eBay Finally Announces New Features for Sellers

November 20, 2012—Although these features have been available to eBay sellers for some time now, the online marketplace officially announced their availability on Monday. The two new features include a revised condition note field to highlight the condition of a product and a new multi-variation merger tool to combine listing variations like color and sizes. On Monday, eBay advised sellers the FREE features were created to help broaden seller listings and boost sales during the holiday season.

The first of the new eBay features is a modified Item Condition section that allows sellers to highlight the condition of used items. This note field allows sellers to include important details about a product’s condition and stature. Because buyers don’t always read product descriptions carefully, this new feature will help prevent buyer returns and claims that the item is not as described.

“Boost sales with multi-variation listings. A new, FREE tool lets you easily combine individual listings of different variations of an item – such as color and size – into one Fixed Price listing. This saves you money on fees, makes listing faster and easier, and encourages buyers to buy more.”

The second feature is eBay’s new Multi-variation Merger tool that allows sellers to add sizes and colors to each listing. Rather than listing an item seven different times for each color and size available, sellers can now combine items into one listing saving them time and money.

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