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PayPal launches POS System in Australia

November 15, 2012—You might have noticed PayPal’s POS system in a variety of retail chains in the last few months. Retail stores in the U.S. like HomeDepot, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barnes & Noble, JC Penney, and more have all started implementing the new system at checkouts and now, PayPal is bringing their POS system to the Australian market.

So far, four leading Australian retail stores have introduced the new PayPal in-store payment option including a Mexican restaurant franchise (Guzman y Gomez), a fashion retailer (Glue), a specialty education retailer (Crayons) and an artisan bakery (Sonoma Bakery). Major Australian Hospitality and retail partners are in the mix to start carrying the POS system in the near future as well. PayPal is also working on a project with point of sale technology with such companies as MICROS, Island Pacific, and Vend.

PayPal explained the system by saying, “Using the app, customers will be able to check-in to the store. They can then place an order and pay using their PayPal account. The merchant is able to see the name and photo ID of checked-in customers via their point of sale terminal, which supports customer identification for security purposes.”

Visit PayPal’s blog to read more about the new POS system or read updates on other projects the company are launching.

Staples and eBay team up in Canada

January 2, 2012—Staples and eBay have teamed up to help consumers in Canada cash in on their old smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles. Staples Canada is helping bring their electronics trade-in program to the offline world by partnering together and offering a brand new way to get cash for your old electronic gadgets.

eBay Canada’s Instant Sale trade-in program is being powered by Staples Canada because not only is Staples a Top-Rated eBay Seller with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, but they are also a major retailer in Canada. The goal of the partnership is to help Canadians get rid of their older devices they no longer need. Powered by CExchange, eBay’s Instant Sale program was launched in 2010 and beginning January 3, 2013, consumers can bring their old device to any participating Staples location in Canada. A sales associate will appraise the item and issue a merchandize credit on the spot.

eBay Canada recently conducted a survey and found that 68% of Canadians received either a new smartphone or tablet and were unsure what to do with their old devices. 18 percent of people said they keep their dated devices while seven percent said they typically resell them and 5 percent said they throw them out.

Andrea Stairs, Country Manager for eBay Canada, said, “While we are great at buying up new technology, we sometimes don’t know what to do with our unwanted electronics. eBay empowers Canadians to sell their excess tech gear – quickly and simply – and pocket the proceeds. In as little as 60 seconds, we can all make some money, de-clutter, and give our old devices a second life.” Stairs also encouraged Canadians to resell their old devices using the eBay Mobile app.

eBay Canada said consumers could receive up to $583 for an iPad (3rd Generation) and $337 for an iPhone 4S through the trade-in program.

Will Altering Search Queries Affect eBay Sellers?–At the Big Data Summit 2012 in Sydney, eBay Vice-President of Experience, Search and Platforms let it slip that eBay was altering and rewriting users’ search queries. During that keynote speech, according to media giant ZDnet, Williams said, “Not only that, EBay uses big data to make predictions on whether a listed item will sell and how much it will sell for, which affects how high an item ranks on the auction site’s search engine.” Is this fair to sellers that eBay is rewriting search queries at will? How will your rankings be affected?

EBay and Big Data

With 180 million active buyers and sellers on its online marketplace, eBay processes a lot of data. We’re talking 350 million items for sale and 250 queries made at any given moment. This equates to about 10 petabytes of raw data. Now we find out that eBay is using this data to alter search queries?


eBay UK Launches Promotion for Business Owners

January 3, 2012—Being a business owner on eBay UK just became more lucrative. Although eBay typically runs weekly promotions for casual sellers, this time they’re targeting business sellers. From January 7-11, 2013 (local UK time), business sellers with Basic or Featured Stores can list up to 50,000 fixed-price listings for free (no Insertion fees) in eligible categories. The promotion can also be applied to Fixed Price 30 day or Good ‘til Cncelled (GTC) format on

To qualify for this promotion, eBay sellers must be registered as resident in the UK and own either a Basic or Featured store during the promotional period. Sellers who registered on eBay after March 15, 20122 or have not listed any items for a while may have a selling allowance. Business sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are not eligible to participate.

If eligible, business sellers would automatically receive zero Insertion Fees when they list, relist or renew items in Fixed Price 30 day or GTC formats through the Sell Your Item Form, eBay Seller Tools, eBay Mobile apps and most third-party tools.

All other fees apply, see eBay UK website for details and restrictions.

eBay in Hot Water over Anti-Poaching Deal with Intuit

November 19, 2012—eBay just can’t seem to keep their name out of the headlines of late. On Friday, the U.S. Justice Department and State of California accused eBay and former CEO Meg Whitman of making an anti-competitive agreement that barred eBay and Intuit from hiring each other’s employees. The state and Justice Department announced last week they are suing the company over illegal emails sent between Meg Whitman and Intuit CEO Scott Cook.

According to the lawsuit filed in court, the federal government claims the eBay and Intuit CEOs entered into an “illegal agreement” between 2006 and 2009 that prevented the companies from poaching employees from each other’s workforces. The deal allegedly instructed eBay’s recruiting personnel to not pursue potential applications that came from Intuit and to throw away such resumes.

eBay rejected the allegations over the weekend and denied any wrongdoing in its hiring practices, calling the state and federal lawsuits “wrong.” However, the lawsuit specifies Meg Whitman and Intuit founder Scott Cook “were intimately involved” in enforcing the “anticompetitive agreement.” Bloomberg obtained a copy of the lawsuit and wrote, “eBay initially sought a limited no-solicitation agreement aimed at high-level employees, and expanded it to “placate” Cook, who was on eBay’s board and had complained about eBay’s hiring practices.”

“eBay’s agreement with Intuit hurt employees by lowering the salaries and benefits they mighthave received and deprived them of better job opportunities at the other company,” said Assistant Attorney General Joseph Wayland, who is in charge of the Justice Department’s antitrust division. The division “has consistently taken the position that these kinds of agreements are per se (on their face) unlawful under antitrust laws.”

In 2008, Meg Whitman left eBay to run for governor of California and later became CEO of Hewlett Packard. Although Intuit was not named in Friday’s lawsuit, the two companies will face upcoming civil antitrust lawsuits on behalf of employees. In 2010, Intuit reached a settlement regarding the same allegations from a previous Justice Department antitrust case involving Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel and Pixar.

eBay Testing New Program to Attract Consumer Sellers

January 4, 2013–Brace yourself eBay sellers, the online marketplace is trying something new. is testing out a new business model called eBay Selling Assistant program which works like an eBay drop off store for sellers. Similar to the eBay store in the film 40 Year Old Virgin, the store will work as a “pick up” service that works in conjunction with consignment sellers to list and sell their items on eBay for a fee. The new pilot program is being tested among a variety of sellers across the U.S. 

How it works: When a consignor wants to sell their items on eBay they call a number (855-EBAY-VAN) that arranages for an eBay employee to pick up their items from their home or business. The items are then delivered to a participating store which lists the items on eBay for sale. Consignors are then given 75% of the item’s selling price from eBay and the store is given 25%.

eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff said eBay has opened up the “buy side” in local markets and the new pilot program is giving people new ways to sell on eBay and attracting “people who wouldn’t have previously interacted with eBay as a destination.”

Because eBay requires sellers to use PayPal, it’s hard to see how this program could be profitable as the seller will have to pay both the eBay fees and PayPal fees.



eBay kicks-off Mobile Promotion for Sellers

November 19, 2012—The popularity of mobile-commerce is growing and eBay wants you to join in.  On Monday, eBay launched their newest promotion for sellers, inviting them to participate using their smartphones. From Nov. 19-27, sellers can list one item for free using eBay’s mobile app and pay no insertion fees. Although this promotion is invite only, eBay expects to have many more mobile promotions like this for sellers in the future.

To access eBay’s offer, eligible sellers must list items using eBay’s Mobile application. Qualified sellers can list items in Auction-style, Auction-style with the Buy It Now feature added, and Fixed price listings for free. Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are eligible for the offer and should have received a notice via email or My eBay.

In September, eBay’s mobile app hit 100 million downloads which both buyers and sellers using the app to access account info and product information. Even better for eBay, over 100 million lists have been added and listed on eBay using the app.

For more details and restrictions with this offer, go to eBay’s promotion page.

eBay.Co.Uk to Make Shipping easier for UK Sellers

January 7, 2013—UK Sellers can finally rejoice. eBay announced this week new they are improving the shipping experience for sellers in the UK that will offer a “more straightforward and efficient shipping experience for all sellers.” Although short on details, said they are negotiating with third-party providers of shipping services to offer group discounts to eBay UK sellers for international shipping.

To make it easier for third-party sellers to calculate costs of selling overseas, eBay is taking two initiatives which include simple international shipping and a flat-rate shipping cost for UK sellers. eBay’s Global Shipping Program, which is currently available in beta to U.S. sellers shipping internationally, could possibly make a move to the UK marketplace as well. A spokesperson for eBay said, “These discounts are open to everyone, meaning if you’re a smaller businesses, without the bandwidth to negotiate competitive rates yourself, you can still get value when shipping internationally.”

eBay also said they would begin negotiating with third parties this year for fixed-rate pricing options for eBay UK sellers, a move James Miles, manager of strategic shipping partnerships for eBay UK, calls a triple-win situation: “more opportunity for the shipping industry, more options for our sellers, and most importantly of all, a better deal for our end-customers.” 

eBay offer New Holiday Promotion for Sellers

November 28, 2012—Tis the season for holiday cheer and eBay is making it particularly special this year with their newest promotion for marketplace sellers. Earlier this week eBay sent eligible sellers an invitation to participate in their free-listing promotion called “Get a Holiday Bonus- sell what you don’t use for cash”. Invited sellers can list up to 5,000 fixed-price listings with absolutely no listing fees from November 28-December 3, 2012.

To qualify for this invitation, sellers must meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards and the promotion will become activated with the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID. eBay also mentioned in the promotion terms, “For sellers listing with any tool other than the latest version of the Sell Your Item form (SYI 3.0), the Promotional Rate will not be shown during the listing process. Instead, the discount will be reflected in the “View Account Status” section in My eBay, as well as in your next invoice.”

Earlier this week, eBay announced they would be crediting any sellers impacted by a glitch that occurred with one of their new features. The Item Condition notes, which launched in mid-November, caused numerous sellers to pay extra for conditioning notes in their listings without actually having them visible to buyers. eBay explained the error in an email sent to impacted sellers:

We’re writing to let you know that as a result of a technical issue in eBay’s Sell Your Item listing tool, some listings were displaying sample text in the item condition notes field and not the text you may have entered.

Impacted listings included the following text at the top of the listing near the item condition: “Example: The right leg of the chair has a small scratch, and on the seat back there is a light blue stain about the shape and size of a coin.”

The issue was resolved the week of November 19, and the text has been removed from all listings. Rest assured, eBay will automatically refund all fees (final value fee, insertion fee, and feature fees) associated with the impacted listings – both for listings of items already sold, as well as active listings. You will see these credits on your upcoming billing statement.

We appreciate your willingness to take advantage of new features like this one designed to help you sell. Introducing these improvements without a hitch is important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.
The eBay Selling Team 

New Year, New Products, New eBay Promotions for Sellers

eBay is ringing in the New Year with a bang. sent out invitations to eligible sellers inviting them to participate in their latest promotion to kick-off the New 2013 Year. From January 13- January 19, 2013, sellers can list up to 50,000 auction-styled listings with no Insertion fees. This is great news for eBay sellers looking to expand their listing items in 2013.

Although the current promotion isn’t for every eBayer, invited sellers can list products for free using the Buy It Now option along with 1-, 3-, 5-, 7-, and 10-day durations. eBay’s latest promotion is only for sellers who qualify and have received an email or message in their My eBay account. The online marketplace will automatically activate seller listings that are eligible for the promotion and only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards are able to participate.  

Third-party sellers using listing tools other than the latest version of the Sell Your Item will not have access to the promotion rate during the listing process. To view the promotional rate, sellers will have to view their account status in the My eBay section. eBay’s latest promotion includes all existing selling limits on category and item listings.  

To read more this eBay promotion and view details and restrictions, please visit eBay’s website.