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There are over 2 million people selling on Amazon, with even more merchants selling on eBay. That’s not even counting the millions of shoppers who visit these websites daily. So, why not combine the two marketplaces and sell directly in both? ExportYourStore.com is making it extremely easy to integrate your online store onto any platforms in a matter of seconds. Synch and control your inventory between various platforms with ease, and even start your own online business from scratch. ExportYourStore even supplies the convenience of managing your Amazon/eBay inventory, enabling you to control your store with the touch of a button. Becoming a multi-channel sellers has never been easier with ExportYourStore.com.

1.) Amazon- eBay Export Service

2) Amazon- eBay Inventory Management

3) Automatic Export of New Items


One reason many sellers don’t use other platforms to sell their products is the difficulty and time-consuming task of adjusting each product description to match specific marketplace requirements. Configuring each system with your items can often be complicated and laborious based on the number of listings your storefront has.

For example, when selling on Amazon merchants must use generic descriptions with ASIN and no HTML. Products cannot include any merchant-specific information like business name, or info pertaining to the seller. ExportYourStore supports all defining item parameters like ISBN, UPC, and EAN codes. Whether you’re looking to sell on Amazon, eBay, or any other marketplace, ExportYourStore.com can easily expand your Amazon store to eBay, or vice versa.

Managing your online store couldn’t get easier. With Inventory Synchronization, you can automatically add items or change inventory quantities within any marketplace. If one items sells on Amazon, it will automatically be removed from eBay to avoid overselling. Having this convenience not only enables you to offer more products overall in most marketplaces, buthelps avoid fees or upset customers from problems like overselling, or not having the item in stock.

With ExportYourStore.com you can even list new items weekly, daily, or even hourly! This service isn’t just for professional sellers but for ANYONE looking for an opportunity to sell online. New items can be easily listed from one channel to another automatically, saving you time and energy. ExportYourStore.com wants to help you increase your sales while decreasing the amount of effort and time involved. Keeping your storefront up-to-date has never been easier!

Another great feature ExportYourStore.com has for customers is their Affiliate program. This fast and easy process is designed to help satisfy new customers as well as earn you MONEY!! For more information please visit ExportYourStore.com and tell them AmazonGenius sent you!!

How does it work?

1. Sign-up for their affiliate program.
2. You get a unique link which you refer people to their  service: http://www.exportyourstore.com/username.
3. You get paid 30% from the one time export fee made by sellers you’re linked with.

You can also earn 3% off any export fee for simply “liking” their Facebook page.


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