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Buyers Remorse Hurting Amazon Sellers

Some Amazon sellers are up in arms about a recent post on Amazon’s Seller Support blog where the writer urged sellers to charge restocking fees on certain item returns. The blog post specifically mentioned buyer remorse and instances where the customer damages the item and then wants to return it. Some sellers aren’t so happy with this ruling, and rightly so. To make matters worse, the restocking fees can only be applied in certain cases, which we’ve outlined below.


TrueShip–ReadyShipper Shipping Software for FedEx

January 16, 2013–ReadyShipper shipping software offers one of the most complete shipping solutions for FedEx shippers available anywhere. It’s quick and easy to get started. Simply register the software to your FedEx account and you will instantly have access to your negotiated rates with FedEx. 

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Third-Party Software made EASY


Core Technologies has been delivering state-of-the-art software since 1995 with one goal in mind- Fair priced software that is truly useful to consumers. Their objective is to provide vital and useful  software that is truly time-saving and profitable to it’s customers. For 17 years Core Technologies has done that while successfully helping thousands of customers with their mail order business. Unlike other selling tools, Mailware is a complete back office order management solution for all types of online merchants. Whether you’re completing orders, handling inventory from multiple warehouses, or keeping track of accounting, Mailware is your one-stop solution for third-party software. Say goodbye to complex software and hello to!

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International Marketplaces–Global Selling with Amazon

November 8, 2012—Whether your niche market is too small or you just want more exposure, selling globally on Amazon can be your ticket to international success. Global Selling with Amazon offers sellers the opportunity to list and sell products in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan. To help sellers get started, Amazon has introduced a brand-new PDF or Kindle format Guide to Global Selling with Amazon. It might just be the reading material you need to increase sales and boost your storefront traffic.

Amazon’s free guide to selling globally summarizes every aspect sellers should take into account when choosing whether or not to expand into Amazon’s international marketplaces. The guide outlines various topics sellers can expect when selling globally like customs, taxation, intellectual property rights, parallel importation, export controls, markings, labels and more. The manual also covers issues like regulations on product compliances and safety for all types of goods like electronics, toys, pharmaceutical/cosmetics, medical devices and food.

Global Selling with Amazon offers merchants two methods to sell items internationally–Either by fulfilling customer orders themselves or by using Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon’s FBA program even has Global fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world that merchants can use to make selling in other countries more convenient. Here are a few tips from Amazon’s selling globally guide:

  • Global fulfillment centers: Amazon has fulfillment centers in several countries throughout the world and offers various services to help you make the most of them.
  • Online order management: Amazon supports you by supplying reports to help you run your business and a Seller Central portal, which provides helpful tools and information, such as at-a-glance order status, messages from buyers, and seller-coaching tips.
  • Simple shipping: Amazon has established relationships with service providers such as freight forwarders and customs brokers, making it easier to ship your inventory.

If you’re interested in reading Amazon’s Global guide or finding more information how you can sell internationally with Amazon, you can go here for more information.

SumAll Adds Analytics Tool for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers rejoice. Now third-party Amazon sellers can gain “business intelligence” with insight into traffic statistics of their Amazon store. SumAll officially added integration with Amazon Marketplace and Webstore to provide sellers with real-time analytics to track a variety of data statistics.

SumAll’s new analytics tool for Amazon sellers can track new versus returning customers along with sale histories. Sellers can set goals and view trends from multiple channels including ecommerce stores and marketplace accounts. The platform can even send daily emails containing analytic information to users. SumAll already includes multiple data sources including PayPal, eBay, Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Magento, and Big Commerce. Amazon sellers can also use SumAll to track multiple amazon stores and a variety of different selling channels.

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#1 Automated Re-Pricing Solution for Amazon Sellers

Since day one Feedvisor has been rapidly increasing sales and profits for Amazon sellers with their automated re-pricing platform. Feedvisor recently unveiled their new automated auto-pricing software with the introduction of Intelligent Re-pricing. This easy-to-use software is completely web-based which benefits users immensely by not having to install anything onto their computer. Stop wasting time and money guessing prices and let FeedVisor systematically improve your sales today!

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Amazon Webstore Offers Two New Services for Sellers

November 13, 2012— is giving third-party sellers a helping hand. Earlier this week Amazon webstore announced they are offering two new services for sellers using both Fulfillment By Amazon and self-fulfillment. The news comes days after launched a new seller rating system that will impact seller feedback and scores.

The first service pertains to Fulfillment By Amazon and allowing third-party sellers who use the service to choose whether or not their products are shipped using Amazon branded boxes or unbranded. The new service will permit sellers to use their own customized packing slips and contact information, as well as add their company name to the boxes. This is great news for third-party sellers as they now have more control to promote their storefronts and brands through Fulfillment By Amazon.

The second service immensely helps Amazon sellers as it offers discounted shipping rates for self-fulfilled orders. The new service, which is accessed through Seller Central, allows third-party sellers to pay for shipping services, print domestic and international shipping labels, and set default ship-from addresses. This is big news for Amazon sellers as USPS announced earlier this year they are increasing shipping rates at the first of the year.

Amazon Marketplace Outsourcing

What makes us different from our competitors and why should you hire us?

We believe that to be successful on Amazon, you need to have the experience and the right type of person to handle your Amazon account. Not everyone is fit for e-commerce, as we all know it’s very tedious and hard work. Below are the reasons why clients love us and why we do what we do.

PASSION- Our passion is helping people and our companies mission is to help your Amazon business grow to new heights.

 – We specialize in Amazon and that’s what we love to do. Unlike other outsourcing companies, all of our staff are trained to deal with only Amazon and E-commerce tasks.

RESOURCES – By choosing us as your partner for your Amazon business, you’ll have a whole office of talented individuals at your disposal. Web developers, graphic designers, copy writers, bloggers, social media specialists, amazon data entry specialists and more!

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All-In-One Marketplace Manager


As eBay continues to undergo their dramatic transformation, many sellers have started flocking towards Amazon to increase their sales. To make the process easier and less uncomplicated, SellerExpress has created an all-in-one marketplace manager capable of doing just about everything for you! For the last ten years SellerExpress has been providing the latest and greatest software solutions for some of the largest multi-channel retailers in the world. With a complete inventory management, order fulfillment, and auto-pricing program, is your one-stop shop for selling successfully and conveniently on Amazon.

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Amazon Pages becoming a Reality

November 20, 2012—If Facebook and Pinterest had a baby, it would be Amazon Pages. Although Amazon hasn’t officially announced it, the marketplace behemoth has slowly started allowing third-party sellers to set up their own custom business pages on its marketplace. Amazon Pages, the newest feature from, comes complete with branded URLs, analytics and social-media integration to assist merchants better develop their online business using the marketplace.

Amazon Pages takes the best features from Facebook and Pinterest, and combines them into an Amazon merchandising design. Third-party sellers can choose from three different customizable storefront templates: All Products, Posts With Merchandising and Posts Only. The first two include a merchandising widget that allows brands to display products with an “Add to Cart” button or links to a particular product. Additional elements of Amazon Pages include marketing tools like Amazon Analytics, which measures the volume of traffic going to your page.

The top of an Amazon Page looks much like Facebook’s Timeline and the bottom feed looks very similar to Pinterest. Like any other social-media outlet, Amazon Pages lets brands act as publishers, posting images, content and product links. Similar to Twitter, posts are limited to 140 characters and can be cross-published to a brand’s Facebook page but not Twitter feed.

FAQs about Amazon Pages can be found here. A PDF guide to setting up Amazon Pages can be downloaded here.