#1 Automated Re-Pricing Solution for Amazon Sellers

Since day one Feedvisor has been rapidly increasing sales and profits for Amazon sellers with their automated re-pricing platform. Feedvisor recently unveiled their new automated auto-pricing software with the introduction of Intelligent Re-pricing. This easy-to-use software is completely web-based which benefits users immensely by not having to install anything onto their computer. Stop wasting time and money guessing prices and let FeedVisor systematically improve your sales today!

From the beginning FeedVisor has used the stock market and algorithms as inspiration for their re-pricing software. Just like in the financial market, FeedVisor uses this logic to create intelligent computer technology that can work competitively in all marketplaces. The purposes of these algorithms are to imitate human decision-making without actually having a human present. They can detect patterns in marketplaces like price wars and trends to ensure your storefront is providing competitive prices 24/7. This advanced re-pricing tool is the perfect solution for professional sellers looking to compete in the aggressive marketplaces of online shopping. FeedVisor automated Re-pricing is the future of all re-pricing software.

A big problem many novice sellers have is they don’t understand how Amazon and the BuyBox algorithms work, or that winning the Amazon buy box vastly improves their chances of selling their item. Sellers also don’t understand that Amazon has to choose which merchant to feature in the buy box section. This all depends on the number of reviews, feedback rating, sales history, and details of your Amazon performance scorecard. FeedVisor’s auto-pricing tool will continuously monitor trends and changes in pricing and automatically adjust to stay competitive. This trend spotter helps seller stay ahead of their competition by reducing risks, reacting faster and exploring opportunities so merchants can make better selling decisions. Winning the Buy Box and you control the selling game!

Another great feature FeedVisor has recently introduced is their Actionable Analytics. This newly developed selling tool tracks changes in sales, orders, and profits to discover what products sell and profit the most. Stop guessing

and start using technology to your advantage. This analytical software alerts users with important information and changes to keep you on top of the
competition. FeedVisor’s Actionable Analytics works by monitoring key stats using various forecast methods like supply and demand and pricing analysis for clients.

FeedVisor is the epitome of intelligent technology as their comprehensive Auto-Pricing software and Actionable Analytics program show users exactly why. Start seeing results today and find out how FeedVisor can improve your Amazon storefront immensely! Check out FeedVisor.com and tell them AmazonGenius sent you.


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