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Amazon Crowned King of Mobile Shopping for July 2012

Do you remember a time long, long ago when cellphones were used primarily for talking? Yeah we don’t either as nearly 86 million people took to their smartphones for online shopping in July of 2012. Yes that’s right, 86 million people used their mobile devices to shop online and more than half of those shoppers went to Amazon sites.

According to a study conducted by comScore, an online analytics firm, Amazon drew major traffic in the month of July with 49.6 million visitors leaving in their dust as they trailed with 32.5 million visitors. Following Amazon and eBay in comScore’s rankings was with 17,684 million, Wal-Mart with 16,295 million, and Target with 10,041 million visitors. Also on the list were Best Buy, Ticketmaster, CVS, The Home Depot, Blockbuster, Barnes & Nobles, Walgreen, Limited Brands, Lowes, and Etsy.

The study by comScore noted that virtual shoppers using their smartphones varied in ages with about 70.7% in age ranges of 18-44. Male visitors encompassed 51% of unique retail visitors via smartphone, according to the study. Essentially 4 out of 5 smartphone users dialed up online retail shops on their phones.

All of these figures were measured by comScore and their Mobile Metrix 2.0 service.

eBay App on Fire–100 Million Items listed through their Mobile App


September 28, 2012–While it took 3 long years for eBay’s mobile app to hit 50 million downloads, it took a measly 12 months to double it. Just in the last six months alone, eBay’s app has been downloaded 25 million times. A recent study showed eBay was the second most-used mobile app with 28% of users looking up product details, 17% checking inventory stock, and 19% observing price information. To celebrate, issued an infographic of the milestone to get people talking about their mobile shopping trends.

Believe it or Not—A framed Peter Lik photograph was listed and sold on eBay’s mobile app for $22,500. That’s a lot of cash money for clicking a couple buttons on your smartphone.

The burning keyword here is mobile commerce. Why? Because more and more e-commerce and marketplace sellers are turning to their smartphones for business. Sellers are using their mobile phones to not just search items, but list them as well. According to eBay, sellers used their cellphones to list over 100 million items on the marketplace, something that was unheard of a few years back. “A record number of sellers choose to list their products on eBay through devices that didn’t exist just a few years ago,” the company said. For eBay, the top categories searched by mobile devices were tech; fashion; home & garden; and motor parts and accessories. The growing trend of mobile commerce is becoming crucial as more and more statistics show mobile commerce is an extremely key factor when buyers make purchases online.

Earlier this month, eBay announced a new photo messaging feature on their marketplace where  buyers and sellers can exchange pictures through eBay’s messaging system.

Don’t Forget— offers many promotions to entice sellers to use their smartphones and tablets when listing items. Sign up for eBay’s mobile app today and start receiving these killer deals!

4 Apps that Can Help Amazon Sellers


October 8th, 2012— Being a marketplace seller is a full-time, CEO, boss man job. You have to constantly be on your toes, ready at
the tip of a hat for emails, orders, refunds, and anything that comes your way. Many serious marketplace sellers have hundreds of thousands of items listed and sold each and every day requiring a lot of time, energy, and oversight. Although sellers have many useful and profitable tools at their disposable like automated inventory synchronization and intelligent repricing software, more and more marketplace sellers are turning to their smartphones? Believe it or not, the trend of people using their phones to make online purchases is quickly rising. So much in fact, 86 million people used their smartphone to shop on just during the month of July. While more people turn to their phones to browse and make purchases, many sellers are using it to benefit from–Just last week eBay hit a mobile commerce milestone with 100 million items listed via smartphones. With the increase in mobile commerce, more and more apps are becoming readily available to help users list and sell products on amazon with ease. Here are 4 Apps that can help sellers today.

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Mobile-Commerce Helps Boost Black Friday Sales

November 27, 2012—The Armageddon of shopping days known as Black Friday came and went, generating over a billion dollars in sales for ecommerce sellers. However, a vast amount of shopping traffic didn’t come from the traditional PC computer—it came from mobile devices. While this may be new to some, mobile-commerce is a booming business with more buyers than ever hopping on their smart phones and tablets to buy something online.

According to IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, online sales for Black Friday increased by 20.7 percent compared to last year’s numbers with 16 percent of online sales coming from mobile devices. Apple’s iPad generated the most traffic for mobile shopping with nearly 10 percent of all online buyers using the iPad to make purchases online. IBM also found the peak shopping time happened at 11:45 a.m EST with an average ecommerce per-order amount of $181.22.

“This year’s holiday shopper was hungry for great deals and retailers didn’t disappoint, rolling out compelling offers which consumers gobbled up on Thanksgiving straight through Black Friday,” said Jay Henderson, Strategy Director, IBM Smarter Commerce.

Although mobile-commerce helped boost Black Friday sales, social-media however, did not. Sites like Facebook and Twitter only generated .34 percent of all Black Friday online sales, a 35 percent decline from the previous year.

Etsy Launches Shopping App

December 6, 2012—Since last year, Etsy’s iPhone app has been downloaded over 3.5 million times. Now, Etsy has launched their Etsy for iPad mobile app. The online marketplace targeted to third-party sellers who make their own products is releasing the new app because of the growing popularity in mobile-commerce. With 1 in 3 visitors shopping on Etsy via their mobile device, it was only a matter of time until Etsy unveiled this new feature.  

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eBay Updates Apps to Make Selling on Mobile Devices Easier

January 9, 2013—eBay’s mobile apps are getting a makeover. Earlier this week, eBay announced they had updated their mobile apps to make selling on eBay from iPhones and iPads easier. Since the first three quarters of 2012, over 1.8 million new customers have joined eBay through mobile devices with an average of 2.4 million listings per week.

eBay’s new updated apps provide sellers with category, pricing shipping guidance, and the ability to work on multiple listings. The new update also integrates mobile cameras and editing, plus streamlines the listing process by making uploading photos and item descriptions much simpler. eBay sellers can also save drafts of their listings on their smartphones and then complete the process from their PC or vice versa. The new update app even allows users without associated PayPal accounts to make purchases via the app with a new guest checkout feature.

eBay Vice President of Mobile Products Kevin Hurst said, “With eBay’s app updates, selling has never been simpler. We’ve streamlined the mobile selling experience to give consumers step-by-step suggestions for pricing and shipping, and we’ve loaded the updates with new features that let customers seamlessly switch between mobile and PC – to more quickly and easily upload photos and edit listings.”

Mobile Commerce—First Smartphones, Now Tablets

WisePricerMobile, mobile, mobile. Although holiday shopping is at an all time high [insert ComScore 20% increase], more users are ditching smartphone for tablets. This trend is not unwarranted, as mobile apps and storefronts have become increasingly slow. On Cyber Monday, mobile sites took on average 18 seconds to load, according to the Mobile Commerce Index from Keynote.

18 seconds may not be a long time to wait in line, but it is an eternity for online shoppers that want the speed and convenience of shopping from their mobile devices. Just to give you an idea of how slow that is, on average, a desktop site takes 2.77 seconds to load. That is about 7 times slower than a computer, 2 times slower than a normal mobile device and light years away from mobile sellers original intention.

As a result, tablets are gaining more notoriety and use for holiday shopping this year. And it’s not just for browsing, some eCommerce experts are finding that tablets encourage online shoppers to buy, based on their conversion rates. According to an article by TabTimes, eCommerce expert Francois Gaumond contends that, “mobile is for shopping and tablets are for buying.”

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