eBay introduces new 2-Click Checkout and Redesign

October 11, 2012— In the last couple months eBay has been making major changes to the way they run their marketplace. Not only have they rolled out a new and much simpler logo, but now their homepage and View Item pages are getting a makeover. eBay announced today a new customizable homepage feed that allows users to personalize their eBay homepage to fit their style.

Similar to Pinterest, eBay users can now tailor their homepage around items and images based on their shopping history and personal interests. eBay is even introducing benefits for sellers by allowing them to link their seller profiles to their Facebook pages and embed YouTube videos of their choice. This is great news for sellers who use these social-media sites to advertise and promote their eBay items. In addition, eBay is giving buyers and sellers larger profile pictures and larger product images for items they’re selling. It seems eBay is taking a page out of Pinterest’s book by adding more and larger images to all of their pages.

Along with their new logo and redesign, eBay has started offering an easy-to-use 2-click checkout. Although Amazon.com owns the patent to the 1-click checkout, eBay expects big things from this new option as buyers and sellers can now link their eBay account with their PayPal account to make checking out faster. While this option is currently available to more seasoned eBay users, beginning at the end of this month all users will be able to access this feature.

Last month eBay announced a new messaging system where users could send photos to one another, making the buying and selling transaction easier.  Other features included in eBay’s new redesign are revitalized search results with inviting pictures and an At-a-glance item page with up-front pictures and important details.

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