SumAll Adds Analytics Tool for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers rejoice. Now third-party Amazon sellers can gain “business intelligence” with insight into traffic statistics of their Amazon store. SumAll officially added integration with Amazon Marketplace and Webstore to provide sellers with real-time analytics to track a variety of data statistics.

SumAll’s new analytics tool for Amazon sellers can track new versus returning customers along with sale histories. Sellers can set goals and view trends from multiple channels including ecommerce stores and marketplace accounts. The platform can even send daily emails containing analytic information to users. SumAll already includes multiple data sources including PayPal, eBay, Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Magento, and Big Commerce. Amazon sellers can also use SumAll to track multiple amazon stores and a variety of different selling channels.

In September, SumAll’s CEO Dane Atkinson said the platform had already signed up more than 6,000 merchants with over $750,000,000 in ecommerce data. Currently SumAll has over 20,000 customers tracking more than $1.5 billion in ecommerce data with 20 billion visits and 2 billion social actions. Last month, SumAll added Google AdWords to allow sellers the ability to compare multiple campaigns with multiple AdWords accounts. The integration makes it easy to compare clicks, costs, and conversion rates by filtering by date, time, and geography. 

For more information and details, visit their website here.


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