All-In-One Marketplace Manager


As eBay continues to undergo their dramatic transformation, many sellers have started flocking towards Amazon to increase their sales. To make the process easier and less uncomplicated, SellerExpress has created an all-in-one marketplace manager capable of doing just about everything for you! For the last ten years SellerExpress has been providing the latest and greatest software solutions for some of the largest multi-channel retailers in the world. With a complete inventory management, order fulfillment, and auto-pricing program, is your one-stop shop for selling successfully and conveniently on Amazon.

Finding the right software solutions for you or your business is no easy task. That’s why SellerExpress has combined their optimal selling tools together for an all-in-one package perfect for Amazon sellers. Whether you’re looking to automatically re-price your products, synchronize your inventory or complete customer emails, shipping or currency conversions, SellerExpress has it all! Who said running your own business was time-consuming?!

Organize Your Inventory

Establishing inventory listings across multiple marketplaces just got easier. SellerExpress allows users to easily manage their inventory and stock by the simple click of a button. Because most sellers use multiple marketplaces and platforms, SellerExpress has introduced a new tool call Inventory Splitter. Inventory Splitter allows user to set a percentage of stock to be listed on each marketplace to avoid overselling. Increase your chances of sales without increasing your chances of refunds and negative feedback.

Auto Re-pricing

If you’re unsure how re-pricing software can improve your storefront, look no further than They offer one of the fastest and easiest to use auto-pricing software on the market today! This one-of-a-kind software works for any type of storefront including Amazon FBA and Seller Central. This customized re-pricing solution lets you set up pricing rules by condition, format, category, department, suppliers and then set minimum and maximum prices for any and all products. SellerExpress even offers a Virtual Re-pricing, which is a hosted solution that runs your auto-pricing from an online server! Stop losing out on competition and start pricing your products to sell!

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Thinking of using Fulfillment by Amazon? With SellerExpress it’s now easier than before. Use auto-pricing for your FBA stock and convert merchant filled listings to Fulfillment By Amazon listings. You can even list products faster by scanning and entering product barcodes/ ISBN and automatically retrieving product information. Stop hassling with manual listing and updating and let manage your FBA listings today!

Benefits of Using SellerExpress

In addition to having the ability to re-price products, manage inventory and use FBA, SellerExpress gives users added features that cant be found anywhere else.  To make running your online storefront more convenient, they’ve even added a reporting module and order processing, that allows users to view marketplace performances and easily create invoices and transfer orders to excel.Probably the biggest selling point for using is their “No long term contract or commitment” offer. You can cancel at anytime and don’t have to worry about paying escalating monthly fees!! Interested? Sign-up today for a FREE 15 day trial and tell them AmazonGenius sent you!


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