eBay to increase Fees for Selling Media Products

December 18, 2012—Media products like DVDs, CDs and book have been major sellers on eBay for some time now. However, third-party sellers selling these items on the online marketplace are about to receive a rude awakening in 2013. Although eBay has yet to announce it, fees for selling media products are about to get a lot more expensive.

Currently, eBay’s Standard Selling fees for fixed-price listings in media cost $0.50. Back in February 2008, the then head of eBay Marketplaces Lorrie Norrington announced lower insertion fees for media to benefit the growth of the marketplace. “We heard your comments about the need for media and category-specific pricing. Today, I am pleased to announce we are accelerating our plan to phase-in category-specific pricing for media.”

In August of the same year, eBay again lowered the fixed-pricing listing fees for media to $0.15 and unveiled a $0.05 listing promotion for a limited time. Since then, the promotion has been extended several times, making selling media products a very lucrative business. However, all that is about to change beginning January 1, 2013.

When contacted by AmazonGenius about the hike in fees for media products, eBay’s spokesperson Johnna Hoff said, “At this time, we don’t have any information on extending it.”

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