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eBay UK Moving Ticket Category to StubHub

eBay’s UK ticket category is no more. The online marketplace has officially closed its UK ticket category and will soon be redirecting shoppers to its subsidiary StubHub instead. eBay plans to transition buyers to StubHub by advertising the ticket site on and then redirecting ticket-shoppers in the spring.

According to the Financial Times, StubHub UK only sells a few thousands tickets a month compared to the juggernaut StubHub in the U.S. StubHub was acquired in 2007 by eBay and lets fans buy and sell tickets to millions of sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events. StubHub celelbrated its 10th year in 2010.

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Sell and be Merry–eBay announces New Promotion

December 6, 2012—eBay loves holiday promotions. The online marketplace has invited eligible sellers to join their newest promotion, enticing sellers to list up to 50,000 items for free. Qualified sellers will pay no insertion fees on any auction-styled listings from Dec. 6- 16, 2012. This is the latest in a slew of offers eBay has email third-party sellers in the last month trying to bump up their products and listed items for the holidays.

Sellers eligible to join the promotion should have received an email and/or a message in their My eBay, notifying them of their approval. eBay’s promotion is activated with the seller’s qualifying eBay User ID and is not transferable. Sellers can also add the Buy It Now option to their listings for free and sellers can add 10-day duration for free to all new auction listings scheduled to start during the promotion period.

In a story posted earlier today, EcommerceBytes mentioned how a growing number of sellers aren’t receiving eBay’s promotion and they aren’t happy about it. “Why do I always get excluded from selling specials five years of selling and I never get invited but my husband who does not sell gets invited all the time not right.”

eBay typically runs promotions for sellers who are not utilizing their account on a daily basis or haven’t listed or sold items in a while.

Invited sellers will automatically receive the eBay’s promotion rates when they list items auction-style through eBay Seller Tools, Sell Your Item form and most other third-party tools.

Visit eBay’s website for details, fees and restrictions.

eBay Offers New Feature To Report Bad Buyers

October 17, 2012— is finally offering sellers an option to fight back against bad buyers. The online marketplace known for years to side with buyers is now offering a brand new feature that enables sellers the ability to leave negative or neutral feedback. eBay sellers are now offered the option of rating their transaction with buyers and reporting trading partners for violating eBay policies.

For years buyers had eBay sellers by the (you know what) and were able to take advantage of them, even blackmailing them in some cases, by leaving negative feedback in their seller rating.


PayPal Helping Merchants Convert Seasonal Shoppers with “Bill Me Later”

With the busy holiday shopping season rolling around, PayPal is pushing merchants to advertise its ‘Bill Me Later’ feature for cash-strapped shoppers. With the feature, merchants can offer shoppers the ability to finance any purchase of $99 or more, as long as they pass a credit check.

The Bill Me Later feature was discussed on the PayPal blog. It reads, “You, the business, will get paid right away. You don’t have to pay additional costs. And you don’t assume any credit risk. Plus, we’ve made it incredibly easy to market this throughout your site, in a way where you don’t have to worry about regulatory or legal restrictions.”

According to a PayPal spokesperson, the company has been testing the service with some of its top sellers. PayPal states that it is not only offering a no-interest financing offer, but the service is also working with small business owners to help them promote PayPal’s new credit options directly on their site with PayPal-designed banner ads that are hosted directly.

PayPal’s payments unit said that it created a special portal to assist merchants who may not have the resources to sort through regulatory and legal restrictions required to market credit services. Simply take the banner ads and place them on your website and your buyers will have the option to pay later for any purchase they make.


Inside Look at eBay’s New Global Shipping Program

December 11, 2012—Earlier this month, eBay announced a new Global Shipping Program for third-party sellers and now, eBay is seeing the results. This week eBay said they were seeing positive results and feedback from the new program from both buyers and sellers who have sent and received international orders through the program. This is great news for interested sellers looking to join the Global Shipping Program.

Senior Manager of eBay’s Global Shipping Program, Manish Joneja, said eBay’s new program is seeing early positive results and the GSP makes international transactions as easy as domestic transactions.  Sellers participating in the program are seeing an increase in sales along with a new customer base from countries they hadn’t had access to before. So far, third-party sellers have been happy with service levels for tracking and delivery time. As for buyers, Joneja mentioned, “we’re also hearing from buyers that it’s a great experience too.”

eBay’s Global Shipping Program removes the complexity and risk of international shipping for buyers and sellers and many sellers have announced their interest in the international exposure eBay’s new program offers. However, the only drawback sellers have is the potential for listings to appear much more expensive than domestic listings on eBay’s other country websites.

To make the new service similar to that of a freight forwarder, eBay has partnered with Pitney Bowes so sellers can send international orders to a U.S. hub where Pitney Bowes will process and send items out to international buyers. The program includes buyers in UK, Canada, Australia and 15 other European countries.  

Are you interested in using eBay’s new Global Shipping Program?

eBay and FedEx Unite…Finally

October 26, 2012—For years clinched tightly to shipping methods through USPS and UPS by incorporating them into their single label printing flow. Now, eBay is finally adding FedEx to the mix. eBay announced earlier this week they are currently running a pilot program for select sellers that will allow them to print FedEx labels for orders. This is great news for eBay sellers as more and more sellers are looking for convenient and fast shipping options.

eBay plans to run the test pilot program until the end of the year and begin full availability to all users starting the first quarter of 2013. Sellers will soon be able to print FedEx labels directly from eBay’s single label pricing flow. To access this feature, sellers can simply go to their My eBay and find the FedEx selection there. Although FedEx will not be included in eBay’s shipping calculator during the pilot program, they are currently working on additional features with FedEx that will become available to sellers in the first quarter of 2013. Like the name says, eBay’s shipping calculator automatically provides sellers with accurate shipping cost to buyers based on their location.

Spokesmen for eBay also noted that eBay will not add the FedEx label-printing capability to PayPal as this feature focuses mainly on eBay.

Google gives eBay’s Kijiji the Cold Shoulder

December 14, 2012—eBay is a little upset these days. The online marketplace issued a press release earlier this week stating how they were surprised Kijiji, eBay’s Classified Group, had been left off Google’s Zeitgeist List of Most Searched in Retail 2012 given the fact Kijiji is Canada’s most-searched brand.

“Mistakes happen to everyone!” said Bart Molenda, Head of Marketing, Kijiji Canada. “But the numbers don’t lie; Kijiji is the clear leader amongst competitors in searches for online retail brands in Canada. We’re not calling for a recount, but we do hope that next time we get invited to the Zeitgeist.”

Zeitgeist is a list Google publishes annually that showcases the most searched terms. A list of Canada’s Google Zeitgeist List of Most Searched in Retail 2012 can be found online on the Google Canada website.

Compared to competitors, Kijiji is searched 2.7 times more than their closest competitor. Using Google’s own Trends analytics tools, eBay was clearly able to track Kijiji and their leading position as the most-searched retail site in Canada. Kijiji was able to provide a chart showing it was “several time more popular in what is otherwise a close horse race”

Cassini–What to Expect from eBay’s New Search Engine–eBay is set to unveil its new search engine Cassini early next year and sellers need to know what to expect so that they experience very little to zero disruption to their operations. Buyers also need to know what to expect, as the new search engine is said to be vastly different than the eBay we all know and love today. Let’s look at some of the changes eBay has in store for us.

Fewer Search Results

Instead of producing tens of thousands of search results with each query, the new search engine will produce a fraction of that. Hundreds of items are much easier to search through than the current tidal wave of results that are produced today.

Text Mining

The new search engine will mine the text that you write in your product descriptions to glean additional attributes that it can use to enrich its catalog and search results. The focus is on more relevant results, and eBay wants all the information it can get in order to deliver the goods to eBay buyers when they expect it.