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eBay’s New Shipping Labels Page—Sellers Report Errors

December 3, 2012—Since October of this year, eBay has been in the midst of rolling out a new page to make printing shipping labels more convenient for sellers. The new service allows sellers to easily print FedEx and USPS shipping labels and pay using their PayPal. However, since the change to the new format, some sellers have begun experiencing problems printing their eBay shipping labels.

Although this technical problem does not occur to every eBay seller printing labels, a thread on eBay’s Packaging & Shipping discussion board has grown to over four pages now with frustrated sellers. One seller wrote, “I have not been able to print for 2 days. That was when I noticed the new format. My problem is that after I enter all of the info and push print, nothing happens. After a few minutes, it throws an error code 9998. I called eBay. Nice enough, but no real help.” This is horrible timing for eBay’s shipping labels format to malfunction, as Christmas shopping is entering full force.

Another seller mentioned how eBay’s new shipping labels page isn’t even new or helpful. “It’s basically the same thing but everything is in different places…seems like a USELESS change…My main concern is now when I print EVERY label I get a “java needs your permission to run, run this time or every time.” Even if I choose every time, this still pops up EVERY time I print a label.”

This could become a major problem for eBay sellers looking to cash in this holiday season. With eBay’s new service for printing shipping labels taking a nosedive, it looks like sellers will have to resort to old fashion techniques of manually printing shipping labels for each order.

Have you been affected by eBay’s Printing Shipping Labels feature?

ShipWorks® is software that helps online sellers manage and ship their orders. ShipWorks automates tasks, prints live shipping labels, and acts as a hub for customer service. ShipWorks can save sellers several hours per day in work, and has played an important role in the growth of many online businesses.

Ship faster with integrated shipping tools

With the most complete FedEx®, U.S.P.S. and UPS integration available, your shipments get done faster so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.  Interapptive® ShipWorks integrates directly with many online shopping carts and marketplace systems.  ShipWorks will securely download all of your order information, saving you valuable time and the costly errors of re-keying address and order details.  After processing shipments, tracking numbers are stored in ShipWorks, email notifications are sent to your customers, and online order status is automatically updated.

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Amazon to Build Fulfillment Center in New Jersey

January 9, 2013—Amazon is coming to the Garden state. On Tuesday, Amazon announced it would open a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in Robbinville, New Jersey with occupancy expected to take place in early 2014. Amazon is partnering with KTR Capital Partners, a private equity firm,  to build the project in Robbinville. The state-of-the-art fulfillment center, which will cost around $200 million, should help to spur growth and investment for the state and its local economies.

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Will this Supreme Court Case change the Face of Online Sales?

A college student’s venture selling college text books on eBay has sparked a Supreme Court case that could affect online sellers everywhere. Supap Kirtsaeng, having arrived in the U.S. from Thailand, found himself an average broke college student with bills to pay, tuition and of course text books. He decided to start a venture that could help pay for his schooling and other expenses in the long run. He got friends and relatives to buy text books in Thailand and then ship them to his dorm in the states. Kirtsaeng then sold those text books on eBay for a hefty profit. How much he made is still up for contention, but the publishers of those books have sued him and now the former college student turned Thai professor is ordered to pay $600,000 in restitution to the publisher, a case that has sparked worldwide interest and one that could put into question the future of e-sellers all across the globe.

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ShipWorks offers New Features to Automate your Shipping Experience

January 14, 2013—Finding efficient shipping tools and software is  highly sought-after when selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Sellers need tools to help them ship hundreds of thousands of packages in a quick and timely manner, along with an easy to understand and integrate system. With, they make printing shipping labels, configuring shipping costs, and updating tracking information as easy as possible. Check out some of the new features offers and see if they’re a right fit for you.

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Inside Look at eBay’s New Global Shipping Program

December 11, 2012—Earlier this month, eBay announced a new Global Shipping Program for third-party sellers and now, eBay is seeing the results. This week eBay said they were seeing positive results and feedback from the new program from both buyers and sellers who have sent and received international orders through the program. This is great news for interested sellers looking to join the Global Shipping Program.

Senior Manager of eBay’s Global Shipping Program, Manish Joneja, said eBay’s new program is seeing early positive results and the GSP makes international transactions as easy as domestic transactions.  Sellers participating in the program are seeing an increase in sales along with a new customer base from countries they hadn’t had access to before. So far, third-party sellers have been happy with service levels for tracking and delivery time. As for buyers, Joneja mentioned, “we’re also hearing from buyers that it’s a great experience too.”

eBay’s Global Shipping Program removes the complexity and risk of international shipping for buyers and sellers and many sellers have announced their interest in the international exposure eBay’s new program offers. However, the only drawback sellers have is the potential for listings to appear much more expensive than domestic listings on eBay’s other country websites.

To make the new service similar to that of a freight forwarder, eBay has partnered with Pitney Bowes so sellers can send international orders to a U.S. hub where Pitney Bowes will process and send items out to international buyers. The program includes buyers in UK, Canada, Australia and 15 other European countries.  

Are you interested in using eBay’s new Global Shipping Program?

Etsy Milestone–$100 Million in Sales for One Month

Etsy is celebrating a milestone. The online marketplace of handmade and vintage goods just announced their first-ever month of over $100 million in merchandise sales in November 2012, smashing last year’s record of $60.3 million. Holiday shoppers were in full effect this year as Etsy sellers sold around $105.6 million in goods in November, 75% higher than the previous year, and 28.9% higher than October 2012.

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3 Tips to Help you Cope with Holiday Returns and Exchanges–The post-holiday season, the days following the festive season when the family packs up to go home, the house is cleaned up and the decorations taken down, is typically a time for relaxation and recharge. For e-sellers, however, the post-holiday season is typically filled with dreaded returns and exchanges. If you are dreading the post-holiday season because you are afraid your customers are going to turn tail and send everything back to you or demand refunds, here are three tips to help you cope. You might even learn how to turn all those returns and exchanges into unique opportunities to earn more business.

Returns and Exchanges: A Quick Note

For shoppers, it’s always a hassle to return an item or demand a refund. The item has to be shipped back to the seller, the refund has to process and this all takes time.

For the online seller, returns and exchanges are equally frustrating or even more so. Some sellers end up paying for shipping both ways and in many cases the item returned cannot be restocked or sent back to the manufacturer. This leaves the seller out of money and with a useless product that cannot be resold.

This means that, whenever a return or exchange occurs, it’s a good bet that both parties are pretty unhappy. This should never be the case for sellers, however. Sellers should see every encounter with a buyer as a chance to improve their business and sell more products.


TrueShip–ReadyShipper Shipping Software for FedEx

January 16, 2013–ReadyShipper shipping software offers one of the most complete shipping solutions for FedEx shippers available anywhere. It’s quick and easy to get started. Simply register the software to your FedEx account and you will instantly have access to your negotiated rates with FedEx. 

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