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Hi! My name is Tom and I’m co-founder of When I first started selling a few items on Ebay back in the early 2000s, I never thought I’d eventually be managing and building 40,000 parent SKUs with endless variations. Of course, that didn’t happen overnight. It grew over many years and went through many phases. When I first started, it was easy to just manually make each product page and maintain the few I had. Then a few years later Amazon rolled out an awful desktop application through which you could manage your listings. After getting fed up with that solution I moved to Excel. This was a fairly decent solution until we grew to over 2000 listings, at which point it became cumbersome and sluggish. I then moved to a very large and well known marketplace inventory management system. I was stunned to find out the cost was $10,000 a year, and I still had to maintain 2 sets of inventory, one for my website, and one for all my third party marketplace listings. I refused to accept that this was the best solution, but I couldn’t find the solution I was looking for, so for my own sanity, Marketplace Partner was built.

Marketplace Partner is a hosted merchandising and inventory management solution. We built this software to help the seller save time and stay organized. You can import your product information in whatever format you currently have, and export that data in whatever format you need. For example, we can transform your data formatted for a Yahoo! store into the proper formats for other stores and marketplaces such as Network Solutions, Amazon, Ebay,, and we’re constantly adding more based on demand. This alone is a huge time savings for most online retailers, but our database does so much more. We don’t hold your data “hostage” so you can’t leave us, you can make endless changes in bulk, sell on international marketplaces by simply adding a new currency, and even categorize products directly from within the software, instead of referencing the marketplace’s pdfs and websites. There are also plenty of common sense features built in that it took us years of experience to figure out and come up with.

Professional web merchandisers advise us to ensure we don’t ever lose focus on the ease of use factor, you don’t want to have to do extensive training for each new employee, and let me guarantee you that your IT guy doesn’t want to either, so we keep it simple. Marketplace Partner enables you to have a whole merchandising team work on your data simultaneously, and from anywhere with internet access. Our background is in e-commerce, not software sales, so we know what you’re looking for. As far as I can tell, we all want to sell more, and spend more time building our business (or sailing the Caribbean!), as opposed to maintaining multiple manual feeds, or paying a company a part time employee’s salary to manage them for us.

Marketplace Partner is currently in beta and we plan to launch January 2013, but if you can’t wait that long and want to try now, or would like to request special functionality contact me at

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