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#1 Automated Re-Pricing Solution for Amazon Sellers

Since day one Feedvisor has been rapidly increasing sales and profits for Amazon sellers with their automated re-pricing platform. Feedvisor recently unveiled their new automated auto-pricing software with the introduction of Intelligent Re-pricing. This easy-to-use software is completely web-based which benefits users immensely by not having to install anything onto their computer. Stop wasting time and money guessing prices and let FeedVisor systematically improve your sales today!

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Amazon to Launch Wine Marketplace?

September 28, 2012—We all know is the largest marketplace online. Consumers can buy virtually anything on the e-commerce giant and the list of products they carry just keeps growing.  For years Amazon outlawed the sale of alcohol on their site but this year, during the holidays, things just might change.

You may remember back in 2009 when Amazon unsuccessfully partnered with New Vine Logistics to sell wine online. The partnership and idea ended up imploding when investor pulled out at the last second.

According to an inside source, Amazon is toying with the idea of selling wine direct to consumers online. Earlier this year around 100 Napa and Sonoma County wineries were invited to a workshop hosted by about the possibility of an Amazon Wine Marketplace. Although those who attended the event were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, anonymous resources were able to divulge the details.

How it would work: To join, wineries would be charged a reoccurring $39.99 a month fee and 15% commission on all wine sales. Even though wouldn’t actually carry any inventory, they would work solely as a marketing and processing engine giving wineries instant exposure to the millions of visitors their site attracts a day.

While the sale and distribution of alcohol online is extremely tricky due to different laws in every state, looks to launch their Wine Marketplace before the Holidays. Reports suggest the launch could even be as soon as next month.

Same-Day Delivery–How to Compete with Amazon and Walmart

As a small business owner, you may pride yourself on being able to undercut the big dogs in price, such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. Well, now the competition just got a little more cut-throat. Amazon and Wal-Mart are now offering same day delivery for a limited time. Will this threaten the e-commerce efforts of small to medium sized businesses everywhere? Is this yet another instance of the big guys cutting out the little guys in the battle for e-commerce domination? With buyers able to get discounted prices and same day delivery, it doesn’t look good for mom and pop.

As of right now, the same day delivery option is just a test and both Amazon and Wal-Mart are attempting the service in select metropolitan cities. Amazon Local Express Delivery, for instance, offers same day delivery in ten metro areas. Also, it should be noted that members of Amazon Prime get discounted rates on the same day delivery option.


Fulfillment By Amazon—Fees to Increase in 2013

December 5, 2012—The fees they are a-changin. On Tuesday, Amazon notified third-party sellers that Fulfillment By Amazon fees will increase in 2013, and introduced a brand new fee for returns in certain categories. The notice comes at a horrible time as FBA sellers prepare for the upcoming holidays and New Year.

Third-Party sellers were made aware of the new fee structure on Tuesday when Amazon updated the seller’s central with the announcement.  Amazon blames rising transportation cost for the increase and says the new fee structure won’t take place until February 18, 2013. Along with increases in FBA fees, Amazon introduced a new “Returns Processing Fee” for customer-returned products in categories that Amazon offers free return shipping. The new Returns Processing Fee will apply for products in the categories: Apparel; Watches; Jewelry; Shoes; and Luggage.

According to Amazon, offering free returns to customers in these categories helps build customer trust and encourages purchases. “To better reflect our costs, when customers receive free return shipping on products in these categories, the seller will be charged a fee for each unit returned. This fee will be equivalent to the fulfillment fees for an individually shipped unit.”

To better represent transportation costs, Amazon is launching six new product size tiers: Small Standard-Size, Large Standard-Size, Small Oversize, Medium Oversize, Large Oversize, and Special Oversize. On the positive side, Amazon is reducing some of their fees including products that fit into the new “Small Oversize” and “Medium Oversize” categories, as well as reducing the fees associated with Pick & Pack. Amazon also mentioned they are not changing fees for Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees, Zero-Fee Fulfillment, Inventory Storage Fees, or any optional service fees.

In the announcement on Tuesday, Amazon mentioned a slew of improvements they’ve made over the year, along with new services like Amazon Lockers and Same-Day Delivery:

“In the past year, we have made it easier for customers to order and receive your products, including innovations such as Amazon Lockers and same-day shipping in select cities; and we have continued to grow the benefits and membership of Amazon Prime, which this year has surpassed FREE Super Saver Shipping in items shipped. We have also enhanced the FBA and Seller Central experience, through better access to your important business data on the Sales Dashboard and Payments reports; value-added services such as the FBA Label Service; and new ways to reach global customers with FBA Global Export.”

In the next few days, Amazon is expected to update the FBA Revenue Calculator so sellers can view and compare estimated fulfillment costs under the current fee structure and the new fee structure.

What do you thinking of the new Fulfillment By Amazon fees?

All-In-One Marketplace Manager


As eBay continues to undergo their dramatic transformation, many sellers have started flocking towards Amazon to increase their sales. To make the process easier and less uncomplicated, SellerExpress has created an all-in-one marketplace manager capable of doing just about everything for you! For the last ten years SellerExpress has been providing the latest and greatest software solutions for some of the largest multi-channel retailers in the world. With a complete inventory management, order fulfillment, and auto-pricing program, is your one-stop shop for selling successfully and conveniently on Amazon.

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Appeagle explains how to Increase your Profits on Amazon

Real profit is created by gaining loyal customers, not simply ‘satisfied’ customers. Amazon selling experts know the inside scoop on how to increase customer loyalty by listing their items properly, managing their orders well, and most importantly providing first-class customer service.

To keep your online buyers coming back for more, follow these tips from successful Amazon sellers:

  • When listing your items, take some time and look at your items from the customer’s point of view. By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes you may notice things that you would normally overlook. Look up a product in the Amazon catalog using the search and browse feature. How long did it take you to find your item? You want your customers to be able to find your items quickly and easily. Do a little research to ensure you are offering the best pricing options and promotions. How do you look next to the competition?
  • Analyze your selling reports regularly. Pay special attention to your amount of page views, sessions, and click information since these all help you understand buyer behavior.
  • Make sure that all of your order information is correct. Amazon buyers expect professional and accurate fulfillment on every order. Before you ship, check that the item you are shipping is correct and that it is in the same condition that you listed.
  • Package your item attractively and well. The way you package your products goes a long way in making a positive impression on customers. I’m not saying you should wrap it in pretty paper, but it shouldn’t look like you just pulled it out of the garbage can either!
  • Only ship orders to the address listing in the order confirmation e-mail sent by Amazon. If a buyer requests that you to ship to a different address, cancel the order and ask that they re-purchase the item once they have updated their delivery address with Amazon.
  • Take the time to make a phone call. While most questions and problems can be resolved via e-mail, sometimes, it can be more efficient and professional to simply pick up the phone. A considerate phone call can be the personal touch your customers are looking for and it will comfort the buyer to know that a real person is handling their order. Send a follow-up e-mail through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service so you have a record of your telephone conversation.
  • Only issue a refund to a buyer after you have received the returned product.

Remember Amazon sellers, attention to details not only bring happy, loyal customers but it also puts money in your pockets!

Amazon Reports First Quarterly Loss Since 2003

October 26, 2012— released their third-quarter results yesterday, reporting a huge loss that many investors and Wall Street experts didn’t expect. Although it’s been almost nine years (July 2003) since Amazon has reported a quarterly loss, the ecommerce giant posted a whopping $274 million loss for July-September due mostly to new FBA distribution centers and spending on its Kindle business.

Part of the quarterly loss can be attributed to Amazon’s minority stake in daily deal company LivingSocial which accounted for a loss of 37 cents per share. Other spending included heavy investments in Kindle e-reader and tablet business, 19 new FBA centers, video content, cloud-storage infrastructure, and new geographic locations like China. Also, Amazon is spending money on hiring 50,000 temporary workers for the holiday season throughout their distribution centers across the U.S.

On the bright side, Amazon reported Thursday they had 188 million active customer accounts with more than 2 million seller accounts. Even with the quarterly loss, Amazon noted their International revenue totaled $.5.92 billion, up 20 percent from last year and North America revenue was $7.88 billion, up 33 percent from a year earlier.

For the fourth quarter, Amazon said it expects revenue of $20.25 billion to $22.75 during the busy holiday shopping period which is less than many analysts expected.

To read the entire Q3 Reporting Transcript go here.

Amazon Fresh now available in Seattle, WA

December 6, 2012—First it was books. Then came electronics. Then their online marketplace for third-party sellers was created. Just recently wine was unveiled and now, it’s food. Amazon has recently launched their new service, Amazon Fresh, in the Seattle, Washington area, catering to grocery and restaurant deliveries.

Although the delivery area is limited to a select number for Seattle zip codes, Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service that can, and will, delivery fresh produce, dairy, and meats to you after you’ve ordered it online. The service also offers alcohol deliveries and if customers spend enough, they can qualify for free delivery. That’s great news for Seattle residents looking to wine and dine their partner without having to actually go out and dine.

The restaurants and grocery outlets Amazon Fresh works with is unique, as Amazon chose to work with brands that customers had specifically requested. Amazon Fresh wants customers to enjoy their favorite brand and restaurant food without the traveling and parking demands.

The way Amazon Fresh works is simple. If you’re purchasing groceries, Amazon Fresh will delivery. If you’re ordering from a restaurant, Amazon Fresh will delivery your restaurant items but with some assembly required. For example-If you order a steak or chicken plate, all of the ingredients will be delivered straight to your doorstep, however, you’ll have to prepare it yourself.

How do you feel about the idea of ordering groceries online? Would you use Amazon Fresh?

Can Amazon Widgets increase your Profitability?

We have already written about how the use of eCommerce tools like repricers can help you capture sales, but did you know you can also capture more sales by using Amazon widgets on your website? Any Amazon merchant looking to build a bigger audience and secure more sales can greatly benefit from using these widgets on their website or blog. There are over a dozen different Amazon widgets to choose from and all of them are rich, interactive mini-applications that bring all the functionality of Amazon directly to your website.

The widgets are geared to work with a myriad of websites and what kind of site you have will make a difference as to which widget (or widgets) are right for you. For instance, you may want to use the Carousel Widget and provide it with prime “real estate” on your site for maximum exposure. Or, you may chose a widget that works more fluidly with your page’s side bar or footer. In order to help you decide which widget would work best for you we have listed some our our favorite widgets an explain how they can serve your business.