PayPal launches POS System in Australia

November 15, 2012—You might have noticed PayPal’s POS system in a variety of retail chains in the last few months. Retail stores in the U.S. like HomeDepot, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble, JC Penney, and more have all started implementing the new system at checkouts and now, PayPal is bringing their POS system to the Australian market.

So far, four leading Australian retail stores have introduced the new PayPal in-store payment option including a Mexican restaurant franchise (Guzman y Gomez), a fashion retailer (Glue), a specialty education retailer (Crayons) and an artisan bakery (Sonoma Bakery). Major Australian Hospitality and retail partners are in the mix to start carrying the POS system in the near future as well. PayPal is also working on a project with point of sale technology with such companies as MICROS, Island Pacific, and Vend.

PayPal explained the system by saying, “Using the app, customers will be able to check-in to the store. They can then place an order and pay using their PayPal account. The merchant is able to see the name and photo ID of checked-in customers via their point of sale terminal, which supports customer identification for security purposes.”

Visit PayPal’s blog to read more about the new POS system or read updates on other projects the company are launching.

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