ShipWorks offers New Features to Automate your Shipping Experience

January 14, 2013—Finding efficient shipping tools and software is  highly sought-after when selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Sellers need tools to help them ship hundreds of thousands of packages in a quick and timely manner, along with an easy to understand and integrate system. With, they make printing shipping labels, configuring shipping costs, and updating tracking information as easy as possible. Check out some of the new features offers and see if they’re a right fit for you.


Integrated Shipping:

Integrating ShipWorks with your favorite online shopping cart system or auction site is extremely easy and convenient. They provide a simple and direct way to download orders and print shipping labels that includes pre-filling address information and connecting directly with each supported shipping provider. One of the best things about using ShipWorks is their relationship with leading shipping carriers. Through these relationships they are able to provide the best shipping support possible. supports the following carriers and 3rd party products:

  • DHL Global Mail
  • Endicia +More
  • Express1 +More
  • FedEx +More
  • UPS OnLine Tools +More
  • UPS WorldShip +More
  • USPS +More
  • +More
  • Integrated ShipWorks Insurance 


Managing Orders:

Stop manual importing orders and let ShipWorks do it for you! ShipWorks uses their managing system to keep track of all your notes, tracking numbers, and emails associated with each order. Orders are easily searchable and easily organized using ShipWorks filters. With, you can view a complete list of your customers based on which customers ordered the most, spent the most money, and any previous email and shipments sent to customers. Plus, installing ShipWorks is simple with their step-by-step installer.

Looking for more convenience? ShipWorks can even automate tasks like printing invoices, sending emails, and updating order statuses automatically!

Free Templates:

Stop wasting type creating your shipping templates. ShipWorks includes free invoice, email, and report templates that easily customize to fit your specific needs. ShipWorks even has a built-in editor that can be used to create HTML, text, csv, and XML output. Examples of templates that come with ShipWorks can be found in the Template Gallery.


Shipping insurance shouldn’t be complicated. ShipWorks Insurance offers a 100% hassle-free experience with no application process or forms to fill out. Simply select “ShipWorks Insurance” for any shipment you want insured. If you want to save money on insurance rates, save time on making claims, and make your shipping experience easier, choose 

Return Service Labels

Processing returns with ShipWorks is simple and convenient! ShipWorks supports processing return service labels for both UPS and USPS (Endicia) shipments. Choose from a variety of options for UPS Returns® including Electronic Return Labels that are emailed directly to your customer. For USPS returns via Endicia, simply choose the mail class for the return shipment and print a prepaid return label for your customer.



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