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eBay Utilizing Amazon-Like Search Feature

Last Monday eBay notified sellers who use the product catalog to list in categories that it was removing product cards from search results.  This email from Vice President of Merchant Development Michael Jones stated:

“We have made significant improvements in our item-based search experience in recent years, and have learned that eBay can generate more sales for sellers like you by launching the item-based search experience everywhere. For that reason, we are removing the consolidated view experience (often referred to as ‘product cards’) at this time.”

eBay launched its Product Pages in 2009 along with other attempts to become more like Amazon.  When shoppers searched eBay for products they would see product cards representing generic Product Pages instead of individual listings.  eBay said that this new merged view was a “”new way of displaying results on eBay that will help shoppers find the exact product they are looking for much quicker as it minimizes the need for filtering a list of items.”

Now however, it seems to have changes its tune.  Search results now come back with individual seller listings.  eBay explained this in its letter from October 1st, “Note that the product details page – including the value box featuring great values from Top Rated sellers – will continue to be available to buyers, but only from a link on the view item page, onsite search widgets, or from off-eBay search results like Google and Yahoo.”

What the heck does this all mean?  Well, the Product Pages are staying, the catalog is expanding and the search within those categories is reverting back to the old eBay style. This is great news for merchants using Appeagle’s repricer since it means they can now reprice more of their listings.

eBay hopes that these changes will sever to shorten the shopper’s path to purchase for your items. eBay concluded this letter with:

 “We are always testing and evolving the site to ensure that eBay is a top shopping destination for buyers, and a powerful, profitable platform for valued sellers like you.”

TrueShip can make your holiday shipping easy!


Many experts are predicting another record breaking holiday season for ecommerce sales this year. The good news is a multi-channel sales approach that includes your website and ecommerce sites, like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! and, will probably result in the highest sales your online business has ever seen.

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Seller Rating–Will good Customer Service will Improve your eBay Rating?–If you are hoping to make money selling goods on eBay, then you should be aware off the eBay quality of service ranking system and how it can help to significantly increase you sales. On eBay sellers are rated through feedback from customers who have purchased items from them. With thousands of sellers competing for potential customers, there is no better way to stand out than by having a positive feedback rating. Developing a great customer service standard and going above and beyond for your customers is vital to your online selling success.

Be sure that you read and thoroughly understand the rules, regulations and policies that govern eBay transactions. There are a lot of rules and it is extremely important to become acquainted with them before developing your customer service policy.

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eBay Offers New Feature To Report Bad Buyers

October 17, 2012— is finally offering sellers an option to fight back against bad buyers. The online marketplace known for years to side with buyers is now offering a brand new feature that enables sellers the ability to leave negative or neutral feedback. eBay sellers are now offered the option of rating their transaction with buyers and reporting trading partners for violating eBay policies.

For years buyers had eBay sellers by the (you know what) and were able to take advantage of them, even blackmailing them in some cases, by leaving negative feedback in their seller rating.


WisePricer and Magento Unite!

WisePricer–In addition to their long list of supported platforms, now supports Magento shopping carts! As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, offering compatible sync with Magento was our next logical step.

Online retailers can now enjoy the capabilities of Magento with WisePricer’s intelligent repricing tool. With this added compatibility, Magento users can reprice in real time, monitor their competitors and compete wisely in the online marketplace.

This added functionality provides over 100,000 Magento users with a simple, accurate and competitive repricing tool that syncs seamlessly with their online store.

WisePricer fully supports an array of eCommerce platforms, from Shopify to eBay and Amazon.

For more information about WisePricer and eCommerce repricing tools,

eBay UK Launches Multi-Variation Tool for Fashion

November 1, 2012—Strike a pose! eBay UK recently launched a new Multi-Variation Merger tool that will make selling apparel on eBay much, much, easier! Although unveiled the feature early last year for practically all categories, they missed the most important one…fashion. Now UK sellers can list all the available choices for a product with one single insertion fee saving sellers time and money. This comes as great news for fashion sellers as they can now have one listing with variations of sizes and colors of that item.

To use the Multi-Variation Merger tool, UK sellers must select an individual listing to merge. The listing will ask you to review your item and make any necessary edits like colors or sizes. Once the review is finished, you can make your new multi-variation listing available to buyers instantly.  Rather than create new listings for each separate item, eBay UK sellers can use the Multi-Variation Merger tool to condense item details into one listing. Another added bonus of using this new feature is listings may actually appear higher in search results because of it!

Not only will this new feature be easier to use, but sellers using the Multi-Variation Merger tool can still keep their BestMatch scores associated with their most popular individual listings. This is great news for UK sellers whose items were not performing well as this new eBay tool increases visibility for their listings.

If you’re a UK seller and need help accessing this tool, please email us at