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5 Things Sellers would Love to See Amazon Do on Sept 6th

The news of Amazon’s upcoming announcement has not only generated massive amounts of curiosity and intrigue, but even boosted Amazon stock shares. The hype surrounding the Sept 6th date has been buzzing with the potential launch of a new Amazon Kindle as well as the much anticipated Smart Phone introduction. With all the news circulating what Amazon could be announcing, we decided to create our own list of 5 Things We’d Love to See Amazon Do on Sept 6th for Sellers.

#5- Get Rid of Listing Fees

We might be living in a fantasy world but getting rid of listing fees would be
monumental for Amazon sellers. They not only chew into profits for sellers but make listing items more expensive. To make up for the fee, sellers must list their items higher than they normally would, making it harder for items to sell. Getting rid of listing fees would definitely be something all Amazon sellers would LOVE to see!

 #4- Let users sell Amazon products

Wouldn’t this be nice? If on Sept 6th Amazon announced they would allow their products to be sold by third-party sellers the Amazon marketplace would rejoice! For years sellers have speculated what it would be like to sell Amazon products and making it a reality would be humungous. Not only are products from Amazon like their Kindle fire and E-Reader extremely popular electronic purchases, but it would help sellers increase their revenue and sales growth. 

#3- Class/Video Training for FBA

Do you remember your first time trying to use Fulfillment By Amazon? We do
and it sure wasn’t pretty. One thing we’d love to see Amazon announce on Sept 6th  is a class and video training for seller newbies with FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon has become a mega hit with online sellers helping them eliminate the daily shipping tasks and focusing more on marketing and selling their products. A training course on Amazon’s FBA could be extremely beneficial as it could showcase the benefits and advantages of using fulfillment by amazon.

#2- Lower Amazon Commission Cut

What seller wouldn’t root for this? As an online seller, Amazon takes a 15% cut off anything you sell using their  marketplace. Doesn’t matter how much your item sells for, Amazon works just like a bookie and deducts this fee from your total sale. We’d love to hear Amazon announce on Sept 6th they are lowering their commission rate and giving sellers more mula! A seller can dream, right?

#1- Expose algorithm for Buy Box

Understanding how the Amazon Buy Box works is the Holy Grail for Amazon sellers. Winning this lucrative box is the make-it or break-it for sellers listing their products. Although Amazon is very hush-hush on the matrix of this box, experienced sellers know how to win it. While it’s impossible to win the Buy Box every time or when Amazon is selling the same item, if we could understand the exact logic of how this Buy Box works sellers could immensely boost their sales and profits in no time!  

ShipStation Launches New Service for Fulfillment by Amazon Merchants

January. 18, 2013 ShipStation, the leading web-based shipping solution company for online retailers, announced today its innovative platform is now integrated with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA allows retailers to fulfill orders placed via their own Webstore or other sales channels by storing their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and leveraging its complete packing, shipping, and customer service expertise. ShipStation currently serves as the back-end shipping solution for more than 5,000 online stores, many of which have reported massive reductions in their fulfillment times due to the company’s feature rich solution.

By using ShipStation, merchants can create shipping labels for UPS, FedEx, DHL Global Mail and the US Postal Service by seamlessly managing their orders from more than 30 sales channels including marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Sears,, Newegg and Etsy, and ecommerce shopping carts platforms like Shopify, Volusion, Magento, and BigCommerce. “We consistently see companies spend upwards of 70 percent of their time and resources on order fulfillment,” says Jason Hodges, co-founder of ShipStation. “ShipStation has always helped to facilitate a seamless, more efficient ‘in-house’ fulfillment process. Now, by integrating with FBA, we offer a new way for merchants to outsource all or a portion of their fulfillment operations to Amazon.”

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