eBay kicks-off Mobile Promotion for Sellers

November 19, 2012—The popularity of mobile-commerce is growing and eBay wants you to join in.  On Monday, eBay launched their newest promotion for sellers, inviting them to participate using their smartphones. From Nov. 19-27, sellers can list one item for free using eBay’s mobile app and pay no insertion fees. Although this promotion is invite only, eBay expects to have many more mobile promotions like this for sellers in the future.

To access eBay’s offer, eligible sellers must list items using eBay’s Mobile application. Qualified sellers can list items in Auction-style, Auction-style with the Buy It Now feature added, and Fixed price listings for free. Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are eligible for the offer and should have received a notice via email or My eBay.

In September, eBay’s mobile app hit 100 million downloads which both buyers and sellers using the app to access account info and product information. Even better for eBay, over 100 million lists have been added and listed on eBay using the app.

For more details and restrictions with this offer, go to eBay’s promotion page.

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