International Marketplaces–Global Selling with Amazon

November 8, 2012—Whether your niche market is too small or you just want more exposure, selling globally on Amazon can be your ticket to international success. Global Selling with Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to list and sell products in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan. To help sellers get started, Amazon has introduced a brand-new PDF or Kindle format Guide to Global Selling with Amazon. It might just be the reading material you need to increase sales and boost your storefront traffic.

Amazon’s free guide to selling globally summarizes every aspect sellers should take into account when choosing whether or not to expand into Amazon’s international marketplaces. The guide outlines various topics sellers can expect when selling globally like customs, taxation, intellectual property rights, parallel importation, export controls, markings, labels and more. The manual also covers issues like regulations on product compliances and safety for all types of goods like electronics, toys, pharmaceutical/cosmetics, medical devices and food.

Global Selling with Amazon offers merchants two methods to sell items internationally–Either by fulfilling customer orders themselves or by using Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon’s FBA program even has Global fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world that merchants can use to make selling in other countries more convenient. Here are a few tips from Amazon’s selling globally guide:

  • Global fulfillment centers: Amazon has fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world and offers various services to help you make the most of them.
  • Online order management: Amazon supports you by supplying reports to help you run your business and a Seller Central portal, which provides helpful tools and information, such as at-a-glance order status, messages from buyers, and seller-coaching tips.
  • Simple shipping: Amazon has established relationships with service providers such as freight forwarders and customs brokers, making it easier to ship your inventory.

If you’re interested in reading Amazon’s Global guide or finding more information how you can sell internationally with Amazon, you can go here for more information.

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