Global Shipping—eBay Announces New Program for U.S. Sellers

November 2, 2012—Prepare yourself sellers, shipping on eBay is going global. The e-commerce marketplace has finally announced the news many sellers have long anticipated for… and merchants couldn’t be happier. After a false start in September, eBay announced their new Global Shipping Program on Thursday that will allow U.S. sellers to sell and ship orders internationally.  What does this mean for eBay sellers? An untapped marketplace of buyers from around the world.

“By enrolling for FREE in this program, you’ll be able sell to buyers in multiple countries, but ship your packages to a shipping center located in the US – this means you’re only responsible for the domestic leg of shipping! Once your item arrives at the designated US shipping center, the Global Shipping Program then takes care of ALL facets of international parcel processing,” eBay explained in its announcement on Thursday.

Although the Global Shipping program is still being examined by a division of sellers, an undisclosed source said the program would allow sellers to ignore filling out customs forms or calculating tariffs and duties. The source also noted that U.S listings incorporated into the Global Shipping program would be visible to all of eBay’s international marketplaces around the world. However, it’s still unclear what type of fees would be associated with this program.

Does eBay’s new Global Shipping program appeal to you? For more details visit here.

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