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Core Technologies has been delivering state-of-the-art software since 1995 with one goal in mind- Fair priced software that is truly useful to consumers. Their objective is to provide vital and useful  software that is truly time-saving and profitable to it’s customers. For 17 years Core Technologies has done that while successfully helping thousands of customers with their mail order business. Unlike other selling tools, Mailware is a complete back office order management solution for all types of online merchants. Whether you’re completing orders, handling inventory from multiple warehouses, or keeping track of accounting, Mailware is your one-stop solution for third-party software. Say goodbye to complex software and hello to!

MailWare is packed full of features that work for all types of online sellers. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, or, Mailware is capable of working effectively with all of your online feeds, marketplaces, auctions and stores. This multi-channel management system also includes inventory organization and shipping integration, as well as tracking all orders for maximum completion. MailWare lets you get back to running your online business without having the headache of micromanaging it.

Multi-Channel Manager at your service

One of the best features of Mailware is the fact it works with multiple channels. This means you can use this third-party software with various programs and marketplaces. Creating and updating listings and prices has never been easier with this all-in-one channel manager. With the click of a button you can automatically download orders, specify prices, descriptions, and images for multiple products. The Multi Channel Manager can also be updated to work with any MySQL, SQL Server, XML or .csv online shopping cart for an easy order management system. Other features of Mailware’s multi-channel manager system include:

  • Optional price competition 3rd party support and/or user specific algorithms to ensure you are top seller, have the lowest price etc.
  • Uploads shipping confirmations to your web store, eBay auction-or others, so you get paid faster.
  • Expand your business with multiple channels all managed from one interface, allowing efficient order management.
  • Automatically download orders as often as you like (or as your channel allows).
  • Batch process orders, or as they come in individually with this order management software.
  • Product listings are uploaded to the channels you select
  • Each channel integrated is priced individually

Inventory Management Made Easy-

We all know properly keeping track of inventory is important for running a profitable business. But when you’re selling thousands of products and items it becomes extremely time-consuming labor that no one wants to do. That’s where Mailware comes in. They have generated an easy and hassle-free solution to this problem. Whether you drop ship or use multiple warehouses and locations, Mailware has simplified inventory management so everyone can use it. With Mailware software you have access to unlimited product options and dozens of other features inventory management systems don’t offer. Other features of Mailware’s inventory management software include:

  • Multiple Product Number fields including UPC, Manufacturer’s #, Supplier #’s, ISBN’s and many more.
  • Fully supports printing and reading of bar codes and use of bar code scanners.
  • Multiple Price Levels with Quantity Discounts for each plus Mix & Match.
  • Optional VAT % at the product level.
  • Product Categories for searching, filtering and reporting.
  • Unlimited Options for any product (Size, Color etc.) with easy pull down search.
  • Powerful Product Search inventory system with multiple fields including your own custom fields.
  • Multiple Warehouse/Bin locations with priority pulls and overrides, allowing for simple inventory management
  • Drop Ship tools feature full support with automatic PO creation.
  • Kitting with cost calculations, hidden or visible printing of elements and on-the-fly editing.
  • Support for Multiple Suppliers per product with full PO history.
  • Attach multiple images, pdf and word files and more.

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