Same-Day Delivery–How to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

As a small business owner, you may pride yourself on being able to undercut the big dogs in price, such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. Well, now the competition just got a little more cut-throat. Amazon and Wal-Mart are now offering same day delivery for a limited time. Will this threaten the e-commerce efforts of small to medium sized businesses everywhere? Is this yet another instance of the big guys cutting out the little guys in the battle for e-commerce domination? With buyers able to get discounted prices and same day delivery, it doesn’t look good for mom and pop.

As of right now, the same day delivery option is just a test and both Amazon and Wal-Mart are attempting the service in select metropolitan cities. Amazon Local Express Delivery, for instance, offers same day delivery in ten metro areas. Also, it should be noted that members of Amazon Prime get discounted rates on the same day delivery option.


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