ShipWorks® is software that helps online sellers manage and ship their orders. ShipWorks automates tasks, prints live shipping labels, and acts as a hub for customer service. ShipWorks can save sellers several hours per day in work, and has played an important role in the growth of many online businesses.

Ship faster with integrated shipping tools

With the most complete FedEx®, U.S.P.S. and UPS integration available, your shipments get done faster so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.  Interapptive® ShipWorks integrates directly with many online shopping carts and marketplace systems.  ShipWorks will securely download all of your order information, saving you valuable time and the costly errors of re-keying address and order details.  After processing shipments, tracking numbers are stored in ShipWorks, email notifications are sent to your customers, and online order status is automatically updated.

Save time and enhance your customer service

ShipWorks includes integrated FedEx, and UPS OnLine® Tools supportfor viewing rates and transit times and printing live shipping labels from within ShipWorks.  With direct Endicia and integrations, ShipWorks is your one-stop solution for shipping with the postal service. Automate your shipping process by using Shipping Rules to analyze virtually any order related criteria, and then automatically apply carrier specific service options using Shipping Profiles.  Since tracking numbers are automatically imported and saved after processing shipping labels, sending tracking emails and responding to customer calls is a snap.

Reduce costs by simplifying order processing

ShipWorks has proven itself to save hours per day in real world order fulfillment tasks.  From the moment you begin using ShipWorks you will notice an intuitive interface that reduces order management to point and click.  With its low learning curve and multi-computer networking support, you and your employees will be able to start taking advantage of ShipWorks right away.  Every element of ShipWorks has been designed with an emphasis on time savings and usability, which ultimately translates into reduced costs for your business.

Work smarter with tools designed to make your life easier

ShipWorks has unparalleled support for your computer peripherals. ShipWorks supports all standard inkjet and laser printers, as well as Eltron/Zebra thermal label printers.  ShipWorks allows you to specify which printer and tray each print job should go to, greatly simplifying your printing process.  And with zero-configuration support for most USB scales, weighing your packages is always fast and accurate.

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