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September 19th, 2012- The ecommerce world is booming. With online shopping sales skyrocketing in the billions, more and more people are looking to get in on the action. Entrepreneurs young and old are looking into marketplace selling on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and for new ways of making extra money. Many are even creating their own ecommerce sites and selling products directly from their websites. While this may work for computer savvy tech guys, common people looking for new income sources haven’t the knowledge, money, or time to learn coding and website design. This is where comes into place.

ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. With real-time integrations into popular marketplaces and shopping cart platforms, ShipStation handles everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. Advanced customization features allow ShipStation to fit businesses with any number of users or locations.”

We at AmazonGenius decided to sit down with Curtis Mitchell, Director of Business Development for for a little Q&A to find out exactly what ShipStation is, and how it can benefit marketplace sellers.

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Bragging Rights—Amazon emails Sellers about FBA Success

November 21, 2012—Fulfillment By Amazon is a great program for sellers,
and Amazon wants to tell you about it. Amazon recently emailed third-party FBA users to update them on new enhancements to their customer delivery and, boast about a little about their service. Earlier this week, Amazon emailed the following to FBA users:

“Amazon is well-known for its relentless customer focus – and FBAA sellers are frequently the beneficiaries of this dedication. Over the past few months, we have made several enhancements in areas like delivery convenience, customer service and our fulfillment network in an effort to continually raise the bar for Amazon customers. Here are just a few ways Amazon is working for you:

  • To keep inventory close to customers and expand global reach, we have added new fulfillment centers worldwide, including in California, Virginia, Spain and Germany.
  • Amazon also continues to be the gold standard in customer convenience with programs such as Amazon delivery lockers, which are currently available in Seattle, New York, London, and California with more to come, and Local Express Delivery, which delivers products to customers on the day they ordered them in select regions.
  • Amazon continues to add new benefits to the Amazon Prime subscription service – and as more customers become Prime members, it means more exposure for your FBA products. Recent additions to Prime benefits include thousands of new streaming movies and television shows, the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and new expedited shipping options.”

As the popularity of Fulfillment By Amazon continues to grow, the recent natural disaster of Hurricane Sandy showcased how truly great Amazon’s FBA program can really be. In Amazon’s email to sellers, it said, “thanks to our strategic inventory placement, which spreads products to fulfillment centers across the country. Fulfillment centers in unaffected regions were able to assist our locations on the East Coast, so that deliveries could continue uninterrupted.” Amazon also mentioned that they were able to fulfill the majority of customer orders on time, even with Hurricane Sandy interrupting delivery services on the east coast.

The Amazon marketplace also mentioned the need for sellers to get products into FBA as soon as possible. “Please consider the amount of inventory needed to meet this demand for all of your FBA products deep into December,” Amazon stated in their email this week to FBA sellers. “Last year in late November and early December, Amazon customer response to FBA offers was so strong that FBA sellers went out of stock on many critical products.”

International Marketplace News–Amazon Webstore Launches in Germany

December 10, 2012— Amazon Webstore is making the international move to Germany. Amazon Services Europe recently announced Amazon Webstore, an all-in-one ecommerce-hosting solution, in now available in Germany on, where merchants can set up their own stores using Amazon technology. Amazon Germany said many international businesses like Samsonite, Karen Millen and Marks and Spencer are currently using Amazon Webstore to market their ecommerce store.

Amazon Germany made the announcement by saying, “Amazon Webstore also allows for seamless integration of other Amazon services such as “Selling on Amazon” on all five European marketplaces Amazon – , , , and – and “shipping from Amazon” in 26 countries. This allows sellers to present their products to millions of Amazon customers and also the full range of logistics services to use in the Amazon picked the goods for sellers, packaged and shipped, and the customer service in the local language provides. The approved payment method “pay via Amazon” is already integrated on Webstore.”

Currently, Amazon Germany is offering a free trial for residents and charges start at 24.99 euros/month plus transaction fees.

Green Monday—Online Retailers Predict Big Sales Numbers

Decemeber 10, 2012—The names for holiday shopping days just keeps getting better. First we hve Black Friday, which signifies the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving. Then someone coined the term Cyber Monday, which is equivalent to Black Friday but designated for online shopping. And now, we have Green Monday. Although most shoppers are not aware of yet another named shopping day, Green Monday falls on the second Monday in December and is quickly catching on for ecommerce.

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3 Tips to Help you Cope with Holiday Returns and Exchanges–The post-holiday season, the days following the festive season when the family packs up to go home, the house is cleaned up and the decorations taken down, is typically a time for relaxation and recharge. For e-sellers, however, the post-holiday season is typically filled with dreaded returns and exchanges. If you are dreading the post-holiday season because you are afraid your customers are going to turn tail and send everything back to you or demand refunds, here are three tips to help you cope. You might even learn how to turn all those returns and exchanges into unique opportunities to earn more business.

Returns and Exchanges: A Quick Note

For shoppers, it’s always a hassle to return an item or demand a refund. The item has to be shipped back to the seller, the refund has to process and this all takes time.

For the online seller, returns and exchanges are equally frustrating or even more so. Some sellers end up paying for shipping both ways and in many cases the item returned cannot be restocked or sent back to the manufacturer. This leaves the seller out of money and with a useless product that cannot be resold.

This means that, whenever a return or exchange occurs, it’s a good bet that both parties are pretty unhappy. This should never be the case for sellers, however. Sellers should see every encounter with a buyer as a chance to improve their business and sell more products.


Latest Holiday Scams–FBI Warns Shoppers of Online Scams–The holiday season is almost upon us and that means family, food, fun, shopping and of course scams. Scams are an unfortunate part of any holiday season, but they are a fact that everyone who shops online or off should contend with. To help online holiday shoppers stay safe this season, the FBI tweeted a friendly reminder that read, “FBI Cyber Scammers Target Holiday Shoppers.” The link provided by the tweet leads to a press release where the law enforcement agency provides holiday e-commerce advice and a list of tips to help keep online shoppers safe.

Holiday Shopping Tips

“In advance of the holiday season, the FBI reminds shoppers to beware of cyber criminals and their aggressive and creative ways to steal money and personal information,” the site reads. There is also a list of common scams that shoppers should watch out for. The short list includes such scams as:


Amazon Launches Friends & Family Gifting Program

December 13, 2012—Amazon is making it easier for you to find gifts for friends and family. On Wednesday, announced a new program that allows customers to keep track of birthdays, special occasions and manage gift ideas for everyone on your list year-round. You can even receive shopping reminders and link your Amazon account with Facebook to make it easier to add friends and family to the program!

Similar to Facebook and how it reminds you of your friend’s upcoming birthdays, Amazon’s new program makes it simple to find the perfect gifts for all your favorite people. Along with Facebook, Amazon’s new program uses other social networking sites like Pinterest and Twitter to share gift ideas with its Gift Lists feature. The program allows shoppers to see which gift-giving occasions are coming up next! In the FAQs section, Amazon explains the new service by saying, “You can use Facebook Connect to easily grab information about your friends and family such as profile pictures, birth dates, sometimes Wish Lists, and your friend’s “Likes” to help you get more personalize gift suggestions.”

Features of the new Friends & Family Gifting program include:

  • Keep Track of Friends & Family: Store important dates like birthdays and anniversaries with just a few clicks and get reminders.
  • Add Information about Friends: Customers can find existing Amazon Wish Lists to make it easy to find the perfect gift for their friends. By connecting their Amazon and Facebook accounts, customers can also use information about their Facebook friends, such as the things their friends ‘Like,’ to select a gift.
  • Great for Kids: Make it even easier to find the best gifts for kids, as Amazon Friends & Family Gifting provides gift recommendations by age and interest.


Customers can receive shopping email reminders before their friends’ birthday that link directly to their existing Wish Lists. Mastercard is sponsoring the new program from Amazon and more information on the program is available here. Take the guess-work out of getting what your friends really want this year and connect to Amazon’s new Friends & Family program today!

Google gives eBay’s Kijiji the Cold Shoulder

December 14, 2012—eBay is a little upset these days. The online marketplace issued a press release earlier this week stating how they were surprised Kijiji, eBay’s Classified Group, had been left off Google’s Zeitgeist List of Most Searched in Retail 2012 given the fact Kijiji is Canada’s most-searched brand.

“Mistakes happen to everyone!” said Bart Molenda, Head of Marketing, Kijiji Canada. “But the numbers don’t lie; Kijiji is the clear leader amongst competitors in searches for online retail brands in Canada. We’re not calling for a recount, but we do hope that next time we get invited to the Zeitgeist.”

Zeitgeist is a list Google publishes annually that showcases the most searched terms. A list of Canada’s Google Zeitgeist List of Most Searched in Retail 2012 can be found online on the Google Canada website.

Compared to competitors, Kijiji is searched 2.7 times more than their closest competitor. Using Google’s own Trends analytics tools, eBay was clearly able to track Kijiji and their leading position as the most-searched retail site in Canada. Kijiji was able to provide a chart showing it was “several time more popular in what is otherwise a close horse race”

Retail Awards—Amazon’s CEO Honored with Gold Medal

December 20, 2012—Talk about man of the decade. Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is being awarded the National Retail Federation’s most prestige and coveted award next month, the Gold Medal. The trade organization gives out their sought-after award each year to an individual who has served the industry with distinction and achieved a national reputation for excellence. Recipients have also displayed creative genius and inspirational leadership and won the respect of fellow merchants for devotion to the retail craft.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is also recognizing Crocs, Kohl’s and lululemon with awarding distinction next month at their convention in New York. Each company’s top ranking executives will accept their awards during the Luncheon at NRF’s Annual Convention and EXPO on January 15, 2013. Crocs CEO John McCarvel will accept the Retail Innovator of the Year award. Lululumon athletica CEO Christine Day will accept the International Retailer for the Year and Kohl’s Senior Executive Vice President of Logistics Ken Bonning will receive the Silver Plaque Award.

Recently named Fortune Businessperson of the Year, Jeff Bezos appeared on the Charlie Rose show to share his thoughts on a variety of issues like mobile and social commerce. Asked if Amazon will develop   brick-and-mortar stores in the future, Bezos responded, he would love to, but only if Amazon had a “truly differentiated idea.” When questioned in the interview about the possibility of Amazon creating a mobile phone, Jeff Bezos said, “We’re very reluctant to discuss our future roadmap. I will have to decline to answer that question.”

With over 25,500 retail executives and vendors from more than 75 countries for educational and networking opportunities, Retail’s BIG Show and EXPO is the world’s largest leading retail event. The convention is also ranked as one of the Top 200 events in North America and top 50 fastest-growing events. For more information on the event, visit the National Retail Federation’s website.

5 Simple Tips to Improve your Online Business–Online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy and the traditional ways of selling no longer apply. To become a successful seller, you must keep up-to-date with the latest eCommerce developments, techniques and technologies. If you want to have a successful online store well into the New Year, you will put the following five techniques to work for you. These techniques are designed to keep your customers happy, entertained and loyal so that they always choose you over the competition.

Be Available All the Time

Your customers may be searching for your brand using their mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers or anything else that has access to the Internet. Your online store needs to be open and available to all of those platforms.

Dave Surgan, Manager of Digital Communications at Morpheus Media says, “Being accessible to your customers anywhere and everywhere is critical to success for any brand today.”