Kabbage Helps Sellers Polish the Look of their eBay Store

Kabbage.comWe’re excited about a brand new tool for eBay sellers that can help them differentiate their business from the competition and create a professional, brand-centric identity on the world’s largest online marketplace. Frooition has just launched their first eBay design solution which enables sellers to create and update their own eBay store.

Here are some of Frooition’s cool new features that are designed specifically to help online sellers:

Ramp Up Sales

  • Quickly react to competitors marketing
  • Promote new product lines as they arrive
  • Create multiple store layouts for peak trading periods and seasonal trends
  • Create product content pages where products update dynamically based on sold items and new listings
  • Rebrand your store to meet the latest products and fashion trends
  • Regularly update your store hero to remain fresh and engaging
    Actively display and update your feedback and customer testimonials in your eBay store
  • Display badges of confidence and guarantees i.e. 30 day money back guarantee


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