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Amazon Launches Friends & Family Gifting Program

December 13, 2012—Amazon is making it easier for you to find gifts for friends and family. On Wednesday, announced a new program that allows customers to keep track of birthdays, special occasions and manage gift ideas for everyone on your list year-round. You can even receive shopping reminders and link your Amazon account with Facebook to make it easier to add friends and family to the program!

Similar to Facebook and how it reminds you of your friend’s upcoming birthdays, Amazon’s new program makes it simple to find the perfect gifts for all your favorite people. Along with Facebook, Amazon’s new program uses other social networking sites like Pinterest and Twitter to share gift ideas with its Gift Lists feature. The program allows shoppers to see which gift-giving occasions are coming up next! In the FAQs section, Amazon explains the new service by saying, “You can use Facebook Connect to easily grab information about your friends and family such as profile pictures, birth dates, sometimes Wish Lists, and your friend’s “Likes” to help you get more personalize gift suggestions.”

Features of the new Friends & Family Gifting program include:

  • Keep Track of Friends & Family: Store important dates like birthdays and anniversaries with just a few clicks and get reminders.
  • Add Information about Friends: Customers can find existing Amazon Wish Lists to make it easy to find the perfect gift for their friends. By connecting their Amazon and Facebook accounts, customers can also use information about their Facebook friends, such as the things their friends ‘Like,’ to select a gift.
  • Great for Kids: Make it even easier to find the best gifts for kids, as Amazon Friends & Family Gifting provides gift recommendations by age and interest.


Customers can receive shopping email reminders before their friends’ birthday that link directly to their existing Wish Lists. Mastercard is sponsoring the new program from Amazon and more information on the program is available here. Take the guess-work out of getting what your friends really want this year and connect to Amazon’s new Friends & Family program today!

Top 5 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do Before the Holiday Season

October 15, 2012—While many people are barely pulling out their Halloween decorations, Amazon sellers are readily preparing for the upcoming shopping holidays. Experienced sellers know this time of year always has the potential for big shopping sales and are usually the first ones to start planning. Experts this year are predicting online shopping to hit historic heights as more and more people are looking to skip the crowded lines and shopping malls in favor of clicking a few buttons on their keyboard. With that said, here are the Top 5 Things Amazon Sellers should do BEFORE the holiday shopping season.

5.) Have Inventory and Supplies Stocked

If you’re looking forward to a successful holiday season of sales then you better have all your inventory and supplies stocked. Sure, having inventory stocked and ready to go is vital but supplies too? Believe it or not, office supply stores aren’t dummies and know these supplies are in great demand during this time of season. They jack up the prices knowing full well buyers will pay almost anything to get the packaging tape, wrapping, labels and anything else required to make shipments. It seems everything is more expensive during the holiday season and we recommend ordering all your supplies and inventory before storefronts start increasing their prices for the shopping season.

4.) Change Shipping Rates

While this isn’t a requirement, experienced sellers know the heart to buyers is in the shipping price. Choosing the appropriate shipping rates can be a great conversion tool as more and more buyers during the holiday season are looking for quick delivery and cheap shipping prices. The less expensive and quicker you can ship your items the better, as chances of converting potential buyers increases ten-fold.  We recommend shortening shipping times and adjusting rates just enough to either match or beat out your competitors.

3.) Increase Seller Rating/Feedback

Amazon sellers know their seller rating plays an important part with not only winning the buy box but having buyers trust them. If your seller rating and feedback is bad, buyers are almost guaranteed to not purchase from you and you run the risk of Amazon suspending your account. Before the holiday rush starts, email all of your previous customers and ask that they leave feedback on their experience with you. Great ratings and feedback can be the difference between someone buying from you and your competitor. Make sure every customer has rated their experience and left positive feedback so you can showcase to all of your potential buyers.

2.) Adjust Prices

Selling on Amazon is tricky as many factors like pricing, shipping, and seller rating play a dynamic part in getting your products featured ahead of everyone else. One simple tool many sellers use is competitive pricing. Depending on the amount of products you list and sell on a regular basis, using repricing software can significantly improve your odds of having the lowest price. During the holiday season we recommend pricing items slightly lower than you normally would to increase the chances of people buying from you. While you don’t need to reprice your products drastically, changing the price a couple cents can make all the difference in the world.

1.) Use Amazon’s FBA Program

Amazon’s FBA program is the crown jewel for sellers during the holiday season. Many have already packaged and shipped their inventory to facilities, knowing full well the earlier their product is inside Amazon’s warehouse the better. Typically, veteran sellers get their products to Amazon before November 15th to reduce receiving time, as anything sent after this date usually gets jammed up in the mailing process. Tips to remember when using Amazon’s FBA to reduce receiving time include: making sure all items on the PO make it into the box, cover all scannable barcodes on any boxes that are not part of the actual product packaging, and make sure all units have a legible UPC or sticker that can be scanned.

*Secret Tip: Remember hearing about Amazon’s same-day delivery program? Well, many experienced sellers are utilizing this option by sending FBA packages to various FBA facilities that offer same-day delivery (Local Express Delivery). Fulfillment centers in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and Washington D.C all offer same-day delivery if orders are made before the cut-off times.

Amazon extends Holiday Shipping Deadline

December 13, 2012—Amazon sellers rejoice! has announced they are extending the holiday shopping season this year for online shoppers by two whole days. The marketplace juggernaut announced on Tuesday the ordering deadline for Free Super Saver Shipping has been extended until Dec. 18 and buyers can receive free shipping on all orders over $25. Amazon also announced that Prime members can place orders up until 7:00 p.m. EST on Dec. 21 and receive deliveries by Dec.24, just in time for Christmas.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a select city where Amazon’s Local Express Delivery service is available, buyers can shop until Dec.24 for as low as $3.99/Item with Amazon Prime and receive same-day delivery! Local Express Delivery is available in Baltimore; Chicago; Indianapolis; Las Vegas; New York City; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; and many parts of New Jersey.

For $79/year, Amazon buyers can receive Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of items sold by Amazon. For more available information, visit Amazon’s Prime Page. For more info on Amazon’s Local Express Delivery service, visit

Need A Job? Amazon To Hire 50,000 Seasonal Employees

October 16, 2012—No matter who you’re voting for this upcoming election, there is no denying that is giving people jobs. The e-commerce goliath announced earlier this week they are expecting to hire more than 50,000 seasonal employees throughout the United States for their fulfillment centers in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season. That’s a significant number considering the company reported in June to having a total
of 69,000 full and part-time employees worldwide.

While many people may gawk at seasonal work, Amazon is planning on retaining many of the new hires beyond the holiday season if everything goes accordingly to plan. “We’re hiring at our sites across the U.S. for talented individuals to help us deliver a great experience for our customers this holiday season,” Dave Clark, vice president of global customer fulfillment at Amazon, said in a statement. “Temporary associates play a critical role in meeting increased customer demand during the holiday season, and we expect thousands of temporary associates will stay on in full-time positions.”

As experts predict online shopping sales to increase to $96 billion this shopping season, 12% more than last year, Amazon is getting ready for a blockbuster shopping season that may even put Santa Claus out of business.

Candidates interested in working for Amazon during this holiday season can apply directly on their fulfillment careers website located here. Available seasonal jobs range in salaries from $11.00 to $13.50 an hour. 



Could a Yelp Lawsuit Affect Amazon and eBay Sellers?


A recent lawsuit filed by a homeowner in Virginia against a contractor who did work on her home could have implications for eBay and Amazon sellers, as well as all other business. Christopher Dietz, of Dietz Development LLC, completed work on the home of Jane Perez. Following the job, Perez took to the popular online review site Yelp and voiced her displeasure with Dietz’s work, citing missing jewelry, charges that she should not have responsible for, and damage to her home. Dietz, fearing the review would hurt his business, filed a defamation lawsuit against Perez for $750,000. This past Thursday, the judge in the case ordered Perez to edit her review and as of today it is no longer visible on the Yelp review site. This ruling and this case are unprecedented, according to NPR, and could affect sellers and businesses everywhere.

Free Speech or Defamation?

This case brings up some interesting questions. Can buyers and consumers voice their opinions any way they like and can they do it in a manner that could be considered rude or vitriolic? If so, is it their right as consumers to make their voices heard under free speech? Or do consumers have to be held to a certain responsibility to paint the business in the best light? Should online reviewers be responsible for what they write about a seller or business online?


Selling on Amazon 101- Tips and Tricks To Getting Started–If you want to be successful at anything, you should follow the advice of those who have succeeded before you. For Amazon sellers, this means researching the advice, techniques, tips and tricks of the Amazon seller success stories. The following tips and tricks should help you ramp up sales and solidify your position in the ranks of one of the top sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

Start With Selling Books

If you want to get started selling on Amazon, start selling books. Amazon got started selling books and many people frequent the site to look for the latest page turner. For new sellers, though, there is very little risk. The margin on used books is so low, you’ll gain a lot of experience and hopefully make some great money selling books you can find pretty much anywhere.


Can Behavioral Psychology Enhance Sales?–As an online seller, you should always be interested in what your prospects and buyers are thinking. This is why many businesses and eCommerce merchants are reading up on the latest behavioral psychology studies in an effort to enhance sales and customer service. You don’t have to read a psychology text book or the latest behavioral psychology journals. We have provided a few ideas below that you can use to help ensure buyers choose you and to keep them coming back for more.

Slow Down

Many online sellers are only interested in providing fast service. It makes sense. We live in a microwave society where we want things now, not later. This does NOT that you should slow down the checkout process or shipping times. Rather, it means you should spend more time with each customer.


WisePricer and Magento Unite!

WisePricer–In addition to their long list of supported platforms, now supports Magento shopping carts! As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, offering compatible sync with Magento was our next logical step.

Online retailers can now enjoy the capabilities of Magento with WisePricer’s intelligent repricing tool. With this added compatibility, Magento users can reprice in real time, monitor their competitors and compete wisely in the online marketplace.

This added functionality provides over 100,000 Magento users with a simple, accurate and competitive repricing tool that syncs seamlessly with their online store.

WisePricer fully supports an array of eCommerce platforms, from Shopify to eBay and Amazon.

For more information about WisePricer and eCommerce repricing tools,

Amazon to Build Fulfillment Center in New Jersey

January 9, 2013—Amazon is coming to the Garden state. On Tuesday, Amazon announced it would open a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in Robbinville, New Jersey with occupancy expected to take place in early 2014. Amazon is partnering with KTR Capital Partners, a private equity firm,  to build the project in Robbinville. The state-of-the-art fulfillment center, which will cost around $200 million, should help to spur growth and investment for the state and its local economies.

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