eBay UK Moving Ticket Category to StubHub

eBay’s UK ticket category is no more. The online marketplace has officially closed its UK ticket category and will soon be redirecting shoppers to its subsidiary StubHub instead. eBay plans to transition buyers to StubHub by advertising the ticket site on eBay.co.uk and then redirecting ticket-shoppers in the spring.

According to the Financial Times, StubHub UK only sells a few thousands tickets a month compared to the juggernaut StubHub in the U.S. StubHub was acquired in 2007 by eBay and lets fans buy and sell tickets to millions of sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events. StubHub celelbrated its 10th year in 2010.

eBay launched StubHub in the UK in December 2011 and officially began promoting the site in March. Due to UK government regulations, StubHub UK has been unable to service sporting events, making it less than appealing to buyers. Head of StubHub Chris Tsakalakis is a former Bain consultant who previously headed eBay stores, ProStores and eBay Express.

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