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eBay Offers New Feature To Report Bad Buyers

October 17, 2012— is finally offering sellers an option to fight back against bad buyers. The online marketplace known for years to side with buyers is now offering a brand new feature that enables sellers the ability to leave negative or neutral feedback. eBay sellers are now offered the option of rating their transaction with buyers and reporting trading partners for violating eBay policies.

For years buyers had eBay sellers by the (you know what) and were able to take advantage of them, even blackmailing them in some cases, by leaving negative feedback in their seller rating.


Post-Christmas Promotion for eBay Sellers

December 28, 2012—Although Christmas is officially over, the holiday promotions from eBay just keep coming. has invited eligible third-party sellers to participate in their latest promotion which runs from December 27, 2012 through January 2, 2013. Invited sellers can list up to 5,000 Fixed Price items with no Insertion Fees including 3, 5, 7, 10, and 30-day listing durations. This is great news for eBay sellers looking to cash in before the end of 2012.

The new promotion is only for eligible sellers who received an email, and/or a message in their My eBay account. The promotion is then activated with the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID. Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are invited and this promotion is not transferable. All existing selling limits as well as category and item limits apply and may prevent sellers from creating the maximum number of listings.

All other fees apply, see website for details and restrictions.

eBay UK Launches Fixed-Pricing Promotion for Stores

October 19, 2012—eBay is known for offering a variety of promotions for new and old sellers alike. This time however, eBay UK is offering something different. From October 22-26, all UK Store owners can list up to 50,000 fixed-price listings with eBay UK. Although eBay typically extends free-listing promotions to casual sellers, this recent campaign is for UK store owners only.

The new promotion applies to all business sellers who are registered as resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during October 22-26. UK business sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and list items in eligible categories only. Any sellers registered after March 15, 2011 may be limited to selling a maximum of 10 items or 650 pounds per month. Auction listings are excluded, as are duration listings of 3, 5, 7, and 10 day.

UK business sellers listing fixed-price 30 day or GTC formats through eBay Seller Tools, Sell Your Item Form, Mobile apps, and many third-party tools will automatically receive zero Insertion fees.

eBay UK listing conditions are as follows:

  • Listings made between 22 and 26 October 2012;
  • New 30-day, or Good ’til cancelled listings only;
  • Business sellers with Basic or Featured Shop subscriptions only.


For more information see website for restrictions

Staples and eBay team up in Canada

January 2, 2012—Staples and eBay have teamed up to help consumers in Canada cash in on their old smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles. Staples Canada is helping bring their electronics trade-in program to the offline world by partnering together and offering a brand new way to get cash for your old electronic gadgets.

eBay Canada’s Instant Sale trade-in program is being powered by Staples Canada because not only is Staples a Top-Rated eBay Seller with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, but they are also a major retailer in Canada. The goal of the partnership is to help Canadians get rid of their older devices they no longer need. Powered by CExchange, eBay’s Instant Sale program was launched in 2010 and beginning January 3, 2013, consumers can bring their old device to any participating Staples location in Canada. A sales associate will appraise the item and issue a merchandize credit on the spot.

eBay Canada recently conducted a survey and found that 68% of Canadians received either a new smartphone or tablet and were unsure what to do with their old devices. 18 percent of people said they keep their dated devices while seven percent said they typically resell them and 5 percent said they throw them out.

Andrea Stairs, Country Manager for eBay Canada, said, “While we are great at buying up new technology, we sometimes don’t know what to do with our unwanted electronics. eBay empowers Canadians to sell their excess tech gear – quickly and simply – and pocket the proceeds. In as little as 60 seconds, we can all make some money, de-clutter, and give our old devices a second life.” Stairs also encouraged Canadians to resell their old devices using the eBay Mobile app.

eBay Canada said consumers could receive up to $583 for an iPad (3rd Generation) and $337 for an iPhone 4S through the trade-in program.

eBay and FedEx Unite…Finally

October 26, 2012—For years clinched tightly to shipping methods through USPS and UPS by incorporating them into their single label printing flow. Now, eBay is finally adding FedEx to the mix. eBay announced earlier this week they are currently running a pilot program for select sellers that will allow them to print FedEx labels for orders. This is great news for eBay sellers as more and more sellers are looking for convenient and fast shipping options.

eBay plans to run the test pilot program until the end of the year and begin full availability to all users starting the first quarter of 2013. Sellers will soon be able to print FedEx labels directly from eBay’s single label pricing flow. To access this feature, sellers can simply go to their My eBay and find the FedEx selection there. Although FedEx will not be included in eBay’s shipping calculator during the pilot program, they are currently working on additional features with FedEx that will become available to sellers in the first quarter of 2013. Like the name says, eBay’s shipping calculator automatically provides sellers with accurate shipping cost to buyers based on their location.

Spokesmen for eBay also noted that eBay will not add the FedEx label-printing capability to PayPal as this feature focuses mainly on eBay.

eBay Testing New Program to Attract Consumer Sellers

January 4, 2013–Brace yourself eBay sellers, the online marketplace is trying something new. is testing out a new business model called eBay Selling Assistant program which works like an eBay drop off store for sellers. Similar to the eBay store in the film 40 Year Old Virgin, the store will work as a “pick up” service that works in conjunction with consignment sellers to list and sell their items on eBay for a fee. The new pilot program is being tested among a variety of sellers across the U.S. 

How it works: When a consignor wants to sell their items on eBay they call a number (855-EBAY-VAN) that arranages for an eBay employee to pick up their items from their home or business. The items are then delivered to a participating store which lists the items on eBay for sale. Consignors are then given 75% of the item’s selling price from eBay and the store is given 25%.

eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff said eBay has opened up the “buy side” in local markets and the new pilot program is giving people new ways to sell on eBay and attracting “people who wouldn’t have previously interacted with eBay as a destination.”

Because eBay requires sellers to use PayPal, it’s hard to see how this program could be profitable as the seller will have to pay both the eBay fees and PayPal fees.



Sell and Prosper—New eBay Promotion

October 30, 2012— is getting more and more creative with their promotions as the upcoming presidential election approaches. This week’s promotion titled “Sell and Prosper-Elect to list auction-style free” will run from October 29 through November 4th for eligible sellers. Invited users can list up to 50,000 auction type listings with no fees during the promotion week. Invitations were sent last week notifying eligible sellers of the deal.

Normally eBay targets particular sellers for invited promotions depending on their seller performance or the amount of inventory sold monthly. Whether it be a little or a lot, eBay uses a string of promotions to entice small and large sellers to increase product listings during promotion weeks. Although eBay typically doesn’t advertise current promotions, they did however acknowledge they’re running invitation-only promotions.

“Watch for other by-invite only offers: We’re also now rotating offers among sellers so we can offer even more money-saving opportunities – and offer the promotions that make the most sense for the way you sell. So make sure you are opted in to receive our emails, and keep an eye on your email and Messages in My eBay for your invitation.”

For Promotion details and restrictions, see website.

eBay.Co.Uk to Make Shipping easier for UK Sellers

January 7, 2013—UK Sellers can finally rejoice. eBay announced this week new they are improving the shipping experience for sellers in the UK that will offer a “more straightforward and efficient shipping experience for all sellers.” Although short on details, said they are negotiating with third-party providers of shipping services to offer group discounts to eBay UK sellers for international shipping.

To make it easier for third-party sellers to calculate costs of selling overseas, eBay is taking two initiatives which include simple international shipping and a flat-rate shipping cost for UK sellers. eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which is currently available in beta to U.S. sellers shipping internationally, could possibly make a move to the UK marketplace as well. A spokesperson for eBay said, “These discounts are open to everyone, meaning if you’re a smaller businesses, without the bandwidth to negotiate competitive rates yourself, you can still get value when shipping internationally.”

eBay also said they would begin negotiating with third parties this year for fixed-rate pricing options for eBay UK sellers, a move James Miles, manager of strategic shipping partnerships for eBay UK, calls a triple-win situation: “more opportunity for the shipping industry, more options for our sellers, and most importantly of all, a better deal for our end-customers.” 

Hurricane Sandy Affecting Third-Party Marketplace Sellers

October 31, 2012—Hurricane Sandy and Frankenstorm has impacted numerous Americans along the eastern seaboard the last couple days leaving many homeless and without power. But east coasters aren’t the only ones affected by the recent natural disasters as third-party Amazon sellers scramble
to contact customers and coordinate purchase orders and shipping.

On Monday, emailed sellers recommending they contact any buyers affected by the recent events and update them on the status of their orders. Amazon also advised third-party sellers to temporarily deactivate their listings if they unable to meet their shipping levels. Amazon even went as far to say they might inactivate seller-fulfilled listings if they determine that they are unable to be fulfilled as a result of “no apparent seller activity.”

Amazon isn’t the only marketplace being affected by Hurricane Sandy. eBay and emailed buyers asking for “patience” from merchants who may have been impacted by the recent storm. Chief Marketing Officer of Bernard Luthi noted that the East Coast makes up a major portion of the buying population. eBay asked third-party sellers to put their storefront in “vacation mode” to indicate their operations are currently closed. Even fulfillment by Amazon was shaken by the recent events as amazon announced they will “handle all communication for FBA orders impacted by Hurricane Sandy.” Typically, third-party sellers deal with any and all communication between buyers and FBA is no different.

With 170 million people expected to celebrate Halloween today and even more shopping online, Hurricane Sandy is impacting not only third-party marketplace sellers but e-commerce retailers as well.

Alistair Barr of reported a story today outlining how the Internet is being hit especially hard by Hurricane SandyThe article expounds on how e-commerce businesses like New York-based start-up are being affected by Hurricane Sandra because of power outages and workers not able to access facilities and therefore, orders cannot be processed and shipped.

“The biggest impact to us right now is that our warehouses have no power,” said Jason Goldberg, founder and chief executive of “We’re doing everything humanly possible to send packages as quickly as possible.”

Although Hurricane Sandra is affecting many third-party sellers and e-commerce retailers, there is one thing it hasn’t disturbed–Amazon Web Services. Thankfully, all 100,000 computer servers are safe and sound as Amazon’s Virginia facilities are located out of the storm’s path.

If you or someone you know is a marketplace seller and affected by Hurricane Sandy we want to hear your story. Email us at


New Year, New Products, New eBay Promotions for Sellers

eBay is ringing in the New Year with a bang. sent out invitations to eligible sellers inviting them to participate in their latest promotion to kick-off the New 2013 Year. From January 13- January 19, 2013, sellers can list up to 50,000 auction-styled listings with no Insertion fees. This is great news for eBay sellers looking to expand their listing items in 2013.

Although the current promotion isn’t for every eBayer, invited sellers can list products for free using the Buy It Now option along with 1-, 3-, 5-, 7-, and 10-day durations. eBay’s latest promotion is only for sellers who qualify and have received an email or message in their My eBay account. The online marketplace will automatically activate seller listings that are eligible for the promotion and only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are able to participate.  

Third-party sellers using listing tools other than the latest version of the Sell Your Item will not have access to the promotion rate during the listing process. To view the promotional rate, sellers will have to view their account status in the My eBay section. eBay’s latest promotion includes all existing selling limits on category and item listings.  

To read more this eBay promotion and view details and restrictions, please visit eBay’s website.