Free Shipping Glitch causes eBay Sellers to Freak Out–If the message boards are any indication, eBay has a glitch that it needs to contend with. That is, if it hopes to satisfy the hoards of unhappy sellers who seem to be affected by said glitch. Says one eBay seller, posted on ECommerceBytes, reads, “This week I have had 2 customers angry and refusing to pay, claiming that my auction stated free shipping, but their invoices and PayPal statements add shipping charge.

“I have been selling for 10 years, 7 years professionally, and have NEVER offered free shipping on any item. And when I look at those same auctions I see a calculated shipping rate. If it was just one customer I would assume he was lying, but 2 in one week, sounds more like an eBay glitch.”

The same seller speculates that this problem may be why some sellers are getting bad stars on shipping. If the seller thinks they’re getting free shipping only to turn around and pay for shipping, they’re not going to be happy about it.


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