source also noted that U.S listings incorporated into the Global Shipping program would be visible to all of eBay’s international marketplaces around the world. However, it’s still unclear what type of fees would be associated with this program.

Does eBay’s new Global Shipping program appeal to you? For more details visit here.

eBay UK Moving Ticket Category to StubHub

eBay’s UK ticket category is no more. The online marketplace has officially closed its UK ticket category and will soon be redirecting shoppers to its subsidiary StubHub instead. eBay plans to transition buyers to StubHub by advertising the ticket site on and then redirecting ticket-shoppers in the spring.

According to the Financial Times, StubHub UK only sells a few thousands tickets a month compared to the juggernaut StubHub in the U.S. StubHub was acquired in 2007 by eBay and lets fans buy and sell tickets to millions of sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events. StubHub celelbrated its 10th year in 2010.

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