Say Cheese– eBay unveils New Photo Messaging System

September 25th, 2012—They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that concept has never been more true with eBay’s new messaging system. announced on Monday their new photo sharing system where sellerscan send photos through My eBay. The days of paying extra to showcase more photos on eBay may soon be all but gone.

“No more need to share personal email addresses or deal with third party photo sharing services,” eBay wrote in its announcement.

The way it works is simple. When replying to an email in My Messages, sellers can include a picture message by simply clicking the “Add Pictures” button above the text box. Sellers are allowed 5 free images per listing through the My eBay messaging system that do not count against the 12 hosting pictures sellers are normally allowed. All photos must be in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNF or TIF format with a minimum of 500 pixels and a max of 5MB. Although this service doesn’t currently work with mobile devices, eBay looks to have their photo messaging system adaptable to smartphones in 2013.

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