No Money for You! Amazon UK Fumbles Seller Disbursement

November 19, 2012—There is nothing worse than getting paid late—and Amazon UK sellers know this feeling all too well. Last week, countless UK sellers became alarmed when their weekly Amazon disbursements were not received in their bank accounts. The situation took a sizzling turn when sellers
reported receiving conflicting emails by Amazon on the funds availability, triggering wide-spread confusion and concern among UK sellers. Although not every seller was affected by Amazon’s fumble, many reported being unable to stock inventory due to the delay and some mentioned the possibility of bank charges  on the horizon.

Amazon Services Europe sent out an email last week on Friday stating, “We are aware that there has been a delay in the delivery of some sellers’ disbursements. If you have been affected by this, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We can confirm that these disbursements have been processed and should appear in your bank account within five business days.”

Several sellers complained Amazon was too slow in responding to seller questions regarding the matter, showcasing a horrible example of what third-party sellers should follow. One unhappy UK sellers said, “Amazon penalise sellers if we dispatch late, don’t reply to emails fast enough etc etc, but we sellers (we’re Amazon’s customers too!) have no redress when Amazon glitch and it can have a major impact on our businesses.”

Amazon typically grades third-party sellers on a variety of phases including delivery times, product quality, refunds, customer feedback and email response times. These scores are added up and each seller is given a score that is publically displayed for all buyers to see. In return, higher seller ratings mean better visibility to buyers and more opportunity to make a sale.

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